1 Prologue: Escape

Leaves and branches snap underneath my feat, my heart pounds as I weave between the trees. The thin, cold air filling my lungs as I race down the mountain slope. The pale moonlight shining through the branches, only giving me whispers of light. The path growing darker as I trip over tree roots. The sounds of dogs barking fills my ears as I continue to push forward. Every now and then I'll see a flash of light coming from behind. My clothes clung to my sweat coated body. Just as I was about to lose hope I caught a whiff of the ocean. I kicked up the pace making a sharp turn, I tumbled onto the ground. I forced my aching body to pick itself up. I made a mad dash towards the scent. The thin air slowly dissipating, as salty thick cool air filled my lungs. The pounding of paws and footsteps coming ever closer. In the close distance I could see the outline of a cliff. I forced my legs to pump faster, faster and faster until I jumped. Plunging into the rough dark waters below. I pushed myself further below the surface, knowing all too well that if I break the surface either the waves will kill me or them. I swam forward until the surface seemed clear then I pushed myself up taking in a deep breath of salty air. I quickly turned around towards the island's cliff side. I could see the silhouette of three men and 6 giant beasts. "What are those things? Were they the dogs I heard earlier? No it doesn't matter, I escaped!" I whispered to myself, the calming effect of the ocean seemed to ease my mind and heart. Adrenaline finally wearing off my tense screaming muscles relaxed. My eyes grew heavy, even as I told myself to not fall asleep, exhaustion slammed it's fist down. I laid face up on the waters surface. The stars and pale moon greeted me gently as the world slipped away.

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