158 Issue #2

Jack left the bathroom before stripping down and encasing his entire body in ice. He then broke the ice away from his body.

'Instant ice bath. Perfect for killing all the dirt and bacteria on one's body.'

Jack made sure he cleaned up all the ice before he got dressed and put on one of the outfits Emma had bought for him. He still had the same fashion sense he had about a year and a half ago (real-world time) when he first met Emma so he just let the woman choose for him. Unfortunately, that meant mostly white clothes that he had to be extra careful with.

So he had to put on a white suit before heading down to his office where he would hopefully not have to deal with anything since it was the first day of the semester.

But lo and behold, within 5 minutes of entering his office and just before he was about to teleport away, Jack got a call on his phone from Ororo.

[Two students got into a scuffle. They are also on your new team. We need you here as the guidance counselor and their advisor, you are needed in my office.]

[Our office!] Jack heard Scott's voice over the phone

[Oh, right. I forget that we share an office with you being off with Jean so much. Please come over to OUR office.] Storm emphasized the 'our' in her sentence before hanging up the phone

Jack looked up at the ceiling in frustration and teleported in front of the headmasters' office. He then knocked on the door before he heard Scott's voice that was filled with annoyance.

"Come in."

Jack opened the door and saw Ororo and Scott seating behind their desks that were side by side. In front of each of the desks was a young woman that was looking at Jack. He recognized them both.

Laura was sitting in front of Ororo. She looked at Jack for a moment before she hurried to turn around and lowered her head. She couldn't look Jack in the eye since she knew he would be disappointed that she got into a fight so fast.

In the other chair was Felicia. Her eyes sparkled when she saw Jack and made no attempt to disguise the lust and interest that she had for him.

Jack walked between both of them and saw in their chair between them.

"So... what happened, Ororo?"

Storm looked at both girls and shrugged her shoulders

"We are not completely clear on that either. We wanted each of the squads to get a chance to know each other without the advisor present so that they could learn more about each other without the pressure of us adults there.

But within 30 seconds of your squad's meeting, these two brought out the claws and got into an almost literal catfight."

Jack looked over to Laura in surprise. The pair had been working on her anger and fight-or-fight desire. For her to get into a fight with someone within 30 seconds was simply inconceivable to him.

"Alright. Guidance counselor hat on first. Laura. What do you have to say?"

Laura reluctantly looked up and Jack and began to explain her side.

"I just don't like her. She is too flirtatious and unreliable. She is also lazy yet wanted to be the squad leader. Worst of all, she has designs on you."

Laura's explanation was honest and straight to the point. Jack knew that she didn't like Felicia from the first time Laura and the New Mutants brought her back, but she didn't think it was to the point where they would fight over such small things.

"Felicia. Anything to add?"

Felicia smiled at Laura coldly.

"You mean besides her being an annoying stalker that should mind her own business when it comes to who I am interested in? Nope. Nothing else to add."

Jack felt a headache coming on. He had to deal with these two young women with opposite personalities as well as 4 other troublemakers in the eyes of Scott and Ororo.

"Fine. Both of you, stand up and shake hands. Laura needs to apologize first, then Felicia. Go!"

Both girls stared at each other for a few moments before they stood up and shook hands with one another.

"I apologize. I should not have hit you over words, especially when they were not even hurtful words," Laura said reluctantly but without hesitation

Seeing how she was so quick to apologize and without need for further incentive, Felicia was caught off guard. She thought of Laura as the stubborn type.

"My bad. I shouldn't have said what I said. The position of leader on the team is important and Mr. Frost is someone you look up to," Felicia admitted her fault in the fight as well

Scott and Ororo were stunned. They had been a part of this school for over 10 years and knew that fights like this usually ended up with people holding grudges for months.

Jack nodded at both of the girls before getting serious again.

"And since this was a matter that happened during a training squad activity and did not involve any other squads, I believe that only the squad advisor is needed to handle it. We can let any other punishment be determined by them," Jack said righteously even though he was the advisor

Ororo had no issue with this. He had already gotten both girls to sincerely admit their faults.

"Fine. But please submit an incident report about this later."

Jack agreed. He would agree to almost anything if it meant he did not have to feel Scott's eyes, figuratively, burning holes in his head.

Both girls left first to head back to class while Jack left soon after them to return to his office. While in there, he was counting down the hours until school was over and it was time to meet his squad.

When the bell rang, Jack waited patiently for the 6 students to come to him. And when he heard a knock on the door, he called out for them to open it.

And in walked the 6 biggest troublemakers in the whole school, besides himself

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