760 Would You Get Together With Her?

Late at night, at Platinum Palace.

After Lu Tingxiao sent Ning Xi back to her apartment, he received Mo Lingtian's call the moment he reached home.

You could hear from his voice that he had been drinking a lot. He was even slurring his words and yelling for him to have drinks over at his house. Halfway through, a loud "bam" sound could be heard. It was silent after that; it seemed like he had fallen down.

Lu Tingxiao frowned. He had no choice but to pick up his car keys and drive over to Mo Lingtian's place.

Alas, the moment he reached Mo Lingtian's door, he saw the man sprawled out in the snow at his front door...

If he had not gone over, he would probably have laid there for the entire night.

Lu Tingxiao pinched his forehead and carried the guy.

Just as Mo Lingtian was lifted up, that mouth of his which reeked of alcohol leaned close to Lu Tingxiao's body. "Ziyao...Ziyao..."

Before Mo Lingtian could kiss him, Lu Tingxiao quickly said, "Do you want to die?"

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