1 Chapter one

Master Ozias was well known in Porto Real. He was the greatest healer in the Kingdom. The death rate of the deliveries he performed was zero.

Queen Cersei Lannister was on her way to the master's quarters. She was feeling a tingle between her legs that she wasn't going to leave.

When she arrived at the master's quarters she knocked on the door.

"In between". An invigorating voice was heard. Slowly pushing the door, Cersei Lannister entered.

What she saw was the sight of a tall, well-muscled man with short black hair and blue eyes. He was considered handsome.

The man looked at the queen and bowed. "Your grace". His voice was full of respect and submission.

She came over and held out her hand. He took her delicate hand in his rough hand. And he lifted her to her mouth where he kissed her.

The chill came back between her legs. Cersei Lannister watched the man until he released her.

"To what do I owe your presence, my queen?" The way he spoke to my queen made Cersei wince. She raised an eyebrow and answered. "I am feeling a discomfort between my legs, a tingling." He looked up to meet her gaze.

"Sit at that table, my queen," he gestured toward a table where he examined his patients.

Nodding, she moved and sat down. He took a chair and placed it in front of the table. He looked up and said. "Please lift the dress." She grabbed the edges of the dress and pulled it over her thigh.

She was not wearing anything underneath, she always preferred to be naked under the dress. Usually, women used a cloth to cover their pussy and breasts. But Cersei didn't like it, so she just walked around with the dress on. This was perceived by everyone when it was cold.

Her hard nipples were visible to everyone. She loved wearing dresses with big necklines, almost showing her nipples. She loved the looks of lust with which men looked at her.

The master below her looked at the neckline that highlighted her large breasts, two hardpoints were visible under the cloth.

He slowly traced his gaze to her pussy. It was a pink slit with a little golden hair on top. At the top of her pink lips was a button that stood out.

He extended a finger and touched his moist lips. The queen felt a shiver when the finger touched her, she never felt such pleasure. A small moan escaped her lips.


Her finger traced its wet slit and inserted itself into her pink lips. The queen made another small moan, her toes contracted.

Her waist shifted for more contact. And that is what she found. A finger pierced her wet folds and plunged into her vagina.

"Aaaaaaaaa". A long moan escaped her mouth and a liquid squirted from her pussy. The master watched the woman squirm, her legs were shaking and her chest over the neckline rose and fell with a pink color. Her cheeks were flushed and she was gritting her teeth in pleasure.

It was very gratifying to give pleasure to noblewomen. They were taught not to move during sex and men did not care if their wife was excited to have sex. This made most of the nobles dislike their duty to procreate.

Slowly the queen stopped shaking and looked with a furious expression at the master. "What was that? Explain it to me now!" Her voice contained authority and the master obeyed.

"Your grace, this is what you just experienced is called orgasm, just as a man feels pleasure when he comes, so do women. What you were feeling was sexual frustration, I just helped you release it"

The queen looked at him with appraising eyes and said. "Then continue!". Not wanting to disappoint the queen, he placed three fingers in her slit and moved them up and down.

Rainha clenched her teeth trying not to let a sound escape her mouth. She didn't say that, but she felt humiliated for moaning in front of a servant.

Unfortunately for the queen, the movements became faster, causing the feelings that rose from her hips to be intensified.

Almost moaning at the incredible wave of pleasure that washed over her, she put a hand in front of her mouth to stop the screams of pleasure that would be heard throughout the castle.

Her hand moved quickly in the queen's pussy, suddenly he inserted his middle finger inside the wet pussy and the queen's body shook.

Moving his thumb and forefinger, he gripped her clitoris and squeezed it lightly as he entered it with his middle finger. The queen moaned like a whore, her body shaking and her pussy dripping. Moving her other hand, he touched her anus with the tip of his finger, slowly he stuck his finger inside her tight anus.

In rhythmic movements, he penetrated his middle finger into the queen's pussy and when he played with her clitoris, with his other hand he pushed her finger into her tight anus. The piston movements with her fingers made the queen feel the greatest pleasure in her life. The hand that was holding her mouth came free and her moans were heard even outside the room.

Her hand moved to hold the hand of the man who was making her feel in the clouds.

Her eyes narrowed, she clenched her teeth, the master's fingers kept moving. The master seeing the queen approaching orgasm released her clitoris and thrust three fingers into her tight pussy. Now being fucked by her ass and pussy, he brought her mouth close to her clit and sucked it.

The queen let out a cry so loud that it was heard by all guards and royal guards. Her body convulsed from the head to the tips of her toes. A liquid splashed from her wet pussy which was swallowed by the master.

Pulling her fingers from their wet folds, he licked the liquids from them. The queen watched the master lick the liquid from her fingers. His prominent chest rose and fell, his breathing was irregular. Her body released slight spasms that made her stand still while she still trembled. Slight moans escaped her full lips.

Her heart was beating fast. She was confused, but the pleasure she felt was so great that she seized the moment and forgot that she was the queen.

The master seeing the situation of the queen looked into his half-closed eyes and spoke. "Your Grace, the tingling must be gone, but you still need to apply milk to your legs and vagina."

The queen looked at the master and nodded. "Apply them, then".

The doctor, seeing her permission, pulled her pants down and left her penis outdoors for the queen to see.

Cersei Lannister looked shocked at the giant penis in front of her, suddenly realizing the situation, her eyes widened and she cried out in surprise. " What are you doing?". The master looked at her and said. "The milk I was referring to was a man's milk." Seeing the surprise in her eyes, he continued. "Don't worry, your grace. I won't need to touch you."

The queen watched as the man wrapped her fingers around her penis. He moved his hand up and down at a fast pace. She was mesmerized by the beauty of the scene that was happening in front of her.

Her hand moved up and down pumping his cock. Suddenly her member started to shake and he accelerated the movement.

Approaching the queen, he leaned the head of his penis against the still wet slit of the queen. His cock moved up and down her wet pussy. While he was still pumping her penis.

The Queen moaned, feeling her hard head rubbing against her. She so wanted him to penetrate her.

Feeling that he would release. He pulled his head back and moved one last time, his cock rubbed so hard against the wet pussy making the queen's clitorises shiver with friction. The queen threw her head back through clenched teeth, trying not to moan.

Sensing his release, he accelerated the pumping and his penis began to swell, a white liquid came out of his head like a jet, painting the queen with a white, sticky substance.

His semen flew up to the queen's immaculate face, painting her face white.

His legs were full of semen. And her dress was dirty with cum.


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