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General POV

Durrandon was in his solar looking at reports on the current situation of the City Watch. There were a total 5,000 men. 'That's not nearly enough for a city of 500,000' he mused

From the looks of it most of them have minimal training as well. The biggest issue he could see is that he didn't know who was trustworthy. Before he could start the training he first had to weed out the corruption. From what he could remember of the few he's seen they were all severely lacking in discipline.

The main reason he wanted to even improve the City Watch is because it was the closest thing the crown had to a standing army. Though it was much closer to a police force than anything else. 'I won't be able to create a standing army before I'm king and even then it'll be difficult let alone now as just an 12 nameday prince'

The biggest issue he had with the current governmental system is that it isn't centralized. Durrandon didn't believe monarchy based on the loyalty and compassion of the lords would last. 'Besides us being the royal family there is no real reason to listen'

He planned on making the crown an economic and martial powerhouse that can stand equal to the great houses. 'Had Father merged the Stormlands with the Crownlands this wouldn't have been an issue'

Before he could enrich the Crownlands to its fullest potential he first had to have a loyal force. Once the City Watch is up to par I'll start more businesses and introduce new farming practices to take advantage of the fertile lands.

He would try to build a water hammer to increase productivity of his smithy's, but something of that size needs the Kings approval and he's yet to be appointed to the small council. 'That'll be in due time though' he smirked

He suddenly hears a knock on his solar door "Come in"

Varys opens the door and bows "Your grace, you requested my presence"

Though Varys was useful he couldn't find himself trusting nor likening the man. 'Why father would keep someone from the mad kings court is beyond me'

"I have, I hope I haven't caused any inconvenience" Durrandon saids as he gestured for Varys to sit.

"You have not though I am curious what the new Commander of the City Watch wants with someone like me" Varys has certainly heard plenty about the prince though if he's what's best for the realm has yet be seen. Varys grew up as a slave and his loyalty has and always be with the people. 'What good is a king if he can't protect the realm?'

"Wine?" Durrandon offered as he poured himself a goblet. Varys declines and they chatted mundanely for a few minutes

"Your Grace, why am I really here? I'm sure the Crown Prince has more important matters than chatting with a eunuch" Varys with mock impatience trying to get a measure of The Prince

Durrandon squinted his eyes and grinned quite charmingly "I'm starting to like you My Lord, but you're right. I need your help"

'His fathers son indeed' Varys thought as men like them prefer straightforwardness. He could tell The Prince had the mind to rule, but does he have the generosity and power necessary? Varys mused inwardly 'With time we'll see if he's what's best and if not I'll rely on the dragons overseas to make things right. Be it the mummers dragon or the true ones as long as they have the heart necessary to rule'

"I would like all the information you have on those in noteworthy positions of the City Watch. I mean to clean up the corruption in this shit city" Durrandon saids with a genuine expression.

"I could do that. Very few would turn down a favor from the next King" Varys replies without hesitation. There is no loss to him anyway from this he can get a true measure of the prince and his capabilities.

"You can expect a report in the next 3 days" Varys continues as he stands

"I won't forget your service My Lord" Durrandon saids to Varys as he retreats from the room. He certainly didn't like asking for help nor owing a favor to a man with unknown agendas 'Ahh so tiring, I have too much to do and I can't build a spy network on top of everything else' he thought with a wry smile as he laid his forehead against his desk

"Fix your posture, you're a Prince not some common servant" he hears his mother as she gracefully walks into the room as she grabs a goblet of wine and sits down on a long couch

Durrandon looked up and proceeded to sit down beside her and lay his head on her lap "This is better" he said quite comfortably

"Even more improper" Cersei hissed in mock annoyance though she made no attempt to change the situation rather she played with her son's hair

"You talk as if you don't enjoy it" Don mumbles as he closes his eyes Cersei didn't respond only smiled softly and they sat in comfortable silence


