1 Trainee!

Undetectable to Earth's science, Cosmic waves appeared in the outer atmosphere of the earth but if someone were to observe closely they would see that there was a vortex-like thing appearing in the outer atmosphere of the earth.

In this vortex, something like a huge building could be seen, but it felt illusory since it had a feeling like it was a projection of something from afar, similar to a mirage.

Suddenly, a white light escaped from this vortex and headed toward Earth.

It started to circle around the Earth as if searching for something. While it was flying above Country C, it suddenly jolted down with the speed of light and vanished.




Fu Yan was an ordinary boy, with ordinary looks and with an even more ordinary aura. He had nothing special about him except that he liked to study. He was a student of software development at Fenghua University, and if someone wanted to find him, they would look in the library.

While he did not have a photographic memory, he had a passion for knowledge of all kinds. He would pick books to read which most students of his age would not look at.

Like theories about ion engines and encryption methods of 1800, and many other topics that were not even related to his subject.

Today was the same, but one thing was different as there was a beauty sitting next to him. He could not help but look at her from time to time.

He knew that she was from the Business Department but did not know her name. She was famous for her looks and for her kindness, as she was often praised by students whom she had helped both financially and emotionally.

By emotionally means she consoled them or listened to them when some students were distressed.

She was like a counselor. Her family was rich, but she wasn't arrogant.

Fu Yan liked her, but like most of the students, he liked her for her personality. He did not have personal feelings for her because she was the goddess of many boys' hearts.

Anyway, after sitting there for an hour and still unable to focus on his reading, he stood up and prepared to change his seat. He did not want to lose his focus because of a factor he was not going to add to his life.

After he changed his seat, he failed to notice the mixed emotions that crossed over the face of the beauty. It was not clear whether it was anger, loss, or something else.

Time passed and it was the closing time for the library. As Fu Yan was about to get up, he felt that his legs were a little numb and he had difficulty standing up. He had no choice but to wait and move his legs little by little to get the feeling in them back.

After 5 minutes, he felt that his legs were a little better.

He got up and went for the door, but as he was about to reach the door, he felt as if something entered his body. It was like he was hit by a shockwave, but just a second later his body started to get hot. He felt like his head was going to split. He tried to focus, but it was to no avail. In a moment, his body swayed, and he was falling towards the glass door of the library.

Suddenly there was a loud noise of glass being broken, and Fu Yan was lying there covered in blood.

He tried to open his eyes, but he could only see the blurry image of a figure similar to the school goddess rushing towards him, and he thought: "Well, this is a beautiful dream."

Just 5 minutes later the loud siren of an ambulance echoed through the university.

Many students gathered to know what happened. A student who had just arrived asked his friend about what happened and his friend replied.

"That Bookworm Fu Yan got injured in the library. He stumbled and knocked into the glass door of the library, and he is now covered in blood. Well, he is lucky though, since Goddess Ye gave him first aid and is now going to the hospital with him."

While the students were talking, medical personnel moved Fu Yan to a stretcher and placed him in the ambulance. With that, the ambulance darted towards the hospital at the fastest speed because blood was coming out from Fu Yan's nose and ears. They feared that he might have received brain damage.




Fu Yan woke up, but he felt like he was still dreaming because he could see a beautiful fairy sitting beside him. He still could not see clearly, maybe because he was unconscious for 3 whole days and he had eaten nothing but breakfast that day.

When the person sitting beside him saw that he was awake, she left to call the doctor.

After some time the doctor came and told him he was fine but for some injuries on his scalp and some minor cuts on his arms and body due to having knocked into the glass door, they will take time to heal.

Fu Yan stayed in the hospital for 2 more days, but he did not see that person again. According to the doctor, that person came to see him every day in the mornings and evenings while he was unconscious and stayed for one to two hours each time. But the doctor did not know her name. According to him, she paid his medical bills.

After being discharged from the hospital, the first thing Fu Yan did was to inquire about the person who helped. After some digging, he came to know that she was the Goddess Ming Ye.

She gave him first aid when he was injured and stopped his bleeding. Because of that, he did not lose much blood.

He tried to find her, but could not because she went home for a 1-week vacation beginning a day before he was discharged.

He went back to his dorm room and his roommates were also gone.

He wanted to rest since he could still feel pain in his head but according to doctors there was nothing wrong with him, and he just needed to rest and he would be fine after resting a day or two.

