1 The Lannister's Lion-Born

The world of Game of Thrones. A harsh and realistic world yet also a world full of wonders. Dragons, 'Zombies', honorable knights, dishonorable killers, and everything few and far between those things.

The world of Game of Thrones was practically a low-fantasy setting, set around medieval times.

The entire premise, at least the fighting between the Starks (the North) and the Lannisters (the South), strikes a stunning resemblance to the Wars of the Roses which happened between 1455 and 1487. That times fits with the overall technology and medicine of the show, though there are some more advancements in it but they're usually of a magical/alchemical nature.

Why am I going over this?

Well, of course it's because I've been reincarnated into this world! As a member of the Lannister family no doubt.

"Nephew, are you coming or not? I thought you wanted to watch me spar with the sword again?" a casual, yet teasing voice came from my doorway. Looking toward the doorway, I saw a tall, blond-haired man, looking at me with cat-green eyes. He was currently wearing fancy, golden armor, and he had an expensive looking sword strapped to his hip.

This is Jaime Lannister.

"Yes, I'm coming, Uncle Jaime. Just give me a second," I said, trying to sound innocent, before getting off my bed and standing on my stubby, 4-year-old legs. Jaime, seeing me waddle, chuckled before holding out his hand toward me.

Not one to turn away help, I waddled to him and grabbed his hand, using it to stabilize myself. Then we got to walking. We walked in silence, with Jaime occasionally asking how my day had been. It was somewhere past noon but with the lack of working clocks in this time, I didn't know the exact time. Anyway, it didn't take us long to get to the courtyard, where an old man was waiting for us.

Just like Jaime, the old man was tall and robust, despite his age, and he was wearing the same kind of armor as my uncle. The only thing that gave away his age were the wrinkles on his face and the white hair atop his head. Seeing our arrival, the old man smiled, "Ah, the little Prince is here. How are you today, Prince Damien?" he asked, bowing slightly at my arrival.

Smiling, I greeted the old man back, "I'm fine, thank you very much, Ser Barristan. I've had a relaxing day but now I want to see you two fight with swords!" I said, some genuine enthusiasm and excitement flooding into my voice.

The two men chuckled and Jaime led me over to a seat near them before picking me up and placing me on it. The two of them then got to work and began to spar against one another.

I just watched intently, taking in the moves and figuring out how they did what they did. Thrusts, strikes, slashes, parries. I watched them do it all. All the while thinking back to my previous four years in this world.

I'd awoken one day, to find myself as a baby.

It got even weirder when a woman who looked exactly like Cersei Lannister came in and picked me up, smothering me with care and maternal love. The weirdness hit it's peak when a man who looked like Jaime Lannister came into the room and kissed the Cersei look-alike before looking at me lovingly.

From that day onward, I was presented with piece after piece of evidence, and all that evidence pointed to...was that I was in Game of Thrones. As an incest born Lannister as well.

But stuff continued to get weirder. I found my senses growing faster and faster each passing day, and by the time I was 2, they were already stronger than they were when I was an adult.

And though mirrors were somewhat rare in this time, how couldn't the Lannisters afford a mirror? So I got to see my eyes for the first time. Golden yellow, and when I really concentrated, the pupils would become slit pupils and I could feel my vision improve. It was odd. Too odd. But no one cared about my eye color. They always said my eyes were beautiful.

Honestly, I was expecting them to think I'd been cursed or something. But it was always a thing of pride for my mother who said her son was unique among anyone else out there.

Let's not forget the part about me, in the eyes of the public, being a prince due to me being Cersei Lannister and Robert Baratheon's son. Even if I knew who my real parents were, they didn't. I don't think most people knew, really. Sure there were rumors in the show but that's in the future, so there's no rumors going about right now.

When I turned 3, I found that I was getting stronger as well. Physically stronger, physically tougher, and much faster. My earlier waddling wasn't because I was too weak to walk or anything, but because I couldn't control my strength well enough and it kept me off balance for the most part.

But enough of that.

I have a plan. A plan to sort of that shitty last season of GoT!

I mean, come on! Why did Daenerys suddenly go mental and burn innocent civilians to death?! It was obviously just the writers rushing the last goddamn season!

*Ahem* Anyway, the last season was so dreadful that it was my main goal to sort it out. But before that, I needed to get stronger. Which is why I'm sitting here watching Ser Barristan Selmy and Ser Jaime Lannister spar with one another with fancy moves and deadly efficiency. It was like a dance. A dance that made my blood boil with excitement.

