Fufillment in Life (18+). Book

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Fufillment in Life (18+).


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Hey guys it is me, I am back again with an update. Remember when I said that I wouldn't delete everything? Well I lied, everything is all deleted now. I tried ignoring the novel for quite some time, until some nostalgia brought me here. After I was gone there were some mean comments and bashful reviews about my novel, and they were all right. After reading some of them I realized that they have read my novel blindly, I didn't warn them about the contents of my novel. So I am just gonna delete everything so no one else will read it. My writing wasn't very good anyways so it doesn't matter if I delete it right? Besides it has been almost a year now, no one is gonna come back to read it again. For those that have read it and found it bad. Don't forever think of me in the wrong way. I am sorry okay? ;) .

There is no text chapter for this article, so stay tuned!