4 4.The brilliant Lion

Today was my fourth name day. There was going to be a huge feast. After grandfathers death father had stayed for a year. Jaimie and Cersei were born. Mother had been very ill after it. Hopefully they would decide against having another child.

I was now officially called a genius. The maester called me a The Brilliant Lion. I had started learning my letters at one and a half and became proficient in the language at 4.

Even father had uttered an, "As expected of my son when he came to know of it."

"What are you doing Tyland. Don't you have a lesson with the maester.", called my mother from the side . I was standing near the balcony of my room. I was quite tall for my age but still I had to use a stool to look over the wall. Casterly rock was a formidable castle. Nothing short of a couple of dragons could damage it. It was also extremely beautiful.

"I am just looking over the castle mother. The maester has said that its okay for me to take a day off." I replied while coming down the stool and walking towards her. She held my face and kissed it.

"Then what do you plan to do. Want me to read you some history." One thing me and mother bonded over was history lessons. Instead of having them with Maester Warlick, mother taught to me and she was brilliant at it. This was our own way of bonding. Though I had the mind of an adult yet I cared deeply about my mother. She was the epitome of gracefulness and capability.

"As much fun that would be, I plan on going to watch the knights practise." I replied. Thought I was too young to practise I could still familiarise with it.

"It seems that you don't have time for you mother anymore." She replied with false hurt.

"You know it is impossible. But didn't you start teaching Cersei."

"Yes, your father is teaching Jaimie while I am teaching Cersei.She is very smart yet complains abut missing her brothers lessons." She said while eyeing me. As the maester failed to reach Jamie father had taken it upon himself to teach him. Mother taught Cersei. I often joined them and gave them lessons. This helped me bond over them.


Now, I was five years old. Mother had called me to her chambers. I knocked at the door.

"Come in Tyland."

"Greeting Mother. How are you. I heard you were not feeling well recently," I asked upon entering the door.

"It was nothing serious. I just wanted to tell you the news first" She said with a small smile on her face.

Dread started creeping into my heart. Her next words could be very instrumental in everything.

"Tyland you are going to be brother once more."

At that moment, I started praying to all the gods I could name, and I could name quite a few that whomever was listening please give her health.

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