Another thing I'd realized over these past few weeks of watching these two spar...is that I'm monstrously talented when it comes to fighting. I 'borrowed' a wooden training sword and hid it under my bed, and after the first time I'd come here to watch them fight, I went back to my room and practiced with the oversized sword. I quickly found out that I could copy at least their moves with at least 10% of their skill and technique, and over the past few weeks, that percentage had gone up to 25%.

It may not seem like a lot, but this is Ser Barristan Selmy and Ser Jaime Lannister we're talking about! Two of the best swordsmen in the entirety of Westeros! Even 10% of their skill put me above bandits and the like.

Slowly, they came to a stop with their sparring, and seeing me watching them so intently, Jaime smiled, "What is it, Nephew? Do you wish to become a knight like the two of us?" he casually said, chuckling along with Barristan who had a kind old grandpa smile on his face while he looked at my enthusiasm over their fight.

Shaking my head, I gave a quick reply, "No, I don't want to be a knight. But..." I trailed off.

"What? What is it that you want, Damien?" Jaime asked, a bit more serious this time. Though his smile never left his face.

"I don't want to be a knight but I want to learn how to fight!" I said pretty loudly, "With a sword, with my bare hands - I want to learn how to fight!" seeing my hopeful eyes, the two men looked at each other and laughed before Jaime motioned me over.

"Come over here then, Damien," he flipped his sword around before the handle of the sword landed onto his armored forearm, "Try swinging my sword around for a little. See how it feels," he smilingly spoke and I walked over to him before taking the word off of him. It was heavier than my wooden practice one, and much larger, but it didn't strain my body too much.

So, heaving it up with two hands, I brought it down with a strike that used all of my strength and a little bit of the skill I'd learnt by watching these two.

I'd aimed the strike away from my uncle and Barristan, so I didn't have to worry about hurting people and I fully let the strike out.

It wasn't a special strike, and it didn't slice the air, or crack the ground. It was a normal strike. But it was leagues above a strike any other 4-year-old could pull off. I even stopped it from hitting the ground which was a decent show of skill, or talent from their perspective. Looking over at them, I smiled innocently, "So, how did I do?" I asked, but all I got in reply was them looking at me slightly shocked.

After a moment of silence, Jaime finally spoke up.

"Did you manage to learn that after watching Ser Barristan and I sparring, Damien?" he asked, seemingly slightly suspicious about where I learnt that but also shocked no matter what he secret was.

It must have been surprising enough that I could lift the blade and swing it, let alone swing it with a modicum of skill.

Nodding was all I did in reply, while Barristan laughed in reply, "Aha! Seems the little Prince has got some major talent for sword fighting!" while he was laughing, he smacked Jaime on the back, making a clang as his gauntlet hit the back of Jaime's armor, seeming to smack Jaime out of his stupor.

Jaime smiled at me before taking the sword from me and picking me up with a proud smile, "Seems the youngest member of the Lannister family follows after his Uncle!" he laughed, to which Barristan also laughed. "We'll give you some lessons and we'll see if you stick to them, Damien. If you do, we can think about getting some instructors to teach you hand-to-hand, alright? Though, we're going to have to convince your mother to let us do this. She might not let you," he spoke with a wry smile, as we both knew how protective mother could be over me.

I had taken to calling her mother due to the fact that she'd brought me into this world and looked after me. Despite knowing how much of a rotten and twisted person she is and how much worse she's going to become, she's still my mother and most of all, my family, so I've got to give her some kind of respect and love.

Just as I was about to reply, something stopped me. Something that appeared in front of me.

[Congratulations, you've activated the Witcher System after being born in a fantasy setting and picking up a sword and deciding to learn it! As you might have already guessed, you're a Witcher! A natural born one at that, so you're better than a Witcher who's been created!]

[The Witcher System will award you for tracking, hunting, and killing any kind of living creatures. Though the more dangerous it is to you, the more points it gives. These points can be used to level up your physique and buy perks from the perk tree!]

[Get stronger and become a Witcher than no other Witcher could ever match! Maybe you could even hunt a dragon in this world~?]

...What the hell...?

...I picked up a sword and decided to learn the sword a while ago...what's up with that delay?!--I'm a Witcher!

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