1 Awakening

in a small dark cave where the light barely manages to come through the cracks in between the rocks that were laid out in a spiraling helical formation. if someone were to look closely enough it seems to trickle out from 18 different dots that were peculiarly placed in spots on said formation. if someone had stopped looking at a single spot and looked at it as a whole it would seem as if the lights were spiralling making the formation seem like a black hole.

under the spiraling light spots laid a man. he has quite the ordinary appearance. he has light brown hair that stops right above the shoulders. his clothes are in complete tatters and would seem like he hasn't taken care of himself in years.

"kid are you gonna wake up on your own or am I gonna have to smack you awake myself?" suddenly shouted a dark robed figure in the corner.

"Haha this is why I've always hated you demon-kin you have no manners, look at you you can't even let the boy wake up and take in his surroundings before you start yelling." replied a white robed figure in the opposing corner.

"hehehe at least I don't pretend to be a graceful fairy when in reality I'm just a slutty vixen used as a tool for the king." the dark robed figure in the corner muttered under his breath.

"you take that back now or when this mission is over I'll do everything I can in order to find out which faction you have from and have the king torture that useless tongue of yours!" shouted the white robed figure. as she started to get worked up you could see the front of her robes slightly undulating as she breathed out ferociously.

"hehehe no wonder the king keeps you around I like what I see already." said the black robed man as he refixed his attention on the boy in the center of the cave.

"You--!" as the lady started to yell again a slightly meek voice came out from the center of the cave.

"um excuse me?

"what do you want?" the lady snapped back with a tone of disdain before she quickly realized who she was talking to.

"hahaha this stupid girls first words to the mission target were so unfriendly. hahaha if you are this easy to piss off this mission is basically in the bag for us." the dark robed figure started heaving up and down cackling with laughter that reverberated through the space.

"hmph thats just cause you're an annoying sack of shit that has nothing but disgusting things to say. Anyways I'm sorry about the way I came off earlier I'm sure you have many questions and we're here to answer them. though we may not be able to answer all of your questions. anyways what is your first question?" the lady in white robes asked in a more polite tone this time.

"ok the first question would be why are your faces blurred?" the kid asked in a slightly hesitant manner.

"that is a great first question and I shall answer this. it is so that we can not identify who the other mission enemy is within this cave. it is still to early for us to tell you our mission so don't ask. but our mission enemy is each other as in me and that white robed hussie over there. ;)" though the black robed man's face was blurred you could tell that he let out a sly smile.

"ok second qustion, I've obviously died so is this the place where I suffer retribution for my wrongs?"

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