1194 Want To Attempt Courting Her

"Ms. Ning Xi has acted in Director Guo's popular ancient costume film, 'The World' with our Xueluo. She was the second female lead, Meng Changge, in the film, and the audience was very fond of her character," the auctioneer briefly introduced Ning Xi.

"The World" had indeed been a hit, yet she still had to be compared to Ning Xueluo as one female lead and one supporting role, making her future seem bleak. Almost no one in the celebrity circle knew this artiste who played the role of a co-lead.

After the auctioneer finished the introduction, Ning Xi stood up and greeted everyone.

When they saw Ning Xi in person, many of them exclaimed and gasped in surprise instead.

"Yo! Since when did we have such an exquisite woman in the circle? She's damned pretty!"

"There are many beautiful female celebrities in the circle, one after another are coming in. Could you possibly catch them all?"

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