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What is Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy

Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy is a popular web novel written by the author invayne, covering YURI, SYSTEM, FEMALE PROTAGONIST, HIDDEN GEM, FEMALE LEAD, VIRTUAL REALITY, ROMANCE, ACTION, OVERPOWERED MC, VRMMO, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 2M readers with an average rating of 4.46/5 and 84 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 251 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


What happens when you combined a hidden genius with a virtual world where anything is possible? What if that world becomes real? Full Dive... A system for Virtual Reality where the person is put into a dream state that allows them to experience a virtual world. Eternal Phantasy a VRMMO produced by Eternal Games was the first of its kind as it made use of the Full Dive system to allow players to immerse themselves in a virtual MMO. Misaki Mitsu, a hidden genius whose scores were always in the top ten of her grade. She could be considered a rare genius if it was not for the fact that she would prefer to play video games all day and night instead of keeping up with her academics. Misaki slept during class and played games all night. But still was able to keep herself in the top ten of her grade. She had waited a long time since preorders were first announced to play Eternal Phantasy. A game where everything is determined by the player. "Mitsu did you start playing Eternal Phantasy yet?" "Yeah, I did." "I haven't started yet and was wondering what race to pick. Which one did you choose?" "Demon Lord." "..." Show your support and buy me a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/invayne https://discord.gg/79yyJSD Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorInvayne Follow on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/invayne/ ****Cover art is not mine**** Just the text is.

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Okay, I am shameless I know! But I wanted to let everyone know my own thoughts on this novel. This is my first time writing this genre so hopefully, I do it right! So any input my readers can give me is always appreciated. Anyway the story for Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy will be an entertaining ride. I hope you all enjoy Misaki's adventures through Eternal Phantasy. Give it a read and let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment or a review. Thanks for reading!


Hi just passing by........... it's my first time seeing a female protagonist vrmmorpg novel so imma give 5 and read later... If anyone knows whether there are still more female prot vrommrpg out there please tell me


Take your time and do it right and you will rival anything in the genre. Great start will be looking forward to more. Characters all feel very different despite the current lack of personal growth and small cast so far. The plot is developing slightly in a light hearted manner . Will be looking forwards to see some internal and external conflict. The villians of the story have yet to be revealed looking forward to them and the world building you will do in the future. Keep up the good work!


Love the story development, the novel is very interesting showing us a lot about the mc and are environment and also brings people up to speed about how things came about . It's has a lot of potential and hope the author can keep up the good work and not spoil or stop this wonderful nov..😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😀😀😀😀😀


Minimal typos, fairly decent read, but it ain't for me due to disagreeance with certain aspects of the story later on. 82 chapters in and there ain't much world building, like it was faintly grazed and never to be seen again till a red moon. Character Development was kinda meh in my books, Story Development seems fairly rushed, especially as the amount you can read in an hour is like 20 some chapters. This story ain't for Lore lovers, I'm saddened to say, as it just seems like.... (I'm going to screw up this quote) "going into an apple store, where the only descriptor is the name apple, and no one tells you the price or anything, so you get arrested as you leave the store becausr of theft", it quite literally felt like that for lore. I know it's a modern-esque, but you don't explain ****, like "oh yeah these guys made it".... Or "it runs off of bull****, lets agree to never talk about it again for over 50 chapters" ..... Haaaa my grievances aside, I can look past all that, but I just can't agree with one little thing. And sadly it's a spoiler so I can't say it.... Haaaa fml


This is clearly a Romance with Virtual Reality(VR) elements and not VR with some romance. It is 2 different things and I was not ready for it but it is not too bad if you can overlook a frustrating and annoying character and a poor and unbalanced VR world. There are some good characters but there is one that just kill the story for me and stops me from continuing. Too annoying and her existence is a nuisance and bring only some negative. Sigh.. I am just at chapter 42 though so the Author might have chance something, I do not know. I love the MC though. Great job on the relationship too with her BF. The author doesn't know much about gaming as it is clearly basic system and with some seriously poor decision-making skills and attributes wise. It is a clearly unbalanced game with many plotholes in it. Not much new in the VR genre which leads me to my next point; A bit boring. Its slow. Slice of life but It is too lacking so It is just boring. Or the pacing is off like in one day she becomes good enough in 4 different martial arts to be able to create her own techniques.So yeah, slowly paced and not any protagonist in view so we don't really know where we go. Thumbs up for the good writting though. It flows well and there is not much mistakes but English is my second language. All in all, it does not merit its high score but it is not too bad if you can overlook some super annoying character and an unbalanced gaming world which unfortunately, I couldn't.


it's a great novel. I really like that Misaki is a genius and at the same time a little stupid at times. continue and thank you for this novel.


