2 cuckold jaime lannister +18

Roberth kept fucking his bitch wife for a long time

Roberth didn't want to go to work, the kingdom was already shit, so he didn't mind too much

Cersei was in love with her husband, she had never been so fucked up in her life

Even her ass hole, Roberth didn't leave it intact, he ripped open Cersei's ass.

Luckily, Roberth's sperm seems to have some healing effect, so even with all her pussy and ass fucked, Cersei was fine.

Cersei lay down on top of Roberth's fat and sweaty body.

She hated and was disgusted with that fat body before, but now she totally loves

"Did you like that wife?"


"I'm glad, now you have a duty, I'm going to call Jaime to watch my room, I'm going to fuck you again, you must moan as loud as you can"

"yes, i will moan as you sit on that hot cock"

Roberth quickly called the maid, Roberth wanted to eat the maid's ass but left it for later

10 minutes later, jaime lannister came

"Stay alert, I'm going to fuck a bitch, don't come in and don't let anyone in"

Jaime still didn't know that the bitch was his sister, so he accepted

In the bedroom, Cersei was already sucking Roberth

She loved to choke while sucking the huge cock

*glu glu glu glu*

"Bitch, come here, put your pussy"

Cersei obeyed, she sat on the hard cock


Roberth stuck and slapped the white ass until the ass turned red


"groans loudly"


"TLARGER BUTCH" Roberth orders


Jaime at the door, was listening to everything, he could hear the sounds of slapping on the ass and the moans

Only when Cersei moaned aloud did he recognize the voice

"Cersei? no, she hates Roberth, and she would never moan with pleasure like that with him" Jaime

Jaime tried to deny it, but he would be the last not to recognize the voice of his beloved Cersei

Finally he couldn't resist, his anger took away his lucidity, he entered the room

Jaime looked at the bed and saw Cersei riding Roberth, she was jumping like a bitch cowgirl

Cersei was smiling non-stop, she was like a female hentai netorare character when she finally surrendered.


Before Jaime does anything, a shadow appears and immobilizes him

"Since you're inside, stay here and watch" Roberth

Jaime was immobilized by the shadow, he watched Cersei moaning with pleasure with Roberth's huge cock

"Bitch, look at your brother and boyfriend, he looks sad, tell him which dick you prefer more"

"Roberth's cock, I prefer Roberth, shove it inside me" Cersei moaned

Roberth put Cersei on all fours, he fucked looking at Jaime

Jaime looked at that, looked at Cersei's breasts swaying, her ass that was white before was red, her pussy leaked juice

"Take off Jaime's armor" Roberth mentally orders the shadow

The shadow takes off all the armor, Jaime was naked

jaime's cock was 15cm, and it was hard

"See my bitch, your brother has a hard cock watching us fuck"

Cersei then looks at Jaime who was naked, Cersei looks at Jaime's cock

Cersei's eyes had no more love or desire, just contempt.

Cersei loved her brother, beauty and strength, she's what she loved, but now seeing Jaime with a hard-on as she gets fucked by Roberth, it broke everything

"King Killer, jack off, jack off while I fuck your old love and sister"

Jaima loved Cersei very much, his love was unhealthy, so he was jealous but he was happy, Cersei smiled non-stop, he loved ve Cersei happy

Jaime started to masturbate, he looked at Cersei and jacked off, he was with pleasure and happiness

Roberth seeing this was happy, now he practically dominated Cersei and Jaime, he can control the Lannister family

Roberth thought about killing Jaime, but now he's given up, he will create a cuckold Jaime

Besides, Roberth didn't mind sharing his bitch sometimes, for him controlling the Lannister family is much better than monopolizing women.

If roberth can win wars, earn money or perks just by sharing his women, he'll do it, for he's all bitches with the one and only duty to help Roberth


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