2 Chapter 1

This whole world is going to shit. Turning to a literal hell with everything going on. It will be the end of the world an apocalypse as corona zombies attacking everyone and all the riots happening in the US. So that is why I moved to Australia, I am Australian so it makes sense this is my homeland after all, I used to be in the US army, but things have changed, I was in the army for about 8 years and did some dark side missions, ones I rather not talk about, let's just say it was part of the [Black Ops] anyways I moved that Austrailia months ago to get away from the cluster fuck that was America.

In my time in Australia, I did some animal training and scuba diving mostly just chilling. If the army needed they could give me a call I already did enough.

Suddenly during one of my normal days at the zoo training crocs and various other dangerous animals, the ground started to fiercely shake and everyone at the zoo starts screaming. What the fuck is going!? Don't tell it is an earthquake! The whole zoo was crumbling! My family was here visiting! Fuck!

The world really was ending. This truly was hell. I thought I had escaped hell leaving the US but this truly was unexpected. Earthquakes rarely happen in AUS but when they did they were huge and deadly hitting up to magnitude 7 or higher.

Most animals escape from their cages and the whole zoo started to flood, this was a huge fucking problem.

I ran off and saved my family and some nearby citizens from the flooding area and got them to nearby boats, but I knew my life was on the line. I saw a massive saltwater crocodile in front of me, now I have tamed this beast many times, but when it is free to roam there is no way you can control nature and instincts. Hey, there mate! Everything is going to be alright!

The saltwater croc looks directly into my eyes and slowly opens its jaws. This croc was the biggest of all crocodiles and the strongest, it was like a t-rex in water or a dragon in a way.


The enormous saltwater crocodile bites down on my leg and blood gushes out everywhere.

FUCK! The pain was intense and insane.

To be blunt my death was not quick and very brutal, as a giant saltwater crocodile kill its prey by cracking their bones and tearing them apart with their razor-sharp teeth. Now let me tell you, battling the worlds most dangerous reptile is fucking insane and a long battle as I punch and stab its eyes and try to escape, I am sure not many would live in these circumstances I did everything I could to survive. But the saltwater croc is the largest living reptile in the world and has a higher bit-force than a fucking Great White Shark! In short, this beast is the strongest predator on the planet.

I am about to die by this untamable beast, godammit, nature is scary.

Now the saltwater croc got me in a deadlock. It twisted and spun around. The bite was powerful and cracked my legs. Suddenly it did its most dangerous move, the 'Death Roll'.


My life flashes before me as I am brutally killed. I could hear everyone scream in horror.

Everything turns to pitch black...

"Wake up! Wake up!" A loud thunderous voice yells and snaps its finger.

I slowly opens my eyes, am I dead?

"Well after that anyone would be dead! Haha! But you did put up a fight without a weapon! You truly are quite the courageous warrior! Going into war and saving your family and other humans! The courage of a warrior. Anyhow, I am what you call God! And I have three wishes for you haha!" A old wise man with long white hair and long white beard wearing a wizard robe floats over me in a dark realm. This 'God' looked like Gandalf! Holy shit!

"Three wishes? This sounds like those generic shitty fanfics on webnovel," I bluntly said as I try to focus and see what the fuck is going on. So this must be purgatory.

"Well that may true, so you don't want your three wishes? Do you want 100 virgins instead? Haha just kidding! That would be the easy way out!" God said with a wink as he floats over him. Or should I say Gandalf God.

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"Fine, I will take the three wishes. Fuck it, what do I have to lose, I am already dead, maybe I can change my destiny and reborn into someone better, a legend," I said with a smirk.

"Good! Very Good! Within these 3 orbs are your wishes. " God says as he lifts one hand and three golden glowing orbs float on his palm.

"So which world will I be going to?" I asked the powerful God. He looked a very wise man, maybe I can ask him many more questions about life and death and such.

"I am sending you to the most brutal world imaginable! Haha! That is why I am giving you these wishes! Good luck!" God starts to slowly disappear.

"Wait! Which world I am going to!?" I shout as I collect the golden orbs.

"Game Of Thrones... Choose your wishes wisely... warrior..." He disappears in a flash. Gandalf was gone or God or w.e.

So the world I will be reborn into is Game of Thrones! Fuck this world is brutal like Attack On Titan no mercy for anyone, I have to select the most powerful wishes for this world. I know about Game of Thrones as I have watched all the seasons and read some of the books, and yes the last season was fucking trash, if there was a way to change that last season I would and that is what I might do!

I quickly choose my wishes. The golden orbs open up and ancient symbols start floating around me.

[Select Three Wishes]

You can wish for 2 powers from any world

You can only wish a power from the Game of Thrones world

So I can pick powers/wishes from any other world and one power/wish from the Game Of Thrones world only. Dammit. Maybe the power of the Night King. Let's see what I should wish for! This was my chance to change my destiny.

Suddenly a extremely beautiful goddess with long white hair and light blue eyes appears in front of me, "Ahem. God forgot to give you this," She opens a wooden box, "Select one infinity stone from this box,"

Holy Shit. This can change everything! Time to take over the Game of Thrones world.


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