When he was preparing to sleep, something went snap inside his head, and he felt like his right hand was burning.

He held his head with both of his hands and tried to bear the pain. After some time, the pain went away as if it had never existed.

He started to wonder if he might have received brain damage since the pain had been almost unbearable.

"I should visit the doctor again, to go through a complete checkup tomorrow."

While he was thinking about all this, he suddenly noticed a strange tattoo on his right hand.

The tattoo was similar to a book and it gave off a feeling like he could open the book.

But the most important question for now was, where did this tattoo come from?

After considering all sorts of possibilities, he decided to inspect the tattoo and when he touched it with his left hand, the book cover glowed and something started to appear on it.

The words on the book cover were:

Galactic Library

Fu Yan was surprised as heck.

"What the hell is this? Is this some sort of magic? Is someone playing tricks with me?" Seeing that he was in his room and no one else was around, Fu Yan started to feel that it was real.

So with some curiosity, he swiped on the book, and with that, the book opened and something similar to a hologram appeared in front of him and showed an enlarged version of the book.

~On the first page of the book these words appeared~

Name: Fu Yan

Age: 18

Status: Trainee Librarian (Low)

Permission: 2 books per month

Level: 1

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Credits: 0

Books: 2 (remaining)

Library Visits: 3 (remaining)

He swiped again and the 2nd page opened.

~On the 2nd page the instructions were written~


> This is the librarian index of the Galactic Library. You will be responsible for library management and book collection.

> As a librarian you will have the privilege to read 2 books from the library free of cost and you will receive 4 credits each month for your service.

> Credits will be useful to redeem more books from the library or to access library knowledge to solve a problem.

> You can also earn credits if you contribute to the library by placing any kind of advanced technology in it.

> You can visit the library 3 times a month at your current level.

> A guide will be provided to you to make your training process faster.


As he finished reading the instructions, Fu Yan appeared in a massive hall where there were rows and rows of racks with uncountable numbers of books in it.

A white light glowed in front of Fu Yan and a person appeared in it.

It was an old man whose eyes were filled with wisdom.

"So you must be the new trainee," the old man said with a deep voice.

"Yes! I... Am." Fu Yan answered with long a pause between his words.

"But I don't know what this is and why I am here. I know I am a trainee because of what was written in the book, but I don't know anything else."

When he spoke these words, the old man smiled and started to explain to Fu Yan about his situation.

"This is the Galactic Library. Knowledge from all corners of the universe is placed here, and many races come here to read. However, it's not free: you must exchange equivalent knowledge to the library to read here."

Fu Yan became an appointed librarian here. His job would be to maintain this library and protect it since the library is not autonomous and it needs helping hands. Further, since the library holds a massive amount of knowledge, many would try to attack it to obtain its contents for free. Fu Yan would use the library's defensive system to protect it.

But since Fu Yan is a trainee, he wouldn't be able to roam freely or see other creatures in the library until he becomes a contracted employee.

When Fu Yan heard this, he was elated beyond control.

What he enjoyed the most is to read books and now he had unlimited books to read.

When he asked the old man, "How can I improve my status and how will my level be updated?", the old man explained it to Fu Yan.

"Since this library is based on knowledge, you have to provide advanced knowledge to this library to improve your level.

For every 2 levels, your status in this library will be increased.

By increasing your status, not only you will have more privileges but you will also be able to access more advanced books."

"You mean I can't access all books in the library now?" Fu Yan asked.

"No. You can only access books up to the beginner-intermediate level of knowledge for now."

Fu Yan was confused.

"If there are all kinds of knowledge in the library, then what knowledge can I provide? The library will have all sorts of theories and equations about the universe, and I don't even know a thing about the universe, much less its principles."

The Old Man again smiled and spoke:

"No. You don't need to know advanced theories to contribute to the library. You can use the existing knowledge in the library and improve it. It will be counted as contributing to the library.

You can pick a book about something and innovate on it. After you have completed your work, you may submit it to the library and you would be rewarded with credits."

Fu Yan again asked with a low spirit, "I am an ordinary boy who can't even get high marks in my classes, much less innovate something. I forget things easily so how would I be able to understand and learn new theories?"

But the answer from the old man made him excited, and he was ready to become an expert which the world would know as a genius.

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