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From Normalcy to Fantasy


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A loud crash sound can be heard from the 2nd floor of their family home as the night begins. Mr. and Mrs. Kondark look upwards towards the source of the sound with confused looks on their faces as they had just finished talking about their family's finances. Mr. and Mrs. Kondark call for their son as their daughter was a heavy sleeper, so they knew it wasn't her, also the masculine voice kinda gave it away... "Mason, is everything okay up there?" They didn't react at first until they head a loud scream of pain from upstairs which brought them out of their confusion. Both of the parents immediately went up the stairs to check on their son. When they opened their son's door they saw a woman groaning in pain on the bed curled up into a ball with black hair with blue accents. "Mason?" _____________________________________________________ This is my first novel that I have written myself, (my only other work was editing for a friend,) so please take this with a grain of salt. I hope you all enjoy this novel! Cover Art is thanks to Purple Glory. Discord name is Purple Glory#3509 if you want to ask for commissions.


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