1 An eventful return to school

Day breaks in the village of Edelweiss, in Savoie. This village is surrounded by

a large forest, it is a few kilometers from the school which is college-

high school this school is called Strange Sky. The school building is similar

to a castle, a huge castle. Strange Sky School is one of the few

schools where human students and supernatural students can mix.

The establishment of course offers different courses from normal schools for

students with supernatural attributes or for those who wish to learn

Magic. Finally, today is the start of the school year and the school is getting ready to

welcome the students. In the teachers' room everyone is getting ready,

stress or impatience. In a corner of the room three professors are discussing


- Do you think you have problem children this Zero year? asked one of the

teachers, a young woman with black hair and wearing a pink sweater with a

long black skirt and brown boots to his colleague a young man with

white hair and blue eyes.

- I do not know will be the surprise! And you Rosie, do you feel ready? he asked his

colleague who had just asked him the question.

- Yes I am ready ! Hey Maëlys what makes you smile? she asked her

other colleague. A young woman with light brown hair degraded, eyes

brown, wearing a large electric blue sweater, black jeans and ballet flats

White. The young woman in question put her round glasses on her nose in


- I don't think we're going to be bored with this year's students! said she has

these partner'work.

- What makes you say that ? Rosie asked.

- I don't know a hunch! replied that colleague smiling.

- Your intuitions are always verified I can not wait to see what this year we

Reserve ! Zero exclaimed before the bell rang.

- Oh must go to the principal's office for the list of students! Quick quick !

Rosie was excited by jumping in place while dragging Zéro and Maëlys into the


All the professors went to the principal's office after the door of the

closed office, the director stood up with a bundle of paper in his hand.

- Ladies, Ladies, Gentlemen ... as you know today

it's back to school with of course a large number of new features

since the existence of many of us was exposed for these reasons

the courses were a few can change. On those I give you the list of your

pupils and timetable; said the director while giving a list to each

teachers. Then they all left the office to return to the


Meanwhile, the halls of the school were slowly filling with old

like new students. In this school humans and supernatural beings live

in peace, of course, there are always morons.

- Hey! Look where you put your feet dirty shit! yelled a haired boy

brown to another with blond hair pinning against the wall.

- Lai .... leave me alone! tried to defend himself the blond to the dark boy and

to his friends who surrounded him.

- Well then, cattle who know how to talk! What a surprise ! replied the brunette before

grabbed the other by the collar and lifted him up while a crowd

of students form around them.

- Leave him alone ! exclaimed a girl with short degraded dark brown hair

before pushing the brunette who let go of the blonde. The brunette and the girl fell by

land, so soon the boy stood on top of the girl and tried to strangle her. Corn

he caught a projectile which made him fall, the girl got up to help another girl

with brown hair and wearing glasses. Brown raised the projectile to the


- A shoe ?! Who's that fucking shoe ?! the boy got on his nerves.

- To me and if you could give it back to me that would be good! replied the girl with glasses

while everyone is watching at their feet, actually he

one in two shoes is missing.

- Not in but I dream that you allowed to interrupt me! Both !

Answer! he got angry.

- So already we give him back his shoe and then please. a girl replied

with black hair who came to stand next to the other two after having resumed

boy's hands shoe. She handed the shoe to its owner who

delivered as early.

- Whore ! How much are you ?! he yelled

"Three for now," the short haired girl replied simply. the

boy and his gang pounced on the three girls which resulted in a fight.

Hits, bites, spells and others were at the rendezvous, they were lively

to fight when a whistle is sounded stopping all movement. A supervisor

came and looked at them furiously.

- Can I find out what's going on with the six of you ?! shouted the supervisor

- Well ....., tried one of the girls.

- In the principal's office! Right now ! exclaimed the supervisor during

that the crowd of students dissipated and the six brawlers arose

before following the supervisor. On the way the bells ring, however this

did not prevent the supervisor from pushing the six students into the study before

closed the door. The headmaster looked up at the new arrivals for

that the supervisor explained to him the why and how, then he left leaving the

principal with the students. The Headmaster looked at them before sighing.

- Your teachers will need a lot of courage with you ..... good

give me your first and last names so that I know in which it classifies you

are, honor to the ladies. the director told them.

- Cam Solène, began the girl with the short hair.

- Jeanjean Eudoxie, continued the one with glasses

- The Blackie, the black haired girl continued.

- Maison Yanis, released the boy responsible for the fight

- Dan Matthew, said one of the two who accompanied Yanis

- Elric Will, finished Yanis' second sidekick

- Well well I hope your relationship will improve because you are all in

the same class, the principal blurted out like the Hiroshima bomb. Instantly nobody

did not dare to speak but it was without counting on the bad character of Yanis.

