Galactic Almighty Evolution
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Galactic Almighty Evolution

Holy Light of Galaxy

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An unambitious Mechanized Infantry, Qin Hao has gained power of Insectoids after accidentally killing an Insectoid Princeling, and thus begins his rise to the top. Superior officer: Qin Hao, why do you fight? Qin Hao: To survive, sir! Enemies: B*llshit, the one’s being killed is us, okay? Qin Hao: I want to earn more money then! The Rich: Please, have some dignity, a dealer of war like you has no money? Qin Hao: Uh, for glory then? President: You’ve already taken all of the medals available to the Federation, how about I give you my seat instead? Qin Hao: Then, can I just fight for love? Everyone: Bloody hell, how many maiden’s hearts do you want to break?

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This Novel will not get pick like it's cousins. I wish I was rich or go to isekai. damn don't read this line ok? Just give a like in my review or Goku die.


One chapter in and looks good so far we dollow our mc as he fights giant insects which I probably skipped over their description because as I look back i Imagine them as slugs anyway he killed the prince slug insect by sacrificing his hand Kind of like the anime parasyte I will recisit this review seems good so far


sorry if my English is bad I am reading this raw chapters, althought I am not finishing it yet... but the novel had completed with 2300++ chapters. You could read mtl. just search "Interstellar Almighty Evolution" i Will give you the spoiler after graduated from high school, MC want to join the military academy with his childhood girlfriend. the MC was cheated by his friend because his friend want to get MC childhood girlfriend, drugging the MC in the day of Military school Exam. motivated by his childhood friend, he joined Military as ordinary soldier, hoping to raise his rank from the bottom, so when his childhood friend graduated from Military school, they could meet each other. but then he waa sent to war again Zerg / bugs in alpha planet, and then did a suicidal attack against one of Royal Zerg / Bug Prince. but he got blessing in disguise, he lost his arm, but then he got the Zerg ability he killed. his ability grew when he ate Zerg. if you said "the MC is the only superhunan alone in the world, that's not true... in the 100+ chapter, he will join a secret organization called ''Twilight", and he was level-F superhuman. he was recruited by level-C superhuman. The war is not only again Zerg / bugs, but monsters and evil superhuman organization too. also this novel had so many tags : Harem seeking protagonists, military, school life, In the first 100+ chapter the MC : 1. war against bug 2. go to earth and join military academy 3. going to field trip, but accidently would be fighting against assasination mercrnaries 4. join secret organization for protection against one of the great family in earth the reason of war against bug / Zerg could you find later at chapter 148 (if I am not wrong)


It is impossible to judge this novel after 20 chapters, but I will try. The battle szenes are mostly well done and quite interesting. There has not been a single repeated battle so far, but that is not hard less than 20 chapters in. Trauma and tragedy is held to a minimum, MCs units get wiped out twice, but it does not seem to matter too much to him. Don't expect a weak MC or a lot of character growth, the MC is already the typical hero, uncaring of death in combat and ridiculous competent for a recent high school graduate. The most irritating thing so far is that even in desperate combat situations the author needs to include a female awed by the MC prowess or a commander who is deaply impressed. The unit structure of the military is honestly pretty bad and the MC gets promoted from a cook to a troop leader because he survived a suicide mission and has shown superhuman prowess. Which is not really a sing of leadership qualities, but if more than 50% of the other units are dead it is possible that they had already lost everyone in the command structure. MC halo is going strong, but that is not a flaw as long as some interesting characters are introduced. So far the plot can keep the story interesting. It is an acceptable read if you have nothing better to read.


MC keeps Goku'ing.. Goes from attacking at 100% to 110% then 120%, 150%, 200%.. Until the enemy dies or he gets rescued..


Ok i read the raw version and no system so. Lets vote this one. the plot is really good and i want the correct grammars to read this one....


So far this story just seems to be about the battlefield, and the MC having fight after fight after fight. The MC should have been a top graduate at his high school, and have gotten into a prestigious military academy, but some unnamed guy from his high school ended up slipping him a sleeping drug, so he slept through his exam. So instead he went to the battlefield to work his way up there. Initially he is rather unsuccessful and wants to retire, but after a fight where he explodes himself and an enemy with a grenade he mutates and become stronger. The MC seems great, and the girls in the story are well written so far. But the superior officers and some of the other members of the military seem rather bland and uncaring, but that might just be how military is, I wouldn't know.


petition to bring back the world of deities.........................................................................................................................


the first 20 are good [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


everything begins quite intriguingly, but the plot begins to develop for the worse, political themes appear and this is disgusting, incomprehensible intrigues appear, and all the desire to read this book disappears.


Up to chapter 40 this is pretty ok, much better than many that get chosen. Be aware this novel seems to be fairly closely based on/inspired by/ stolen from Starship Troopers and Edge of Tomorrow. Used a lot of the individual plot points from the Movies(not the books they were based on) to make their own story. It kinda reminds me of the B movie knock-offs where they find out about a upcoming movie title, hear a rough plot outline and write their own cheap version and film/release it before the Hollywood version is done editing...(like Atlantic Rim- a cheap knock off of Pacific Rim) But it's a little bit better than that. I would like to read more


The book’s actually pretty good. So go give it a try Filler cehheoookbcbkkbeckfeeffefeggeegegyrrygnrnryrngnrgnegneggrnrgngnrrgnrgrgnnrgrhnrhrnh


Kiseijuu/Parasyte: The Evolution. 140wordsuck140wordsuck140wordsuck140wordsuck140wordsuck140wordsuck140wordsuck140wordsuck140wordsuck140wordsuck


The novel seems great in my view. The jungle environment with the fight against aliens greatly reminds me of the tempest of the battlefield. The main character has a gradual strength increase, not immediately overpowered to the extent that he seems unstoppable, but enough to survive. The side characters come off as somewhat flat, but not like most of the new novels that are being released, we see some thoughts and analysis about the situation and the mc from them, but they come off as flat because like many other novels, once they've served their significance to the scene, they seem to just disappear from the story. But in my view, it's still much better than the new cultivation novels where the world just follows the mc and screams impossible when he takes a couple of steps. It seems a bit early to judge the complete story as several authors end up building what seems to be a bad quality at the start, only to turn it into something amazing once you really get into it, so I'll give this a five, but only because I liked the plot.


Good sci-fi novel that worth to read until 500~ chapter. Except zergs we will see cultivators, vampires, knights, aliens etc. Political struggle and how MC act really make this novel boring. He just not hot blooded and not decisive enough. Around chapter 500 plot become a bit too boring and similar to sci-fi games. Also, cultivators make it even more absurd. If we remove them nothing really will be changed except less water text. Some people say that it's a copy of Edge of Tomorrow, no. I'm not sure why even they think so. Just because MC merged with a bug? ridiculous. Except merge part that slightly similar ecerything else very different. Too bad galactic almightly evolution far below starship troopers. If you love war against zergs, you better to re-watch movie or anime.


(σ≧▽≦)σ Great story with solid writing and info for the readers. Very few grammar errors. Some characters could do with a backstory to flush them out a little bit more. But like all great things it'll get better along the way. ≧∇≦


Its basically a copy cat of the movie Edge of tommorow. Im at chapter 17 and all i can say is I freaking hate the the new characters that came up.....made it super generic.


très amusant à lire, le monde me fait penser aux films starship trooper. l' ambiance militaire est génial et crédible, j'ai hâte de lire la suite.


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