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Gacha System


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Jin Feng, a casual gamer, met with an accident that took his life after forgetting to plug out his gaming device and left it turned on for the entire night. Transmigrated into a world where magic was abundant, he receives a power like no other. A Gachapon system within his head that mandates his every move... With the "help" of the system, he ventures forth within the new world to become a renowned person in this second life of his. --- A young boy granted with a second chance in life- Transmigrated into a world were creatures of all sorts roam free. The strong and mighty owns the vast lands while the weak crawl and eat from their scraps. A power to make him better and stronger than anyone else, to forge a utopian haven he could call his own. What better way to live a new life than playing it like a game and owning it a like a pro? --- https://www.patreon.com/javasprings

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