1403 I Really Want To Kill My Father

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When he saw who had arrived, in the middle of the hall, the man half-squinted akin to a resting beast that was awoken mid-slumber. He lazily said, "Finally willing to come back?"

Ning Xi brushed her robe and bowed with half a kneel, then she lowered her head to respectfully call out...

One second...

Two seconds...

Three seconds...

Ning Xi's head stayed there unwavering. That word "father" was stuck in her throat, but it went nowhere. She just could not say it.

"Cut!" Finally, Guo Qisheng called out to stop when she noticed something was not right.

"Sorry, I was distracted." Ning Xi pinched the space between her brows.

"It's okay, it's okay. Try it one more time!" Guo Qisheng was slightly shocked. He did not think that the first person to get a bad take would be Ning Xi.

Could Ning Xi have intentionally done a bad take to relieve the pressure for this honorable cameo?


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