3 Summoned Prisoner

Bright purple bars stood between me and the hallway. They seemed to crackle with lightning. The shadows on the wall danced almost as if they were enjoying my predicament. I could have sworn that they had smiles attached across their faces, my skin crawled at the sight. the sound of footsteps soon joined the chatter headed my way. Fear seemed to grip my heart with a frozen grasp. My breath caught itself in my lungs refusing to release itself. I backed myself into the wall furthest from the entrance. 'what's happening? did I fall asleep? No this is all too real for that. But, then how did I get here? More importantly, where am I?'

My thoughts got cut off when I noticed two figures standing on the opposite side of bars. My entire body stilled when a woman's voice cut through the silence. "Is this him? Don't get me wrong he's handsome but this can't be the one. I don't feel anything from him, he has no presence at all. I can't read any stats from him, not his mana, or strength, or durability, his health nothing. I say we just kill him and try again." Through the ultraviolet bars, I could make out the shorter of the two cross their arms. My brain was completely drained of all thoughts. 'They want to kill me?!' I could hear the other heave a sigh as they put both of their hands on their hips. "Sayder we both know we can't do that. We have to play this smart. We should just integrate him and see what he knows if he is not the one we are looking for then we will have a hunt. Got it? If we just kill him without actually knowing anything we might as well just give ourselves over to HER." I could see both of them shiver. The shorter one Sayder threw her hands in the air with a growl of disapproval.

She then slammed her hand against the wall. A blue hue filled the hallway. ' Move away from the wall!' before I could even comply with my thoughts I felt a painful shock run throughout my body tears filled my eyes as the bars dissipated I looked down to see the same material wrapped around my wrist and ankles. I looked up to see them both smiling with a strange glint in their eyes. "Should we get started, Cain?" The man nodded his head yes, as he stared into my eyes. "After all we wouldn't want to keep her waiting right?" Said Cain, Sayder just rolled her eyes at the mention of this woman. " W-wait! why am I here? Who are you two? Who is this 'her' you speak of? What do you want with me?"

The words rolled off my tongue with a single breath before I could think better of it. Sayder then began to laugh hysterically while Cain looked a little offended by my questions. "Well, there goes half our list of questions huh?" Sayder struggled through her laughter to get out that question she leaned against Cain, who simply brushed her off. "We work for someone beyond the rules and regulations of this world. Not even the gods of this world could stand against her. That's why we brought you here before they could. If you are the one we will find out, then simply erase you out of existence. If you aren't then we will put you out of your misery. We will of course apologize for bringing an innocent man here on the account of a mistake. We will play a game first, of course. Queen Cystel will be delighted to know the truth about you either way it goes. We can't have you stay alive even if you aren't the one. That's enough chatter let's get started, shall we?"

I awoke to the sound of waves crashing against the shoreline. The sun burned bright in the clear blue sky. The cold waves lapped at my legs, as the warm sand warmed the upper half of my body. I groaned in protest to my aching body. "I was dreaming of the first day here huh? What an awful dream. Where am I now?" I looked from side to side only to the beach stretch far and wide. I forced myself to sit up straight, I could feel my teeth grind together. I had no idea how long I was out for nor did I know where I was. I had hoped the ocean had swallowed me, it turns out fate was much crueler than I initially thought. The gentle breeze tousled my hair as I looked down at my dirty torn rags. I sighed as I made my way to stand up, only to fall right back down. "Now what?"

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