"New host detected, Police badge bonded.

A voice emerged in Han Bin's head, Looking at the police badge, which was accidentally found two days prior. It was narrower than the usual polidge badge and looked more futuristic.

"What's this voice in my head?" Han Bin was perplexed.

"Future badge developed in 2170 is a new type of police auxiliary equipment, which can instill knowledge through brainwaves to quickly learn skills." A mechanical voice sounded in the brain.

"2170! Isn't it 150 years later, how can it return to past?" Han Bin wondered.

"During an experimental accident badge passed through across parallel space." The badge reminded.

Han Bin felt incredible, but the voice and the badge on him were real.

"Police officer 577533 got a introduction package". Police badge gave a prompt.

Skills: Footprint identification.

Grade: Advanced.

Role: According to the footprints, Socks, Shoes, on the scene, can find the traces and identify features of the suspect.


There was a buzz in the head, and a vast knowledge and data came into the head, like a tide.

Han Bin felt like a lot of time has passed as huge amount of knowledge on footprint identification was stored in his mind.

Han Bin opened his eyes in a daze, to see only a moment has passed, and he was still in the office of the Criminal Investigation Team.

Han Bin has learned about footprint identification, which is very complex criminal investigation skill, which can only be mastered with a lot of observation, data and years of experience.

"Very few experts can master this skill".

A man in his thirties walked into the office with a bag and saw Han Bin sitting there in a daze:

"Xiao Han, are you used to your new teams?"

Han Bin turned around and looked at Zeng Ping, the team leader of the Criminal Investigation Team 3 of Group 2, and nodded his head.

"After wards our team will be busy," Zeng Ping said.

"I'm ready."

Previously, Han Bin was a policeman at the police station, and has just transferred to the criminal investigation team.

"When the police were young, they had to work as a criminal investigation policeman. Although the work is hard, they have many opprtunities to make progress, and the road for development is wide." Zeng Ping came over and said.

"Yes, we follow the Zeng team to learn.' Han Bin said.

Zeng Ping also served as the deputy captain of the criminal investigation Team.

"Dá dá dá….." footsteps sounded.

A policewoman in her twenties walked over quickly. "Chief Zeng, a theft happened at Qingdao Brewery!"

The policewoman's short hair, and beautiful looks, tall stature, and capable manner. She is Tian Li of the second squad.

"Any one injured?"


"How much property was lost?"

"Conservative estimate of 1 million."

"Inform Li Hui to come to the scene." Zeng Ping said.



The Qindao beer is the most well-known beer brand, in Qindao city. As it has constructed many breweries in the city, becoming one of the pillars of the industry.

After an half hour the team rushes to suburb's brewery.

This is a branch factory, the scale is not too big, at this time, the premises has been cordoned off, by the comrades of police station who has been keeping it under order.

After greeting the officers, Zeng ping had them enter the factory.

"This beer taste makes on be infatuated." Liu Hui said taking a sniff.

"If Chief Zheng see's your greedy appearance now, he will be brokenhearted certainly. Han Bin said with a smile.

Zheng Kaixuan is the 3rd Criminal Investigation Corps Chief.

"There's no issue with drinking beer, as long as you can solve case." Zeng Ping said.

Han Bin and Liu Hui reveal mirth in their eyes and did not spoke.

Zeng Ping arrives at the side of a 40 year old man, with a square face, and greeted: „Director Liu."

„Chief Zeng you came." Liu said with a smile.

„What's the situation?" Zeng Ping asked.

„At 5:00 am, the police station received a call from security guard. He said there's been a burglary, we sent the people, and discovered that the gates of the financial room and other doors leading to it were destroyed. The safe cabinet was pried open, and huge amount of money was stolen." Liu said.

„Are there any eyewitness?"


„Was Zhou Jianguo on duty last night?" Han Bin asked.

„Yes, but he has not discovered anything significant." Liu said.

