1 A Man, A Dog

Strands of autumn wind swept across the mountains, a man in a white-purple period costume stood on the top of a cliff, looking up at the evening sky, burning the clouds for thousands of miles, as if to burn the entire world.

Bai Zhongran lifted his long hair on his forehead and sighed with his head raised, "Why is this lonely and lonely man here?"

A black dirty stray dog ​​at his feet stared at him roundly, followed by the bark of the dog: "Wang Wang!"

The air seemed to condense at this moment, Bai Zhongran touched his nose awkwardly, yes, there was a dog and ... it.

Looking down the cliff, a beautiful valley spans ten miles.

There is a small river in the valley, meandering from east to west. There is a small town along the river bank, a small town full of ancient Chinese architecture!

Had it not been for the [full-time mentor system] that appeared in his mind with his thoughts, the scene in front of him must have been mistaken for the Tang and Song Dynasties.

As a hard-blooded teacher who loves the flowers of the motherland and loves online games more, Bai Zhongran never expected that God would drive if he didn't agree. He was sent directly from the earth to the strange and strange world.

But isn't it? Just look at the derogatory beaked bird in the sky. This is a weird world.

"How does it maintain balance?" Bai Zhongran wondered.

I stepped on my feet, and looked at the dirt under my feet and the shoes that were stuck with mud.

The system lurking in your head suddenly reminded: "Convertible image pills. There is no trace of dirt in the whole body within 24 hours after use. It is a good helper for you to maintain a good appearance."

"What kind of appearance is calm?" Bai Zhongran raised his eyebrows dissatisfied, and murmured in his heart, "Even if it is true, you can't say it directly."

As early as in school, he was a well-known school grass teacher! After coming to this world, it has gone up two grades.

Although there is no mirror, he can feel like a handsome blind man!

No, the boy who suddenly ran out of the jungle behind him looked at him, the pain and discomfort in his heart were instantly forgotten, and looked at Bai Zhongran directly. I sighed in my heart, "Oh my God! Why this man looks so good."

He couldn't help but glanced at Bai Zhongran in elegant white clothes, he lowered his head involuntarily.

He lowered his head, but Bai Zhongran looked brighter! It's really nowhere to go without breaking the iron shoes.

The system prompts: "The attribute of the boy in front is judged to be-genius! If he is an apprentice, he will receive a novice gift package."

This is Bai Zhongran's full-time mentor system. His goal is to teach countless geniuses and demon evil skills and exercises, of course, provided that these geniuses and demon evils must be his apprentices. Once the apprentices rebellious power will be lost. And the more apprentices, the stronger the stronger he will become stronger.

The black dog seemed to feel the embarrassment of the scene, and the dog barked twice.

Although Han Rui didn't know why, he intuitively told him that the man in front of him looked more imposing than the mayor! Turn around and drive away ...

How can such a thing be accepted by Bai Zhongran! Taking a step forward, he stretched out his hand and shouted, "Little friend! Don't worry."

Unexpectedly, he stepped into the mud pit and fell into the knee position. The original mysterious image was immediately subverted.

Maybe it's not terrible to see the ridiculous appearance that he would step into the mud pit. Han Rui stopped and looked at him curiously.

But Bai Zhongran was embarrassed. How can this image be accepted? !!

Calling the system in my mind: "System! Hurry up, I want to exchange such an image pill."

System: "5 mentor points are required."

Bai Zhongran: "Hurry up and change!"

System: "Confirm the exchange, the exchange has been deducted, the remaining instructor points of the host: 5."

Bai Zhongran couldn't care less about the inner dissatisfaction of consuming the guide. Under Han Rui's astonished eyes, he stepped out of the mud step by step, but there was no muddy water on his body or even his feet!

Looking at the shocked little boy, Bai Zhongran knew that the time had come and was still calm and said, "Little friend, you and I have a fate today, and I happen to see your bones surprised. This thing is for you."

His original empty palm suddenly produced a thin booklet with the words [Up Pick] on it!

Although it seems simple, it is the most basic skill of the ghost swordsman and very practical.

Han Rui was a little panicked, but thinking about the chances of the lucky people in the past, he was still calm. Is he the kind of strong man who does not keep his name well? If you become a strong one ...

Thinking of this, Han Rui couldn't help feeling sad. He was originally considered to be a rich man. But helpless, the sudden change in the family was originally scarce, and only him was left.

To make matters worse, there is chaos at the junction of these three groups. A teenager like him has always been the object of insult and plunder. The family inheritance industry has been ransacked and robbed, leaving only a humble home and two months of surplus food, which will last up to a week.

