1 Chapter 1: Mason?

My name is Mason Kondark. I go to Corver High School located in the United States, (Not going to say specific locations,) and today is probably my worst day of high school that I will ever have. I got turned down by my crush who I had been trying to get into a relationship with, just to find out that she had been hiding a relationship with one of the school's football players secretly from everyone. Now she wouldn't have told anyone else this, but because i've been known to be the kind helper kind of student here, she knew that it wouldn't be a problem.

Now that would've been saddening for me, but that wasn't the only bad thing that happened to me today either. As I was leaving school to head home, as it turns out, it was down pouring rain outside and the weather forecast had said it would be clear all-day. "What the hell Weather man?!"

Since my home was relatively close to the school. My parents opted my out of riding the bus since the school was only 15 minutes away at a leisurely walking pace. Thankfully I wore a hoodie today but it wasn't able to keep the rain out for long.

When I got home my hoodie and my backpack were completely soaked and I was dripping all over the welcome mat. "I'm home." I called to my mom who stays at home while my dad works for a banking company that is an international business. Thankfully my dad gets paid well and gets plenty of leave time so it's not like we don't see him much.

"Hey Mason, could you come help me real quick? Your sister will be getting home soon and your father is on his flight home as well. We're having Shrimp Scampi tonight with some biscuits." said Mrs. Kondark. She was a tall woman who had blonde hair down to her shoulders with deep blue eyes. She had a very gentle voice and was always nice to everyone. Though she was one hell of a mad chef in the kitchen. Every meal at the house was homemade and if she was cooking you could smell the flavor from a mile away.

"Sure thing. Let me go get changed real quick, as it turns out, our weather man was looking at the wrong part of the country to determine the weather forecast...you'd think they would get it more accurately." Mason said as he approached the steps to go get changed.

When he got to his room he changed out of his hoodie, t-shirt and jeans into a casual t-shirt and some sweat pants. Even though he doesn't get involved much in sports, he still works out at home at least once a week so he wouldn't get too lazy.

"Okay, whaddya need mom?" said Mason as he looked towards the gas stove which had a frying pan on it with shrimp and a garlic based sauce in it, while on the burner next to the shrimp was a pot full of spaghetti pasta with cooking oil in it,

"Could you bring over the minced garlic jar in the fridge? After that the biscuits will be ready." said Mrs. Kondark while stirring around the pasta in the pot.

"Here you go. I'll get the strainer for the pasta."

"Thanks Mason. Your father will be here in the next 15 minutes or so since he picked up Amy from school." said Mrs. Kondark after pouring in a modest amount of garlic.

=====15 minutes later=====

"We're home!" Amy's small voice could be heard from the front of the house followed by rapid footsteps as Amy hugged Mrs. Kondark and Mason.

"Welcome home Amy, how was school?" Mrs. Kondark asked amy as she sat the last plate on the dinner table for the family to use.

"It was great except for the rain. While we were originally supposed to do some science lab outside, since the rain hit we were forced to come inside. But the best part was when we were taught about static electricity and how when we grabbed this silver looking ball while standing on a container, our hair would stand up a lot!" Amy said with great enthusiasm except for the start.

"So is that why your hair is a complete mess? Go get cleaned up, dinner is ready." said Mrs. Kondark.


"So Dad how was the trip from Europe?" said Mason as he came back from his room after changing out of his shirt into a new one as he has gotten some of the garlic sauce on it as he brought the container filled with the dinner to the table.

"It was alright, had to do some business deal with some company that wanted to do a merger, which they told us last minute that they had more overseas assets than local assets. Small headache but no big deal." said Mr. Kondark with a tired look on his face as he put his briefcase in his office and took off his tie on his shirt.

When everyone gathered at the table they started eating and again praised Mrs. Kondark for her fantastice cooking. "Wow, this is great as always.", "How many recipes does this make honey? 60?", "Thanks mom, your cooking is the best!"

Mrs. Kondark smiles at her children's compliments and answers her husband, "this is actually my 62nd recipe dear, but thanks for trying." She says this while slightly chuckling as the 2 siblings in the room start laughing too.

"I'll get it right one day. Too distracted from all the numbers from work to want to do more math at home too." said Mr. Kondark with a sigh as they continued to eat.

=====A couple hours later=====

"Good night mom. I'll see you in the morning." said Mason as he headed up the stairs. Amy was already in bed as she goes to middle school and has to get up earlier than Mason.

"Good night Mason, Love you!" said both Mrs. and Mr. Kondark from the living room downstairs. Mr. and Mrs. Kondark were discussing what they had seen on the news before their children had gotten home. Apparently there were reports of people across the world somehow waking up with abilities that would only come from fiction and along with that they reported that the people who had these abilites said that they had something called a 'system' which was like something out of a video game.

"Do you think it could happen here?" said Mrs. Kondark with a slightly worried expression on her face as she looked at her husband beside her.

"I can't say for certain as I wouldn't know but it seems to be very spread out on where the reports are located at. Though the US has not had as many cases as the other countries, which could be either we're going to be getting more of them, or something else entirely. Either way I won't be able to know unless the government or news release more about this." said Mr. Kondark with a thoughtful expression while holding his chin with his hand while leaning back on the couch.

=====1 hour later=====

"I think we should head to bed ourselves, it's getting pretty late." said Mr. Kondark looking at his phone while getting up from the couch.

"Yeah, that-" Mrs. Kondark was about to get up from the couch too when they both head a loud crashing sound coming from upstairs.

"Mason are you okay?" said Mrs. Kondark calling upstairs to her son in concern.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Kondark look at each other in confusion before looking towards the general direction that they head the sound come from. When a few seconds had passed a loud scream could be heard from upstairs causing both parents to take off up the stairs towards their son's room.

When they arrived at the door and opened it. They were met with the sight of a person under the covers curled up into a ball groaning in pain and twitching slightly.

When both parents stepped into the room they asked in unison, "Mason?"

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