It was good for the first 100 chapters in, but afterward it just felt too rushed and out of hand. You had an amazing story going on untill you started spewing actual garabge that completly threw world building, romance, and any good character development into the ground. The story started moving too quick, too soon.


Reveal spoiler


By far one of the greatest novels I have read on this app so far both, the characters are amazingly well thought out throughout the entire story the plots and twist in the actual story itself get more intricate as you get further into the novel overall I would say that this is one of the greatest novels I have read so far I would like Thanks for offer for There amazing work.


Started well but gets boring pretty quickly. The Story is too fast paced and gets out of controll. At first i though the story could be something new with the femal MC and i liked the writing. But it becomes stereotypical and you could switch the MC with a Male without problems. Sorry for the bad english


I think the book is great but it needs work in the romance area it felt like I was being pulled around by rope and I don't like that I've read harems, I've read single love interest, and I've read reverse harems but this isn't any of those. I will say it is good if that is better the character development is ok largely because the romance was holding a lot of stuff back with it's back and forth.


Fun and ejoyable read but i have reached the chapters that makes me wonder if this is yuri/girls love? i am not into this genre and its not tagged as yuri.


Ich muss ehrlich sagen das ich den Hut ziehen vor den drei Geschichten die in eine Geschichte führt. Ah Chun: Aufstieg in den Himmel, Full Dive: Ewige Phantasie und Phantasia: Der Prinzessin Knight sind als Einzel Geschichten schon sau gut doch wenn man den waren Welt Hintergrund sieht man was für eine Arbeit dahinter steckt. Ich hoffe auf weitere Kapital um zu sehen wie es weiter geht. Danke an den Autor für die Geschichten.


it's a slow burn story but it was a good read. I enjoyed reading this story. its fantastic by the way and will definitely recommend it to everyone to read.




Honestly everything before chapter 68 is amazing the plot is interesting the characters are interesting and the world building isn't bad either however let me list some of the things after chapter 80 that personally I don't like mind you I have only read to chapter 128 though. BEWARE SPOILERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Most of the main characters are how do I say... corrupted? Basically their mentality is forcefully shifted to be closer to a member of their race with the main character being a demon lord this is a drastic change. It is technically still character "development" but it is more degradation than development. Oh some characters seemingly change track and personality at almost random times sometimes with reason sometimes not. * The system changes from the RPG stats to a rank and range system with evolutionary criteria yes the system is completely changed with no explanation why. * There is practically no world building as in none at all past a certain point that isn't to say there is none but the characters and system change so quickly that any world building that is done can't keep up. * The romantic relations between the characters are arbitrary they don't need to be there and most of them so far haven't gone anywhere at the start the interactions aren't bad but post then the characters get set up with each other by the author this is while the main character is to busy with *spoiler* to even think about romance oh and the author sets up a love interest for the MC who 1 is a boy and 2 she has known for barely a few days at most even though the author made a joke about that kind of development before chapter 60 also misunderstanding of monster customs ends up in MC's marriage to a cat girl who is way stronger than her for about 3 chapters before friend who had crush on MC blows up over it (even though she seemingly gave up on her crush and apparently went after someone else) MC is mind broken and then is turned almost fully into a demon lord mentally. (she does apparently retain a small amount of her previous persona which the author does do a good job of showing.) Oh! Did I mention that this could be harem? Is it still harem if it's the demon "queen" and the harem members are girls? I say could be but around chapter 128 the MC technically accepts a new romantic interest even though she already had the accidentally married cat girl also and I quote here removing most of the sentence because spoilers "Us Monsters normally have many wives" this is said by the MC's... right hand? Sister? Potential harem member? Ok I think I'm done as I said this is a great book but I don't like all of it remember though this review is only covering chapters 1 to 128 it could be better or worse from this point on


Reveal spoiler


The story is great so far. The romantic parts of the story threw me for a bit of an unpleasant spin with that colorless guy. It didn't have much dept to it. But the rest is excellent so far.


What a good story to read and it's really intriguing , need more chapter and more mass release , the author really can make best cliffhanger in the story but overall is best, grammar is good , character nice and detail, world building a little bit slow, btw correct me if I'm wrong.


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