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From Hero Into Casanova


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Having the pseudonym "Shadow Arc" I embarked on the path of power by devouring my enemy's prowess and skills. After ten years and countless evolution, I finally grasp the whole world and easily slaughtered the Demon Lord. But what now?... What is power without an enemy that could match you anymore?... Tho, I'm not that disappointed. I wanted power for me to live smoothly in the first place. Yap. Now that the Demon Lord got finally murdered by me, there's no need for me to take any battle. From now on, I am just a normal student in the academy of magic [ VoidStar Magic Academy ] And to make life more better, of course, it's also great if I could find a girlfriend or girlfriends. Haha! . . . Ps. Not owner of the cover photo, credit to the rightful owner.


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