Watching with satisfaction Han Rui took the picking skill book, Bai Zhongran continued to walk proudly towards the cliff, raised his head slightly at a 25-degree angle, as if to capture the entire world in his eyes.

He didn't say a word, he was a master? How can I please my apprentice! As long as it is not an idiot, he will ask himself.

Han Rui exclaimed, "Look at his great momentum."

Hesitating for a little while, finally got up the courage to ask, "That, Your Excellency. What's your name, please?"

He turned a deaf ear to Han Rui's doubts, gazing at the world under the cliff alone, and glanced at the small town that was cooking.

Just as Han Rui was about to give up, she said leisurely: "One day, one day, if you learn this skill, you will come here. If not, you and I will stop."

Han Rui also wanted to say something, and he told him that there was a big opportunity right now! However, he did not dare to disobey Bai Zhongran. Respectfully, he did not leave immediately.

It takes at least two and a half hours to return to Linggu Town from here. Once and a half time, he has no time to waste!

Find a place in the mountain near Bai Zhongran and start practicing.

On the edge of the cliff, Bai Zhongran stepped back in silence. He certainly wouldn't say that he was afraid to accidentally fall off the Baizhang cliff.

Open the system page that only he can see.

Task 1: Receive Han Rui as an Apprentice-Reward: Novice Gift Pack

Task 2: Beginners, teach an apprentice any skills-Reward: Elementary Raffle

Looking at the reward in front of him, Bai Zhongran resisted to catch up and immediately accepted Han Rui's urge. Masters must be reserved! Not too enthusiastic.

Can Han Rui learn to pick? He was not worried at all. Skill books are different from ordinary books ...

If Han Rui not far away was shocked, he just opened the skill book in the first page and disappeared! In panic, the three-dimensional ancient books that came to mind calmed his anxiety.

"Suddenly imprinted in my heart! The efficiency of this study is at least several times higher!" Han Rui's admiration for Bai Zhongran was a little higher, and he concentrated on practicing with a wooden stick.


Not only are skill books different from ordinary books, but more importantly, Han Rui's talent is amazing!

Bai Zhongran opens the information record to view the Han Rui property page.

Name: Han Rui

Attributes: talent 89; pedigree 50; luck 60

The talent is full of 100 points, the talent or pedigree can reach 60 points to pass, 70 points are elite, 80 points are geniuses! After 90 minutes, it is a genius! And more than 95 are excellent geniuses!

Compared with the other two, air transport has many functions that are equally important.

"Ah." He sighed helplessly, thinking of his attributes there was a slight sadness. Only the last point can give him a little comfort.

Name: Bai Zhongran

Attributes: Talent 1; Bloodline 1; Luck 100

There is only a little talent and descent! !! It's no wonder that the Earthman couldn't cultivate to a certain level, he had to be grateful that he had this luck.

As long as they receive good apprentices, the more powerful they are, the more they will grow naturally.


Bai Zhongran glanced at the black dog at his feet, too lazy to care about it but curiosity led him to look at its properties.

Seeing the set of numbers, he suddenly exclaimed: "I'm tired! Dog, I have been offended by Hai Han!"

"Wang ..." The black dog glanced at him in disdain, and lay dormantly on the ground.

According to the agreement, he was here to wait for Han Rui for a day. He didn't rush away because he didn't understand the surrounding landscape.

He said silently, "System, is there a tent or something to eat?"


Two-person luxury tent with 40L outdoor solar bath bag-Price: 1 tutor point

Single Deluxe Package (3 days quantity)-Price: 1 tutor point

After seeing this price, Bai Zhongran immediately repented! He originally thought that the mentor order was not a valuable thing, but he never expected that the value would be so high!

A pill costs 5 o'clock, and it hurts. Fortunately, I stupid a stupid boy, hoping to get back to the book.

Spend 2 mentor points, buy two things, and only 3 mentor points remain. To his surprise, the bath bag was actually hot!

Bai Zhongran said to the black dog lying on the ground in a daze.

After rinsing, the original dirty black dog suddenly became handsome, although it was small and not more than 60cm tall.

The deluxe set took two meals, one for the black dog. The amount of three days suddenly became a day and a half, but Bai Zhongran did not feel half distressed.

Remove the tent from the 30 compartments provided with the system.

It is indeed a two-person luxury tent, and it looks like it looks tall!

The length and width are four meters each and the height is nearly two meters. The overall brass is made of bone, composed of white silk with gold trim, and is equipped with small things such as sleeping bags and pillows.

Spread a circle of insect repellent powder around and drill into the tent to sleep. I can't sleep over and over again, without a computer, so lonely at night without a cell phone.

"Is there something to entertain the system?"

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