"HOW DARE THEY?!?!?" Durrandon slammed his hands on his desk as he read the reports he had gotten from Varys. To say he was livid is an understatement half of the upper echelon was corrupt and abused their power. He wasn't just angry at them but at his father for letting it get so bad

"Your grace, is everything alright?" Ser Barristan asks from the now opened door

Durrandon gritted his teeth and clenched his fists "No, gather the entire City Watch at the barracks"



The fucking scum I thought as I glanced around me at the men as a walked to the front

"Some of you may know me, for those who don't I'm your new commander. Prince Durrandon Baratheon Crown Prince of The Seven Kingdoms." I paused and continued

"I want the City Watch to be what it was always meant to be. A force meant to protect the people of kingslanding. A force of chivalry, a force of honor, a force that does what's right. Before we can be any of those things we have to want and be what's right. Are any of you?!?!" I questioned passionately

"WE ARE!!"


After I silenced the applause I waited and hoped for someone, anyone who would do the right thing. It was at moment a young man of 19-20 stepped out and kneeled before me

"You are?" I question praying he was the one I was waiting for

"William Grim, Your Grace I have something to confess. The reason I joined the City Watch was to protect my home, but when I joined it wasn't like what I imagined. I stayed in hopes that someone would change this shit force. I believe I was waiting for you Your Grace. I would like to offer myself as a witness toward crimes that i have witnessed inside The City Watch" he said through muffled tears and that caused a few other leal men to step out in hopes to find justice.

I looked at the 20 or so mean that stepped out with a genuine smile glad that my faith in humanity wasn't for naught. I was scared that none would speak out. It wasn't that he needed witnesses because he didn't he had enough evidence. He wanted to get a measure of the men and find those he could trust.

"That's what I intended, you alls uprightness will not be forgotten" I say genuinely and turn towards the 50 or so guards I brought with and say "Take'm and set up a hanging station"




I ignore the pleas of Janos and his 10 or so accomplices. I hardened my heart knowing what I had to do.

I walked toward the rope connecting them and pulled my sword "In the name of my father Robert of House Baratheon King of the Andals, Rhyonish, and First Men. I Durrandon of House Baratheon the Crown Prince of the Seven Kingdoms do sentence you to die"

I swung my sword and cut the rope and I look on as I see and hear some of there necks snapping. The ones who weren't so fortunate turned blue and purple grasping for air. I didn't look away no matter the bile rising in my throat, no matter how hard my shaking hand was clenching my sword, no matter how hard I clenched my jaw. I looked on as the last of them drew breath.

"Dispose of the bodies" I say trying to keep my voice from shaking as I turn and walk towards the Red Keep

I don't regret what I did, but that doesn't make taking a life any less difficult. It doesn't make watching and hearing the life leave someone regardless of how horrible a person someone is easier.

"HAHAH Has The City Watch already made you so grim and sullen" I look up and see my father at the end of the hall and felt anger gather at the pit of my stomach.

"I took a life today…..The City Watch was corrupt…..they laundered money, abused there authority to **** women or whatever else that pleased them" I say through grit teeth in anger and he gone silent at that

"Had you taken your responsibilities as King seriously I wouldn't have had to. I a boy of 12 YOUR SON had to shoulder YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND DUTY" the more I spoke the angrier I became. I didn't want hear his excuses and I definitely didn't want to cry much less in front of him. So I turned around and went for my mother hoping to find some sense of comfort


Robert Baratheon

Have I fallen to such an extent where I need a boy, my own son to take on my responsibilities and duty.

Have I been such a terrible King? Then the look Durran gave him flashes through his mind he look disappointed, angry, and even a bit disgusted. That was a look I put on my own son he thought.

Isn't it a fathers duty to protect his children from the world? What have i done for any of my 4 children? I haven't just failed at being a King but being a father.

Lyanna would hate to see me like this all fat and pitiful. I clenched my fist in guilt and a new found determination to be a better king and a better father.

Lyanna I thought wistfully the dragonspawn took you from me, but I won't give the fucker the pleasure of ruining the rest of my life.

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