1 Chapter 1: The Meeting

I despise people, but I really can't say I hate people as a whole. I sorta wonder why that is. Maybe it's because they aren't all the same, or is it because I am a human myself? Though I can't say that matters.

So, why am I always locked in a house that isn't home? I don't belong here, it's a prison with people who act as if they care. I don't understand how they can say they honestly care when all they do is yell. Sometimes I wish their game of family would end. It's not like I'm their real kid. I'm merely some boy they took under their wing for their little game of house.

If you wanna know, I'm not neglected. Why would I be neglected? They do take care of me. Don't get me wrong, I'd just rather not get involved in their drama. They did send me to a dojo to become more capable of protection, and they buy me books to help with my studies. They might be gone most the time, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, they're just busy people. When they get mad, they sometimes can't control themselves. They tell me to lie and tell my teachers and friends that I fell down the stairs or something along those lines. It hurts though, and my skin is covered in bruises. I still love and care for my parents, they are just letting out anger. My parents told me, not to draw unnecessary attention, or I'd be in trouble. I'm scared, I don't wanna make them mad.

" Get to school, you foul child!" Mother screamed.

" Are you crying? You're such a baby, be a man," Dad yelled afterward.

" Sorry, sir," I said, still wiping the tears off my face.

I continued wiping the tears off my cold face. Why are they mad at me? My eyes were a crimson red, and my lower lashes soaked from crying for so long. Crying is supposed to relieve stress, but it still burns. I got up, my vision was still hazy, so I couldn't see enough to step forward without stumbling over. I took in a deep breath and leaned against the wall. I felt light-headed, and my hair seemed to cling to my face because the tears made it all wet and sticky. I put on my school uniform, and I brushed my hair, even though it was still a mess afterward. I wanted to make lunch, but I don't need to waste their food on me. Then my gaze went up to the mirror and noticed I had bags under my eyes.

"I should sleep more," I thought to myself.

My red hair seemed to glisten in the sunlight, but my green eyes seemed cloudy. My sky-blue and white uniform seemed to fit. I started getting my vision back, so I ran out of my house and toward the school building, which is a block or two away.

As I was running to school, I saw both of my sister's grave as my parents reminded me, "That they were a mistake, and that's just what happens to, mistakes." When I finally inched closer to the school, I heard giggling, shouting, and crying. So, I decided to go to all the noise.

"Curiosity kills the cat," I thought to myself as I ran there.

When I finally got there, I saw a girl holding another girl trying to shield her from three boys. The girl shielding the other girl had boy short hair that was a deep brown that was colored red at the ends, she was wearing the same uniform as me, but I couldn't see her face. The other girl had midnight colored hair, her eyes were two different colors one pale blue the other emerald green, she had pale skin, it made her hair more beautiful, and she was wearing the same uniform as me. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I would describe the boys, but they were too hideous to even look at. The girl shielding the other seemed to also be encouraging her weeping friend, then she smiled.

"So cute," I whispered.

My feet started running, separating the girls and the boys.

"You wanna join us, Carlos?" One of the ugly boys asked.

"You are?" I asked.

" I'm Soleil, the one on the left is Faible, and the one on the right of me is Feo. It's nice to meet you," Soleil said.

"I don't care who you are, you're in my way," I said. "Also, how did you know my name?"

" Well, who doesn't? You're Carlos, the mysterious wonder of our high school," Feo said.

"You're Carlos?" One of the girls asked.

I glared at the three boys, annoyed that more people could put a name to my face. I hate people knowing who I am. It means more unnecessary attention. I acted like I tripped and tackled Feo to the ground. I stood up and pretended like I was about to trip over Feo again and kicked him in the side. Soleil stuck out his foot thinking I was some clumsy idiot so, in turn, I acted as if I fell over it, but I gut-punched him on my way down. Soleil coughed up blood and Feo was grabbing his side, I might've broken his rib.

" Sorry, I just got done crying, my vision is still pretty blurry, hope you're not too hurt," I said, trying not to laugh.

" Serves them right," I thought.

" You li-," Feo said before he passed out.

Soleil passed out after him, with blood covering his mouth. The other is still quiet. He knows something. I glared at him as he picked up the other two and carried them away. He must be hiding something. The two girls stood up and bowed their heads.

The one with black hair ran behind the girl with brown hair.

" Thank you," Whispered the one with black hair.

" I don't think we should thank him since he just kept tripping and that's how he fought them, nothing special, even I could've done that." The one with brown hair said.

" That is not very nice, Suijin," The one with black hair said.

" I don't care, he's not some hero, Amaterasu," Suijin said.

" Sorry about her, she's got a short temper, it's probably shorter than she is," Amaterasu said.

" I'm 5'0!!!!" Suijin yelled.

" I'm 6'6," I said, realizing how short she was.

The two girls fell over. Then I realized they were all bloody, then I examined bloody rocks all around them, those three boys must've tossed rocks at them. I picked them up and carried Suijin on my back, and I carried Amaterasu like a princess. I ran as fast as I could to the nurse's office in my school. When I finally got there, it was almost packed to the brim with chemicals.

"I'm not gonna ask," I thought.

" Miss nurse dude, I found these two girls being bullied, and they passed out. I don't know why, but I'm assuming they got rocks thrown at them," I said

" Oh dear, get them in here! I'll take a look at them right away," She said.

I laid both of them on the separate beds in the nurse's office. I sat in between them, and I guess I fell asleep while I waited for them to wake up. I felt a gentle hand petting my hair, I silently opened one eye to see who it was.

" So fluffy. Wanna pet it to Suijin?" Amaterasu muttered.

"I think we should kidnap him," Suijin said.

" WHAT!!!!!!" I yelled, raising my head.

" I thought so. Stop fake sleeping." Suijin said.

Amaterasu flushed red and covered her face with the blanket, " I'm sorry," She said.

Suijin jumped over to Amaterasu's bed and they started whispering to each other. I couldn't hear much, but I heard kidnap, so I tiptoed toward the door.

" And, where are you going," Suijin asked?

" Ummmm-, to class," I said.

" You're a bad liar," Suijin said.

Suijin turned her head, so I started sneaking toward the door, but Amaterasu had already run over and grabbed my arm. Suijin turned her head again and ran toward me, and grabbed my other arm, then they started dragging me out of school. People kept staring, so I acted knocked out. Somebody, please stop them, so much unnecessary attention.

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