66 Aftermath mc's POV

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Mc's pov

After the epic dual of Robert and Raegar's finished with Raegar's death. And somehow It felt like the time had slowed down for us to see their fighting in slow motion.

The battle screamed about Lord Robert and Prince Rhaegar both, and by the will of the god,(GRRM) or by chance-or perhaps by design-they met amidst the shallows of the ford. The two knights fought valiantly upon their destriers. For despite his crimes, Prince Rhaegar was no coward.

With the death of the delusional prince, Royal army lost its will to fight on. And there was nobody to keep their morale in place and thus battle was eventually ended in our victory. As the remaining loyalist army started running for their lives.

It was quite awesome battle. I must admit, Raegar Targaryen despite not being as experienced as Robert in battle. held pretty well against him. maybe the plot armor.

And somehow he even injured Robert quite well, So much so, that after the fight I had send Robert to the rear for immediate medical treatment. He's left leg is badly wounded, And I believe that the injury could permanently end his career as a warrior.

Well, he won't be needed to fight in a very long time. I also sended Ser Barristan with him as well . Because why kill such a man who is half dead. There's no honor in that and I'm sure Robert will not mind that I didn't killed his fellow countryman. Despite his great age and fatigue, Barristan is an incredibly skilled swordsman and warrior. And he's no threat because Ser Barristan will be spending the rest of the conflict recuperating from his wounds. Also we need to extract information where did the hidden Lyanna.

With Roberts absence, I had to took the command in my own hands. I Meet up with the allied lords and knights. So that We can capture as many enemies we could.

When I meet them I noticed that a lot of them are missing. Amongst them are Lord Allyn Corbray, Lord Marcus Hunter, Lord Halys Hornwood, Lord Morse umber, Lord Aeric Dondarrion ( Beric Dondarrions father), Ser Alfred Vance.

I remember them because I spent lots time with them. Sometimes in drinking competition or talking about strategy or sharing my stories with them.

Thus with the rest of the remaining rebel forces we pursued the rest of the loyalist army.

After some more killing and capturing I meet up with Lord Arryn and Lord Tully and gave them to take over the rest the works. Both lords thanked me and the surrounding soldiers and knights cheers for me as well.

I also gained a new title 'The Champion of the Trident'.

After that I retired to my tent. My subordinate Claw and Colt came in my tent and helped me removed my armor. They also told me that a Septa is going come here to treat my wounds. Because we have a shortage of the Maesters.

Though my bleeding is already stopped and just needs to clean it up and it's not big deal, I can take a lot more punishment then some small scratch.

But then I realized something, where F is my horse ?

So I ordered my subordinates, " Colt, Claw go Search Stormwind. I believe he's still alive and out there somewhere."

After they left the my tent I asked the person that already hidden under the bed with a intimidating voice, " You should come out now. Or I will use some different method."

Then the person who hidden under the bed come out and surprisingly it's a child. This is very suspicious, I thought it'd be a an assassin or something. Because when I entered my tent I felt something is wrong.

" Well, what are you doing in my tent lad ?"

I looked at the suspicious little boy .The little boy did not replied and instead he gave me to latter's. After reading it's content I realized.

" Hm... so if I'm correct, then you are one of those little birds of Varys the spider?"

The boy gave me positive Nods and smile, a very creepy smile.

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