Game Of Thrones: The Dragon Targaryen
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Game Of Thrones: The Dragon Targaryen


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What is Game Of Thrones: The Dragon Targaryen

Game Of Thrones: The Dragon Targaryen is a popular fanfic written by the author Joker_HAHA_199, covering TV genres. It's viewed by 782.6K readers with an average rating of 3.71/5 and 22 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 71 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The Targaryens have a history of madness, and no one knows it better than Aelor, second son of the Mad King. Amidst his father´s erratic and destructive behavior and his elder brother´s decision to run off with a girl who wasn´t his wife, it will take every ounce of his Targaryen charm and skill at arms to save the greatest dynasty in Westeros...and that still might not be enough. "I DO NOT HAVE COPYRIGHT ABOUT THIS FANFICTION"

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literally copy word for word from The Dragon of Duskendale in Fanfiction dot net The novel there is already complete so don't bother reading here


Copy of the novel « the dragon of duskendal ». exactly the same it’s a shame....... BxhebdhzbdhbzhbhdbbddeybhxebhdbhebdhedbeybdhdbzjbdzjJjjnjnjnhbhbxeibdhedbhizbhzdbhizsbxzhbzcbqhcdbqhibchdbihdzgzefihgdiudzhiuzefhjifehzfjidf


One of the best GoT fanfics I have ever read, the writing quality and story development are amazing with good lengthy chapters and good variety of new characters with development.


I remember ever read this fanfic before in other site.. And already have a dozen more chapters ................. ....... .. .....


Is the best fanfic I have ever read for GoT. If you like sword and war this is the fanfic fot you. From the first chapter is super interesting. Thaks...........................................................................................................


An exeptional well writght and build fanfic of GOT , think about if the targaryans won Robert's revolt The changing happens with an additional brother for Dany


This is a very good fan-fic, however its author is writing it at fanfiction.net where its called the Dragon of Duskendale. It does say in the synopsis that this is not the original fanfic, but it doesn't actually credit the author. Just a FYI


Great story a must read if you love he show!!!!!! keep up he good work !!!!!!!! I like the twists and turns in the plot !!!!!!!! I wish some of he old charters would have had a bigger role in the story Thanks!!!!


As a pirate I don't give a damn if this novel is stolen from somewhere, I'm rating the novel itself and it is bloody brilliant. It is a true and proper asoiaf fanfic, and one of the better books I've ever read. It's a proper story from start to finish, dare I say comparable to Martin's works. Must read.


This novel is stolen from fanfiction.net. It is originally named The Dragon of Duskendale written by Kerjack. This novel on novelsupdates is literally just copy and pasted from fanficiton. Dont bother reading this or giving it a good review, go read it on fanfiction and support the actual author.


This Is The Best GoT Fanfics I've Ever Read And Trust Me I've Read Plenty, The Character Dynamic And Development Is Amazing, Please Please Please Don't Drop This Book, Keep Up The Pressure.


This is a repost of dragon of duskendale idk if its the same author or not but since the original story is finished and this story is getting "updated" I'm pretty sure its not the same author.


pieces of human trash who copy other peoples work for attention should really consider what they are doing. the same thing happened with 'the spider' on fanfiction. some no gooder faggot posted his work on this sight and he stopped writing. imagine someone copying your hard written work and posting it without your permission saying its yours. **** you


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I’m suprised this doesn’t have more reviews because it is one of the most quality novels I have read on this site. Most novels focus to much on sex and how bad ass the main character is this one actually attempts to tell a story. The information is accurate and even if it’s not the author is so good a bull ****ting it might as well be ———————————————— xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxccxxccxxxxcxdddddddxccccccccxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxccddddddddsxxddddssssxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


One of the most beautiful works of fiction I have ever read. First of all, it has professional level writing quality, both in grammar and development. There is a handful of narrators throughout the story, though we primarily follow the point of view of the protagonist, but the author quite remarkably shows everyone's different personalities and explores their psyche in a truly amazing display of writing skill. The plot radically diverges from the GoT/ASoIaF story, but keeps the lore clearly in mind and finds a defined in-universe place and time, with logical explanations behind its happenings (for example, travel takes time, battles have specific locations for a reason, the strategies implemented have a valid justification and actual military applications, decisions make sense based on the knowledge the characters making them possess, and emotional responses feel real and justified, or at least understandable). The way the author treats their characters is positively glorious: each and every individual, whether an original character or one of G.R.R.Martin's, is defined and feels like a real person, with their own motivations, dreams, ambitions and regrets, and reacts to the events around them in ways that define them as people. The characters are ever-changing, influenced by their experiences, each and every one of which has consequences, often in real GoT/ASoIaF fashion. Another thing I find particularly striking are some red herrings that are in the story, certain elements that make you think a character may be up to something, while they are actually doing something completely different, if anything at all, while other times certain events come quite unexpectedly out of left field due to someone's hidden machinations, and change the playing field entirely, keeping you guessing for the entire duration of the novel. The world does not revolve around the protagonist: the protagonist slowly grows into a man, a very striking and powerful one, who is acknowledged and loved and feared, yet remains but a man in a world that would still function with his removal from the story - the actions of every other character are not anchored to his existence and in true Martin fashion, there is no plot armour. The single most amazing thing, though, is the way that characters get their defining moments - their struggles, their victories and, most strikingly, their deaths. Not everyone's death is described in detail, just as not everyone's death is a meaningful sacrifice or an act of vengeance or a defining moment; the one universal truth of GoT is that people die, and while some die heroically in a blaze of glory, others die silently, with nary a whimper, and this story perfectly maintains that sense of fragility that we associate with the lives of Martin's characters, but does not make their tales or the impact they have on their world any less significant. If you choose to read this novel, prepare to laugh and cheer and cry and suffer, because I assure you this tale will draw you in and make you invested in the fate of its characters, make you rejoice in their greatest triumphs and break your heart alongside theirs during their darkest hours. I have read this entire work in less than 2 days,expecting just another trashy fanfic and finding the rarest kind of gem, and I can't wait to read it again in the future, just as I'm certain many others who have and will read it plan to do likewise. So thank you author, from the bottom of my heart, for this beautiful masterpiece! I shall follow your works with great relish and wish you all the best in all your future endeavors. Till next time.


This fanfic is pretty good, better than the show I think. Unfortunately horse die 🐴 which is bad. Aegon good name. This has to be 140 words


This is a great book and a great character. The author of this AU did a great job in stepping into the Game of Thrones world and really exploring some of what could have been. I think there were slight misses in what could have been to keep the storyline still in line with the prophecies, but seeing how the main character was resistant to prophecies its kind of an extra triumph that an alternative path was followed.


One of the best fanfic or light novel here. No unnecessary filler no bull**** if you like game of thrones you definitely love this novel.


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