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From hurt to love


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Being edited ( all seventeen chapters in the beginning) so please for a while. To live a happy and peaceful life is everyone's dream but for Esmeralda, it's the very thing that was ruled out as her identity of being the sole heiress and the next in line successor of Drakos Empire, was her sole enemy, to begin with. Born in a family that was once standing on the top of the world but was now mysteriously trapped in the endless cycle of schemes and betrayals, her life was meant to be filled with dangers with death lurking at every corner since the moment she is born. From her parents who disappeared with her four years old elder brother leaving her behind for a mysterious reason on the day of her birth to her boyfriend, Rhys, who also mysteriously disappeared, leaving only a text saying, “I Love you, Mia, but try to forget me. I am sorry.” After going through everything, she was still surviving and fighting for the sake of her grandpa and Empire until one night her grandpa whom she loved and respected a lot, asked her to die for an unknown reason but unknowingly, pushed her deeper into the trap of death, giving her enemies a leeway to find every possible opportunity to end her. But...will she die and let her enemy succeed? or will she stay alive and solve every mystery and problem and encounter her enemy with her equally stubborn personality? ----- 'Ian Reyes, the powerful yet ruthless man in the business world, the CEO -President of the Reyes Conglomerate is rumored to be in search of his mysterious woman.' says the portal. Unbeknownst to everyone, when he was studying abroad, he fell in love with a girl who was two years younger than him but before he could tell her the truth about himself, the elders called him back urgently and he had no other choice but to leave immediately. But who would have known that the day he will come back to confess to her, will also be her last day... ----- Seven years later. In a restaurant. "Logan, I told you to never do such a thing, you know I don't like to get any unwanted attention." Esmeralda hissed at the man who was standing beside her with a stupid smirk on his face. "What? Don't tell me, you won't let anyone know until your one leg hangs in the grave!” he mumbled as she glowered at him. "Okay, okay... let's stop unless they will think that girls are unfair these days.” Logan joked as looked into her eyes. "As I care about it!!" Esmeralda said as she walked inside the restaurant, she coldly looked at the manager who almost instantly dispersed the staff and came forward to apologize and to help them to the table, she slightly nodded at him and followed the manager with Logan beside her. As she took the step towards the table, she instinctively looked up only to find a pair of attractive black eyes were looking at her as if scrutinizing her… "Hm?" she murmured in an inaudible voice as she felt the familiar aura and froze as many emotions surged her senses instantly. Because it's the gaze of someone who might make her nights more sleep less than they were before. Ian looked at her with confusion, as he was trying to compare the girl in front of him with the girl he knew but isn’t able to find yet. He was rational but his heart was not letting him be… Both were in their world of thoughts, making sure the differences between reality and hallucination are real. But were unknown from the truth. …. Life never goes as we anticipate. Even if one has wealth or luck on their side, they have to go through the tough road of fate. Let’s enjoy our Esmeralda Rosso and Ian Reyes’s journey of life filled with mysteries and unsaid promises… I am relatively new in this field so please bear with me and do help me to know how you feel. Thanks for giving this book a chance.:) ..... The above pic is taken from Pinterest. So, thanks to the owner who gave life to such emotions. Thanks again and enjoy your day.


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Characters are good but little bit confusing🙄 but I think. After sometime it will cleared. Updates are slow But steady. So far this is going good . I would like to know More about climax and one thing more suspenSe is amazing.☺️☺️☺️👌👌👌👍all the best dear author.


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