- Nah but wait are you kidding me! I will have to study in the

same class as these pouffes ?! he got angry.

- You ? To study ? Seriously, I would like to see that, replied Solene under the

Blackie sneers.

- But it's because she's looking for the shitty witch! You have a problem ?! he said in

approaching Solène who did not move an inch and who was content to

to challenge the gaze.

- Yeah I have a problem with you dog! And it's your puppy breath! him

answered Solene

- What ?! Repeat to see ?! he yelled

- You're deaf, where's it going ?! Clébard !!

- SILENCE !!! yelled the manager who not only stopped the argument but also

brought attention back to him.

- Excuse us sir, said Solène

- I don't know who will drool the most in this story, you or your

Professor Mademoiselle Rousseau, let go of the visibly tired director before to get up and lead the six students after him in the corridors. He stopped them

in front of a wooden door on which an engraved metal plate indicated the

part names: "First Aquarius" . The director knocked before coming home

in the room with the six students. All eyes were on them.

- Mr. Director? You bring me my six missing students that I

see, said the young woman in the electric blue sweater.

- Mademoiselle Rousseau, I wish you good luck with these six, even if

i know i don't have to worry about you on this i leave you good

daytime. let go the principal before leaving the class, closing the door.

behind him. The professor turned to the six young people.

- Go sit down, she asked them. They did so in silence once that

the professor smiles.

- Okay now that everyone is here, I will be able to introduce myself. I am

your main teacher Miss Rousseau Maëlys, I hope that we

will have a good year together, do you have any questions?

she asked.

- What are you ? asked a girl with curly hair.

- Well I am ... hm no I'll let you guess what you

I am ?

- You are a witch! exclaimed a student at the back

- Missed ! laughed the teacher

- Vampire! continued another student

- No ..... well you will have all the time to think about it during the year, we will

start this home with a visit to the school! Go hop we get up and we follow me

the last closes the door. said Mademoiselle Rousseau, spanking her students out

of style.

She made them visit the different rooms as well as the refectory, she showed them

also the wall which delimits the school grounds from the rest of the forest because yes a party

of the school grounds count of the forest. During the whole visit, the students

got to know each other better because they didn't stop talking which didn't bother

not their teacher, they were about to return to their class when

two students from another class called out to the professor.

- Miss Rousseau! Miss Park needs your help! explained

one of the students.

- Rosie? What is happening to him? asked the teacher

- She's fine, but it's Monsieur Belmont, he climbed to the top of the big oak tree

and refuses to come down, continued the second student.

- What ?! Alright I'll go there meanwhile you stay there you two go back

with Miss Rosie! ordered the teacher before leaving with the two

students in the direction of the big oak tree.

- And now what do we do? Eudoxie asked Solene and Blackie

- You, I don't know, but I'm the teacher, declared Yanis before leaving with her

two sidekick.

- Now you have your answer Eudoxie, sighed Solène before leaving next

by Yanis.

The rest of the class followed them, arriving in front of the big oak tree they

found a large number of students, their teacher, the teacher of the

first Scorpio Mademoiselle Park and finally the teacher of the first

Caprico Monsieur Belmont who is perched at the top of the tree.

- BELMONT MOVE YOUR ASS AND GET OFF !!! yelled Mademoiselle

Rousseau in the direction of the professor.


DESCEND !!! replied Monsieur Belmont.

- AND I CAN KNOW WHY? asked the young woman.

- He has vertigo, explained Miss Park to him under the shocked gaze of her





- GO TO KILL ROUSSEAU! Zero replied politely.

- YOU WILL HAVE WANTED CON! Rosie, do you have the gun? she asked her colleague.

- I brought it back just in case, she said, handing the gun to her friend before

move away from her and keep away the crowd of students. While Maëlys

loaded the rifle.


warns the young woman with her rifle under her arm.

- NOT EVEN AFRAID !!! replied Mr. Belmont.

- Do not worry children Mademoiselle Rousseau knows what she is doing,

isn't it Maë? Rosie asked.

- Uh yeah .... yeah yeah of course, I know absolutely what I'm doing, replied

evasively the professor.

"It's not very reassuring," said Blackie, who was approved by the other students.

- But you are also dramatizing! let loose Mademoiselle Rousseau, putting

plays a branch located next to Mr. Belmont.

- BELMONT I WILL SHOOT! warns the young woman.

- BAH DO YOU WANT ME TO HELP YOU OR WHAT ?! replied the professor.

- FUCK BUT WHAT A CUP! Mademoiselle Rousseau blurted out furiously.

