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Gacha Girls Alternative


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Without any reason, Klein Vernil wakes up in an alternate version of Earth. He wakes up as a person with the same name as him, and is uncannily similar to his personality. He thought it will be game over, seeing that he is now alone on this world without family. He only have his home with him. Then, surprisingly, he have a package along with him. The ability to use the Gacha functions of every game that he have played in his previous world. It seems like, he is not just the one who have powers in this world. There are people behind the darkness who are aware of the supernatural and are actively hiding it to the society. He only wanted to live his life happily. His Gacha Games will turn it possible. Can he really do that when some other functions and secret societies are trying to disturb his life? (Bear with me, as I am a bad writer. I will try to do my best but I won't promise high quality writing because I am not that good. English is my second language. This story will start at a very slow pace. It will also introduce any of my preference on a story, so most people might not like it. I hope you still have fun and leave with satisfaction after reading this.)