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Futuristic Mage Environment


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Set in a futuristic cyber environment, powerful mages who can do unimaginable things reside... The protagonist's life led to one meaning, then none, but now anew. Kom Poral lived his first life a waste. But then, regressed into Earth, he lives a cripple... He lived his life immobile, until an unexpected event occurred, triggering his transmutation into the Futuristic... Mage... Environment. - Me? I used to be an average joe, a middle-class cultivator. I wasn't treated like dirt, but I wasn't treated like a trophy either. Just mediocre. I was treated as such. No one tossed me about like dirt, but they sure as hell didn't respect me, I was always a chain to the higher command. Suddenly, while on a mission, I encountered a powerful beast! I died... Wandering around in an unending vacuum, I'm abruptly reincarnated as a cripple. in the 21st century of Earth. Me? A person once capable of fighting with beasts was now a cripple!? I lived life being highly dependent. I detested it! But, out of nowhere, on my 16th birthday, I was handed a cure. A surgery that would enable me to walk again! I joyfully rolled out to the white van, got in, and began on my ride to freedom. But I guess I had mediocre luck as well. I died on the car ride there. Unfortunate! Little did I know, In the next few seconds, I would be transmitted to another world as a mage. 'I can move!' 'Wait... Why is this place look so futuristic?' Follow my tales across and around the Futuristic Mage Environment. The universe has battles to be fought and adversity to be faced. --------------------------------------------------- This Cover art is not mine. If you wish for me to take it down, comment on my recent chapter. Disclaimer: This is my first novel, well, the first I really put work into, please if you see any mistakes feel free to comment on them or join my discord. If you don't tell me my mistakes, how can I improve? : ) Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/MfNTBKeh