762 Along Came A Bear

At the old residence.

"Hmm, the both of you, if I didn't call to rush you guys, you would forget to come home, wouldn't you?"

In the living room, Lu Chongshan had been annoyed when he saw his sons, but when his gaze fell onto the little baby holding onto Lu Tingxiao's hand, his expression instantly turned gentle. "Little Treasure, you're here!"

Yan Ruyi did not pay any attention to her sons at all. She immediately ran to Little Treasure.

"Little Treasure, we haven't seen you for so long! Do you miss Grandmother?"

"What about Grandfather? Do you miss Grandfather?" Lu Chongshan immediately asked too.

Ever since Little Treasure had a high fever the last time, they promised to leave Little Treasure in Lu Tingxiao's hands without intervening. They had not seen the little baby since and they had long missed him terribly.

Little Treasure looked at his grandfather, then at his grandmother and started to write on his writing board: [Miss, miss]

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