57 War meetings part 1

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Just like in a blink one month have been passed away. And I'm currently attending another war meeting, There had been several meetings as well. Also, I had my fair share of fun with a certain Bear Lady, She reminds me of Miranda. And I must admit she have a legendary level of stamina.

But for some reason I could not seen her for last few weeks. So I asked Lord stark, "Lord stark if you don't mind, I liked to ask you something?"

He replied, " What is it good Ser? I hope it's not too personal."

I replied, "No my Lord, I just wanted ask you about Lady Mormont, um.. why is she not here, Did something happen?"

He looked at me for a moment, then replied, "Well ser, she was feeling not well and the Maester of my good father suggested that she is not fit for a war with her condition. And the Maester insisted. So I sent her back home. She board a ship from Seaguard and will return to Bear island "

what ? I could not even gave her my farewell. But she was strong as a Bear what kind of illness could cause her to return? Now I'm a little concerned so I asked him, "What kind of illness my Lord?"

He replied, "The Maester said she could be pregnant, though I do not know the details. And ser, there is a rumors going around."

well, that's nothing new.

I replied, "And may I ask, what kind of rumors lord stark?"

He was nervous for some reason but still replied to me, " The rumors are that you and lady Maege spending lots of time together."

Well, it's true but why is he so nervous? let's tease him and see what happens, " Well My Lord that is true that we were spending lots of time and doing other fun stuffs as well in the process. you know what I mean right?"

Then he looked kinda confused " But you both are not married. And doing something like this is bad for your reputation ser and her!!! why would you do something like that?"

I replied "Well my Lord, we all have different personalities and different sense of value. Though I'm not just a warrior, but a Lover as well, So I can't help myself when a woman is in a desperate situation. We all have our needs, And that applies to both men and women. We both know the concequences of our actions, but we still did it knowing what could happen. And do you know why my Lord ?"

He asked, " Why?"

I spoke in his ear, " Because it felt good. You should try it."

He was a little offended at my words and angrily asked, " You know that I am married and my wife is pregnant right?"

I replied, " Yes I do and congratulations. But you're point?"

Eddard looked little astonished, " My point is that we made a vow, And doing something after that is betraying my wife. So why would I do something like that ?"

oh ...So your playing game of thrones with now huh !!!

" So many vows.... so many oaths... But in the end everyone broke it one way or another. Like it's meant to be broken. And please don't act your the most honorable person with me lord stark. I know you had your fair share of fun with a certain Dornish Lady and you were not married to her then, And Please don't say that she forced herself on you. Where was your honor then and where is your honor now ? Did you not betrayed her by marrying someone else? Tell me that was just a one night thing !!"

First he was shocked then he looked ashamed. Oh... the reminder made him quite miserable. And I imidiatly regret doing that because it's also reminded him of his family. Then he took a deep breath and a serious expration. And I know what he is going to be saying. But before he could replied to me Roberts loud voice interrupted us and he quite forcefully joined the topic. At first Robert was shocked that the honorable Ned stark had done something like that. And I felt really bad for exposing Eddard , it was not my intention ofcourse.

Thus I had to do some damage control and told Robert that if this conversation leaks out it will very problematic for Lord stark. And after realizing it Robert shuts his mouth. But Robert still did not stopped teasing Eddard. our table was a separate one and this place is overcrowded, So other than someone seriously eavesdropping us, nobody will know what happened here.

Then I started observed other Lords, Everyone is talking to each other, Then I looked at the direction of the Storm Lords and Suddenly my eyes landed on Lord Swan. And I imidiatly regret it, Because his glaring at me with a killing intent. I don't know what I have done to earn his hatred. Did accidentally fucked his daughter ? Or Maybe he is jealous that I have the favor of Four Lord paramount's and seating right next to them.

Then Lord Arryn stood up and All the lord's focused on him. Not Robert though.

Lord Arryn spoke "My Lords and knights We received Three revens up until now. There is some good news And also some bad one as well." He gulped down his wine then he looked at Robert "Robert stop talking to Ned and pay attention!!!"

Robert replied " aye, get on with it John I'm listening."

Then John Arryn spoke "Ah..Yes where was I ? Oh.. first the bad news we received that the Dorne have sent 10 thousand Men and The Reach is also sent around 15 thousand. The Southern Riverlords. House Whent, House Darry, and House Mooton gathered around ten thousand Men and waiting in the Crossroad. The Crownlands also gathered 15 thousand. Prince Raegar Targaryen will be personally leading it."

I watched Roberts reaction, I saw that After hearing Raegar's name he broke chicken chicken leg he was eating.

Lord Hoster spoke, "Totally 50 thousand men, That's a formidable Host!!" All the lords around him agreed.

Lord Arryn did not finished yet, " aye, That's not all, Lord Tywin Lannister have also gathered his troops but for some reason he stopped at the Goldentooth. We do not know what is his intentions are. I sent him a few revens but received no reply. Maybe he is waiting for the right opportunity."

All lords started murmur and the Hall becoming more noisy in every minute.

And this is really a bad News because in the canon the royal Army had 40 thousand not 50. Well, if we could gathered there information from revens then the Royalist Army also have ours too. And in the canon the Rebels had 35 thousand, but thanks to me we now have 40 thousand. And If Lord Walder Fray joined then we will have 4 thousand more. But I'm sure he won't. Thus my actions did cause some huge amount of change. I'm sure if these lords would exicute me if they know that because me they will be fighting ten thousand more troops. well, good for me that they don't know.

Then blackwood spoke, " So what are the good news then Lord Arryn ?"

