Game of Thrones: The Lion-Blooded Witcher Book

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Game of Thrones: The Lion-Blooded Witcher


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(Read the A/N at the bottom of the synopsis, please~) Waking up in a luxurious room, you'd be surprised, right? Well, Damien was. Especially when he saw Jaime goddamn Lannister walk into the room! Turns out, Damien is another one of Jaime and Cersei's abominable children, the eldest one to be exact. But he's also apparently a Witcher... 'Why are my eyes yellow? With slit pupils?! And why can I smell so much goddamn stuff?!' (A/N - If you want an MC who changes canon on a massive scale, you won't like this story. It'll stick to the original plot for a major part of the story, with small/minor changes here and there. This is a story about a Witcher in GoT, so it's about fighting, training, and monster hunting.)


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