"Be careful though," Rosie asked worriedly.

- But don't worry, you'll see how he'll come down very nicely, said Maëlys

ready to shoot.

She fired a first bullet which severed the end of the branch on which

Mr. Belmont was seated. The effect was immediate the professor stood up and jumped

on another branch, Mademoiselle Rousseau fired a new bullet which

narrowly missed the professor's right foot. This masquerade continued under the

sneers from some students, suddenly Professor Belmont lost his balance

and fell. Mademoiselle Rousseau dropped her rifle just in time to recover

Monsieur Belmont who fell into his arms like a princess.

- The cow you're heavy and it's not in the figurative sense, said the young woman to her

coworker. He looked at her seriously for a moment.

- You have beautiful eyes you know, he told him before his colleague let go and he

crashes like shit on the ground under the laughter of the students.

- It spoils your attempt at seduction sir, said a student laughing

to Professor Belmont who got up with difficulty while his colleague left

with his class.

The rest of the morning passed without a hitch, then it was time for lunch.

While the students were heading towards the refectory, the teachers all went to the

teachers room. Barely entered the teacher's room Zero Belmont got caught

the ear by Maëlys before being dragged into a corner of the room where the

was waiting for Rosie.

- I can know what took you to go up in this tree ?! ask him

furiously her colleague when they were up to Rosie and she was him

let go of the ear.

- A student gave me a challenge, I only took it up, Zero replied. While

this time Rosie started her Caesar salad.

- But damn if you knew you were dizzy why you accepted, I

start to really doubt your intelligence!

- I won't allow you!

- I allow myself what I want! Stupid!

- Bitch!

- Motherfucker !

- Bitch!

- Asshole!

- It's crazy how you both like each other, suddenly declared

Rosie. Stopping the argument between the two teachers.

- I like Belmont! Never ! replied Maëlys.

- How could I appreciate this smart bag! She smells like a dog

kilometers of what attracts males in heat from another continent!

- ZERO! Rosie resumed.

Zero looked at Maëlys who hadn't said anything until now. Her friend threw her a

glare while tightening his points before heading for the door.

- Maë! Where are you going ? asked Rosie

- As far as possible from this asshole since apparently my smell bothers him!

her friend replied just before slamming the door behind her.

- You sometimes think before you speak! she growled Zero.

- ....

- You better apologize, otherwise beware, she warns before swallowing her


Meanwhile in the refectory, Solène, Eudoxie and Blackie discuss


- The teachers are a bit weird here, said Eudoxie.

- Yeah, but they're not bad, that's fine, Solène replied.

- Don't you think Miss Park is hot? declared quietly

Blackie thus attracting the attention of her two friends.

- What did you say ? said Solene surprised.

- Well after each his own, it's like for you and Yanis ..... let go in turn


- Don't tell me about that asshole! I do not support it ! affirmed Solene.

"That's what they all say," Blackie told him.

Eudoxie burst out laughing at Solène's surprised and shocked head. Then

bell rang, the students left the refectory to return to their

respective classes. When they entered their class the girls

noticed the change in attitude of their teacher, she seemed less

playful than before the lunch break. Once everyone is seated, Miss

Rousseau got up from his desk chair, walked around it before

sit on the desk.

- Well well and if we share our origins, she asked in a tone


- Miss, are you okay? asked a student.

- Yes yes don't worry I just had a fight with a friend, answered

she smiling.

- This friend is Monsieur Belmont? Blackie asked.

- Yes, she said.

- It's a shame you would go well together, said Blackie

- But it's not possible what do you all have with that, said the teacher

puffing up her cheeks like a little girl making the students laugh.

And it is with these laughs that the afternoon began.

The day ended, the day students and half-boarders left the school

after greeting their internal friends. This was the case with Solène, Eudoxie and Blackie.

Eudoxie is half-boarders and Solène and Blackie are interns.

- Why aren't you an intern? Solene asked Eudoxie.

"I have to take care of my little brother," Eudoxie replied.

- Can't your parents do it? Blackie said.

- No, they are on a business trip, I live alone with my little brother, don't tell

nobody else they risk separating me from my brother, whispered Eudoxie to her

two friends.

"Don't worry, chick, your secret will be well kept with us," Blackie assured her.

On this Eudoxie left school, leaving Solene and Blackie. The two girls went

look for their suitcases before going to boarding school. Once at the dormitory the

girls choose a room at random and entered it. They settled down, each

for their part, they decolorized the room.

- I don't feel at home anymore, don't you think? Blackie asked Solene.

- If the room is immediately warmer, answered her friend.