Lord Arryn replied, " Yes, the good news is that Lord Quillon have joined the Rebellion And started raiding The coastal part of the Reach. And thus The Reach can't sent more troops to The Crown. And Mace Tyrell is still sieging The StormsEnd with his 60 thousands men also the Redwyne fleet."

Tons of lords started to laugh at that. Because they know that the Ironborns will be eventually defeated. The Ironborns are very good at Sea battles and raiding and pillaging. But they don't have the strength in ground battle. Because they don't have the discipline to fight in formation and thus vonrable at land battle. But why did Quillon Greyjoy joined? in the canon they waited until the Rebels won the battle of the Trident. Well, they are one of the unpredictable people in westeros. But I thought Quillon Greyjoy was a wise man. well, it doesn't matter.

And Early or not , in my opinion the outcome won't be any different. Because the kingdom of the Reach can still gather 25 thousand Men and defend themselves from the Ironborns. They have the biggest military might then any other kindoms, also they can gather up to a hundred thousand Men.

I think one of Mace Tyrells uncle will be leading the troops against the Ironborns.

Lord Hoster still expressed his concern, " We still need more Men. We should not face the loyalist army with a odds this big."

lots of the Lord agreed with him but Robert stood up, " What in the SeVen Hell are you talking Old Man !! The Targaryens may have more Men but we have the determination and justice on our side. They are fresh but we Are Battle Harden. Let them come, we will best them on the battlefield."

Well, Robert knows how raise the morale. And War is his thing.

The lord's and knights of the Rebels alliance cheers to Roberts fiery speech.

And out of the blue Lord Arryn called me, "Ser Winters what are your thoughts, you are looking distress, are you okay ser?"

And all the attention shifted towards me, The room became very silent, And all the Men is looking at direction for my answer. Damn you John Arryn, Why is this old man always brothers me ?

Well, here goes nothing, " Lord Robert Bratheon is correct. In my opinion experience outranks everything, And we have plenty of that. And Numbers do not win the war. The loyalist army is coming towards us, So we must take advantage of that."

I looked at my surrounding and all the lord is looking directly at me, There face is saying that I should continue my explanation.

"We need a strategic location where we can use the battlefield to our advantage. A place that they can not flank our troops. If they can not flank us, then there number will not help them. If we have such location, Then we should use it effectively. Do we have such location?" after ending my speech I looked towerds Lord Hoster and he understood my meaning.

Lord Hoster spoke," Yes, The trident is the only place we can use. It's a suitable place where they can not flank us."

Then All the lord's agreed with plan and gave a thumbs up to fighting in the trident. well, it's not very genius idea. And even Robert could come up with it. I just accelerated the planning.

But not all of them liked it, and amongst those that did not like the battle plans are The stormlords.

And Lord Swan crashed the party moment with his voice, he spoke and pointed his finger at my direction,"This is Preposterous!! I will not fight a war with such cowardly tactics suggested by mere Hedge knight."

Then Lord Arryn come in front him, and calmly replied " Perdon me Lord Donald, But it's a sound plan, And none of the other Lords have problem with it. And We're are not obeying his orders nor do we fighting for him."

But the stormlord is too angry to back down and furiously shouted, "But all of you still doing what he says. A mere Hedge Knight commanding Four Lord paramount with his murmury words. Why are in the SeVen Hell we are even taking suggestions from him? He's is manipulating all of you with those demonic eyes, and with his foul words, He is bewitching all you. And we don't even know where his loyalty belongs."

The lord started his blabbing and Robert lost his patients He smashed his wine glass, "Silence, That is Enough of you Lord Swan. This the second time you opened your mouth and insulted Alan. I warn you one last time because my father was your friend, If you utter One more word then I will personally throw you out. Now get out of my sight."

Lord Swans face become crimson red with shame and hatred. He looked around but found no allies.

Thankfully Lord Arryn broke the awkward silence, " listen my Lords and knights the man lord Swan is calling a mere Hedge knight have done what is beyond loyalty. If my bannermen Morton wynewood was here, he would have challenged Lord Swan to a duel to regain the hedge knights honor. Ser Alan helped Morton to regained their valyrian steel sword and also avenged his father by defeating the mountain clan. Ser Alan Winters helped me taking down my very own rebellious bannermen in Gulltown. He was there when Robert needed someone to fight for him and with him, even though he had no obligation to fight for Robert. In the Stony Sept he was the one saved Lord Hoster Tully. He may not have thousands of men to call in his name, but he's contribution to our cause is no less then any other Lords. Therefore It does not matter where his loyalty belongs to. He is much more valuable than a hundred knights."

Ok that is too much praise ...God damnit old man... stop giving too much credit it's not helping. I need to stop him because his speech making things worse for me , so I interrupted him before he spoke something that is totally unnecessary, "Thank you my Lord for your praise And please my Lord no more words, All I did was out of friendship not for glory. And lord Swan is right to call me a hedge knight. Because I am One, I have no Land no people to call. I would be offended too if I were in his place." then looked towerds Lord Swan, "My Lord please forgive me if I have offended you in any way".

He did not gave me a reply and angrily got out from Hall.

The hall become silent again, But Robert ordered his squire Beric Dondarrion to bring his hammer. Then he spoke, " Does anyone else have problem with Winters speak Noww ?"

Nobody spoke a word and the silent befall again. Then like a thunderstorm Robert boomed in laughter and all around people joined him.

(Sigh) that was not what I was expecting... But in the end it worked out well. And after a few hours later I returned in my room.

God damnit... I need a fuck right now. And I'm truly missing Lady Mormont I hope she returns home safely.

Then someone knoked my door, Hmm that's a female voice. Who could be coming here this late in the night ?

And when I opened the door and saw the figure, I almost had an hurt attack.

" Lady Lysa what r you doing here ?"

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