1 Chapter 1-- war

There is a war held between two kingdoms.One kingdom heavenlykingdom another is phenoix kingdom.That makes every one in the kingdom panic.The most of the dead bodys and blood floating on area that makes every one panic.

Its like hell in the pheniox kingdom beacause of war.the full of dead bodies.the heavenly kingdom wo won the war and the two

Kingdoms are combinedAfter the war the hgeneral said clean the bodys as possible as and the remaong done it in tommarow.from a far of the general there are some dead bodys remaining in that dead bodies there is sound coming no one notice it.

The army was gone and they have form a camp a far from the dead bodies.In the remaing bodies there is slightly changes occurs person slowly move the bodys and remove one by one above him.After some time he see through the moon light.He stands on the bodys of dead and see through them.He looks it himself there is full of blood and some injuries occur on body he slightly standing put the sword into the sky..The world welcome me by my mom through her woomb.but this time i born from the bloodbath the people you suffered our kingdom and those who are make suffer me like this and the death cause to my parents.

They pay with their death.I am kai make the oath in the name of asura to take revenge of my parents and the guardian and my subordinates who sacrifies for my life .Under the law of hell

I make my name has ausra of the hell

I make the farewell to the my beautifull friend and my family members.

I follow my path farewell to all

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And he slowly walikong without making noise he see a river he cleaned himself and drink some water and start journey.

After walking 7 hrs he collapsed on the middle of forest.when he wakeup the he was in a small house its look like heaven who see the hell.Its small but look beautifull.