- Okay, so let's get down to business? Blackie said, showing a

cauldron in the middle of the room on a purple round carpet with the five-star

branch surrounded by a circle and symbols draw on it in gold.

- What are you up to? asked Solene, opening a grimoire.

- A love filter, Blackie said simply throwing all kinds

of weird ingredients in the cauldron.

- For ?

- I do not know yet.....

- I would have leaned for Miss Park so that she falls mad

in love with you, said Solene with a smirk.

- Not even a day that we know that you are bothering me already you do not have

shame ?! said Blackie

- Niete! Nada! Solene replied, laughing.

Blackie stuck her tongue out at him before laughing too.

Meanwhile, on Eudoxie's side. She had just arrived in front of the school

elementary school of her little brother and she was waiting for him to come out.

- Eudoxia! called him an 8-year-old boy with messy brown hair and

big brown eyes running towards her.

- Roman! How was your day ? she asked her little brother a

once he was up to it.

- Great ! I'm in the same class as Théo! And the teacher is so cool and you?

he asked in turn. While they took the path to return.

- I made two friends.

- What are their names ?

- Solène and Blackie

- They are nice ?

- Yes very. Solène is someone of confidence who also endows a character of

Pig and Blackie is the kind of person who makes it clear what she's thinking.

- With your rather sparkling character your group must make sparks!

- It's certain ! laughed Eudoxie.

A few minutes later, they arrive home, in their apartments. Of

next to the teachers, Maëlys had just left school and headed for his 4x4. A

times inside it she started with a bang. She rolled towards the

village but a few kilometers before reaching it it takes a path

which led him to the heart of the forest. A few minutes later she arrived

in front of a chalet. Once her car was parked she returned to the chalet.

- I'm home, she said after closing the door behind her. So early a

corgi (it's a dog breed) trotted in front of her.

- Hi Peanuts! You're doing good, honey ? she asked the corgi. This one him

replied barking, Maëlys stroked him before putting down business and heading

towards the kitchen for a glass and a bottle of red wine. She used

a drink and when she was going to drink someone knocked on the door, she asked

her glass and walked over to the door she opened on Zero.

- What are you doing here ?! she asked.

"I'm sorry for what I said this noon," he replied. Suddenly Peanuts

burst out of the house before biting Zero on the left leg. Zero dropped one

writes in pain.

- Peanuts drop it! Maëlys ordered.

- Damn dog! You are all the same! Ah bite for no reason and to

kill without any pity! Zero blurted out furiously. Peanuts released him growling,

before moving away to stand next to his mistress. Maëlys approached

Zero and slapped him in the face before he had time to reply.

- You're sorry, you know where to put them! Asshole! she told him coldly before

go towards the entrance of the chalet. Zero grabbed him by the wrist before squeezing him

forcefully, forcing Maëlys to turn around.

- Fuck but listen to me! Damn it's not possible to have a discussion

normal with you! he got angry as he moved closer to her.

- You know very well why! Vampire and wolf don't mix! Our

friendship is already playing out in a row! she replied, trying to get rid of her




ONCE IN YOUR FUCKING LIFE, he yelled at her, stopping all movement

from Maëlys. She looked at him before punching him in the

belly, the blow forced Zéro to let go of Maëlys' wrist.






FOR BOTH .... FEAR !!! confessed the young woman, holding back her tears.

Zero looked at her before sighing and hugging her.

- Do you feel better now that you said how you felt? he said to her

hugging him.

- Yes ... let me go, I don't like hugs ..... she growled against him.

- Truly ? And there you would not be snuggling against me? the teasing t-


- It's not my fault it's you who is too comfortable ..... she mumbled before

to fall asleep against him.

- Maë? You fell asleep ? he asked. Seeing no reaction Zero porta

Maët in his arms before heading towards the door where he was waiting firmly

the dog.

"Grrrr," Peanuts growled when Zero was in front of him.

- We take a break while I put her to bed ..... please, asked Zero in

trying to refrain from killing the dog. The dog moved to let him in,

Zero walked down a hallway before entering a room where the door was

opened. This is his colleague's bedroom, he put it on the bed before removing

the ballet flats of this one and cover it with a blanket. He left the chalet before

to use his vampiric speed to get home.

Meanwhile on Blackie and Solène's side, it's finally heating up, it's smoking earlier.

- Is all this smoke normal ?! Solene panicked slightly in front of the smoke.

green coming out of the cauldron.

- I do not know ! Blackie replied, rummaging through his spellbook.

- It's you who was preparing the love filter so you must know!

- But what do you think I'm doing here ?! Well, I have a good and a bad


- Start with the wrong one

- The bad thing is that it will explode soon

- And the maid?