„Tian Li, you examine monitors in the factory; Liu Hui, you visit the staff, have a look at other clues; Han Bin you come to financial room with me." Zang ping yold.



The office building has glass doors, which are fragile and easy to destroy, as long as the glass broke, one can enter the door, the technical team are taking photographs and searching for evidence.

„Has any fingerprint's been found?" Han Bin asked.

The technician shook his head: „No Fingerprints were found, possibly used gloves to hide them.

Han Bin nods, and wore the overshoe, while checking on the finance room.

The gate of the financial room was pried open. The room is not big measuring only to 10 square meters, in the corner was a safe lock, and its door was wide open, inside lay some documents and a crowbar.

Han Bin wore the glove, took up the crow bar to observe: „Crow bar is very common, cannot find any clues from it that leads to suspect.

Zeng Ping shakes his head: "on this work site there are many such crow bars."

Zeng Ping squatted over to take a look at the edge of the safe cabinet: "This safe has many pry marks, it should have taken the suspect a lot of time to pry open it.

„This Zhou Jianguo unexpectedly hasn't heard any sound?" Han Bin said.

„Let's go meet him." Zeng Ping said.


Security office guard room.

Zeng Ping and Han Bin went to the guard room and stood outside to observe it.

The guard room is not big, aside from bed, a cabinet, a table; a 60 year old man sits in the head of the bed.

Seeing the two people enter the room, Zhou Jianguo rushes out and greeted: „police officers."

Zeng Ping slightly nodded, and entered the room and stepped on some peanut shells, which made creaking noises.

„Excuse me, I didn't have the time to clean up." Zhou Jianguo said.

Zeng ping's nose wrinkled smelling the wine: „The peanut and liquor's taste are full of room."

Han Bin searches around the room, and found out a half bottle of white liquor.

„Looks like you drank quite a lot last night." Han Bin shook the beverage bottle.

„Not much, not much," Zhou Jianguo laughed dryly.

„Old Zhou is this wine you drink from brewery." Zeng Ping asked.

„When I was young liked to drink the beer, and now have become old, can't drink much." Zhang Jianguo said.

„Haven't you heard any sound last night?" Zeng Ping said.

„No, when I woke up in the morning,I saw that the gate of the office building was broken." Zhou Jianguo.

„How many have you benn working here."

„7 – 8 years.

„Has there been any accident before?"


„If you remember any clue, contact us."Han Bin said.


After getting no useful clue they both left the room.

„Chief Zeng, you think the gate guard is suspicious?" Han Bin said. The guard is about hundred meters away from building, Zhou Jianguo is old, has drunk liquor will definitely mess things up." Zeng Ping continued saying.

„Naturally this only speculation, cannot remove him from suspects.

„This Zhou Jianguo is too irresponsible." Han Bin shakes his head.

„In his old age, he makes 2000 a month, guarding the front door is the most he could do, you even want him to catch a thief?" Zeng Ping said.

Tian Li walked over, said: „Chief Zeng, in the factory there are five cameras monitoring, factory gate, parking lot and workshop, from these three we haven't found any suspect entering. Front door and financial room camera's were both destroyed.

„Are there any other signs of robberies in any other buildings?" Zeng Ping asked.


„This suspect knows the position of camera's, moreover he even knew of the financial room, should be someone familiar, may be a internal person of factory?" Han Bin guessed.

„Chief Zeng, we discovered some footprints." Liu Hui stands near the fence and shouts.

The group arrived around the fence, there is a stretch of open area, open wide with some weed and plants.

In the muddy land, one can clearly see group of footprints, heading from the lower part of wall.

"Liu Hui, you think that this group of footprints, belongs to the suspect?" Tian Li asked.

Li Hui shrugs his arm: „I will not come from here in any case."

Tian Li rolled her eyes.

„The monitoring has not found any suspects; the suspect should have come through here." Han Bin said.

„Han bin sees this group of footprints, the knowledge about footprint identification, appears immediately in his mind, like a skilled chef who knew what to cook from seeing ingredients....

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