Futa farm.
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Futa farm.


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What is Futa farm.

Futa farm. is a popular web novel written by the author TriangulatedCake, covering FUTANARI, SEX AND ABOVE 18, SYSTEM, HARÉM, REINCARNATION, COW GIRL, HUMAN CATTLE, ANDROGYNOUS MC, FARMER, CULTIVATION, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 695.4K readers with an average rating of 4.62/5 and 13 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 12 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


77K words of lewd transported to another world type of deal. Follow Jaden who struggles with her morals as she stumbles upon new things and species in a fantasy game world, which is as real to her as ours is to us. Jaden, a litteral perverted freak stumbles upon a game. Plays it until she's in it. How'd it happen, iunno? Skip the first two chaps if they are boring, not needed to enjoy the story. So.. Now what? Am I supposed to be a farmer, milk cows all day and tend to my crops. I'd be lucky if it had been that easy.

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What happened to the chapters??????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


It's a great book even if it's just starting out, but I just wish there were more chapters and updates. I will be sure to give this story more of my votes in the near future


The story Is really interesting It stats off with a girl that is horny and didn’t know how to satiate her her hunger for master bating so she‘s always fingering to the point where she misses school and other things in life .After going to the bathroom because had to finger herself she is transported to game like world that she had been playing. This game like World is where she first thought that needed to start farming but it then turned into more than just that ..................I say the story over all is a little frustrating at times but it is enjoyable and I’m to keep reading the story .


First Of All. This Novel Is Great. I Know Most Of The People that read This Novel Because Of The Smut Scene But Damn. Really im Interest More in The plot I Want to see the MC Explore The Entire Forest and maybe Go To Some Sort Of kingdom Or Something So Yeah Great Novel HopeFully The Author Keep updating Constantly


A very enjoyable story with plenty of background and color to add to its wonderful sexual nature. A likeable main character and a sweet supporting cast. The overall story and plot are refreshing and make for smooth reading. Other than a couple spelling or grammar issues that could be solved with grammarly or the like, it is solid to read. I can't say that about a lot of the stories I read, so it greatly bumps the experience. I am greatly enjoying this work and hope to follow it and see it grow. Seems like a wonderful long haul story that could likely deliver 300 or so chapters. Overall, I can completely recommend. Oh, and the *** is wonderfully explicit and drawn out.


The starting can be a little misleading on what type of novel it is but after the first few chapters it will get a better idea of the world and how the story develops, having a few r-18 chaps in the middle of yhe story makes it perfect to read when you want both some story and fap material


Great read. With detailed lewds. Unfortunately the updates are kinda slow for my liking though the story more than makes up for it. Try it, you won't regret it.


Very well done, i wish that more people liked this kinda stuff, it would be cool if something like this could make top 10.


At first, I thought this novel was lame sauce and way too wordy. Then it got better and better increasing in diversity and following in a logical way. Not jumping from idea to idea with no logical or witnessable transition. The grammar isn't bad even if they use online slang, it's a great story that's plenty lewd.


A quite interesting novel, the way the story is told and the way the world develops is fantastic, although I expected more +18 moments, the story deluded me and I couldn't stop reading.


I'm enjoying it so far. It's a good read with detail lewds. Give it a go, won't be disappointed. At least I wasn't. Gets better the further you read.


After several chapters, I think I should update my review * Cough * The story continues on the right track, at times events happen too fast but that does not prevent you from enjoying the slow chapters. As for the R scenes, they are well written and the author lets his imagination fly with what the protagonist can do or can do to her (yes, she is f * cked by a beast) As for the updates they are somewhat inconsistent but when the author tries hard, you have many chapters insured With all that said, author, keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to more.


So as of now I’ve gotten to the first H scene chapter, this is really enjoyable and I am very lucky to have it randomly recommended. As of now if it continues like this I’ll keep on giving my power stones, though if the author adds a lopunny I’ll just give my power stones to this story.


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