- We will be the first 16-year-old witches to have tried to make a filter

of love !

- WHAT ?!

- Amen

- How's Am /

BOOM !!!!

A few minutes later, the two teenage girls had sex with each other

yelled at by the boarding school mistress.

- Damn what the hell are you doing ?!

"We were just doing an experiment and it turned out badly," Blackie explained.

- Turned bad ? The cauldron to explode !! said the boarding school mistress.

- Yes, it's just a detail, said Solène.

- Sorry ? asked the hostess.

- A little detail? Solene tried, displaying a forced smile.

- You tired me! Grab your stuff and go to room 12, there's a girl

of your age do not bother her! the boarding school mistress ordered them.

The girls left to find what was left of their belongings before going to the

room 12. They enter and find themselves in front of a girl with the hair


- I can help you ? the girl asked.

- We're your new roommate, said Solène.

- Oh ok, it's Clara and you? the girl asked.

- I'm Blackie and she's Solene, said Blackie smiling.

The girls settled in while chatting with their new roommate.

- What class are you in? asked Solene.

"I'm in first Scorpio," Clara replied.

- Oh your teacher is Miss Park ?! exclaimed Blackie.

- Yes and you ?

"We're on first Aquarius," Blackie said.

- So your teacher is Mademoiselle Rousseau? Clara asked.

- Yes that's it and it's a strange phenomenon she and Mr. Belmont did not

not stopped this bickering, says Solène.

- According to some terminal Mr. Belmont is in love with Mademoiselle

Rousseau, says Clara.

- Seriously, why didn't he tell her ?! Solene wondered.

- From one it was taken more than a rake and two ..... Mademoiselle Rousseau

would apparently be a giant wolf or demon-wolf by the scientific name, said


- A giant wolf? Blackie asked.

- It's a wolf much bigger than normal, bigger than an alpha,

Clara explained.

- And what is Monsieur Belmont? asked Solene.

"A pureblood vampire," Clara said.

- Ah ok I see, said Blackie.

"It's a shame they would go well together," Clara blurted out.

The girls approved and then they went to the dining hall for dinner. During this

time in Miss Park's house. Rosie happily watering them

plants from his greenhouse, when the door to enter slammed.

- I'm home! shouted a voice coming in.

- Emi! Your day went well ? Rosie asked the newcomer.

- Tiring as usual and you sister? Zero and Maëlys are doing well?

Emi asked her little sister.

- The day went well and for Zéro and Maë .....

- They argued again?

- Yeah and it was more violent than usual

- But when are these two going to get laid!

- Getting laid is not the answer to all Emi problems

- Maybe but in their case yes

- Not false.....

- Good pizza tempt you?

- Yes !

A few hours later while some go to bed others get up to

go to their market. Which is the case with the family of Zero, the professor was

filling out documents when the front door opened violently

on two older men.

- Hi bro! So school today? asked one of the two of Zero.

- Hmm ....., replied Zero

- You don't bother to answer us because you're too busy

think of a certain person, the second teased him while the

Professor turned his head towards the two newcomers, glaring at them.

- If you have nothing else to say you can leave, their output Zero before

returned to his documents. The two men snickered before taking a

blow behind the head from an older woman.

- You two have not finished annoying your little brother ?! scolded them


- But Mom ! It's Zero who to start! tried to defend one of the two

men before taking a hit.

- Eric, William your brother has a job! Didn't come bother him while he

job ! the woman got angry.

- Very well, surrendered Eric.

- Otherwise we came to warn you Zero, continued William.

- Warn about what? Zero asked, looking up from his documents.

- To be careful when returning we saw a group of individuals suspicious earlier

among there are wolves, said Eric.

- If they are in the forest, I don't give dearly for their skins, said Zero.

- All the same notifies the principal in case they are waiting for students to be

in the forest to attack them, William advised.

- Very well, thank you, Zero agreed, picking up his phone.

- You're welcome little brother, Eric replied.

Zero telephoned the director and warned him of the possible danger. During this

time in an alley a group of people stood in front of the corpse of a

disembowelled man. Two people in the group wiped their mouths full of


- You don't have to say the people here are delicious, said one of the people.

- I'm not reassured we should leave the region as soon as possible, warned a

second person.

- What scares you so much? asked one of his companions.

- We are in the territory of a demon-wolf, a giant wolf if you prefer this

It's only a matter of time before he finds us and I don't give dear

of our skin when he finds us, the person explained, trembling.

"In that case, let's hurry to find our target and exterminate it," said one.

- What is his name to our target? another asked.

- Solène Le cam, 16 years old .... said another person.

- A kid pff I can not wait to see her, sneered the one who was to be the head of the