1 Chapter One

Chapter One

Emirates stadium, 2020

A lone figure sat in the stands with tears flowing down his face, today was the worst day in arsenal's history, they were getting relegated, he couldn't believe it, no he didn't want to believe it, his heart ached, everyone else had left the stadium but he couldn't. This club was his life' he had nothing else, no family, no job, no money, all he had was this club and now that was becoming history too. He reminisced about the times when he could raise his head amongst his friends who were Chelsea and Man city fans and none would dare retort, but now he was always getting mocked about his club.

Lee Dixon was exasperated there was no more colour in his world, he stood up thinking 'maybe I should get a job', getting to one of the exits he found out it was locked.

Damn it where should I go now?

He stood there thinking 'What should I do know', maybe I should climb it??, he stood there pondering, he was no longer young as he was 42 already but there was nothing else to do

Fuck it I think I still got it

He grasped the cold steel and pulled himself up and started scaling it easily as there were a lot of gaps, he finally reached the top, 'should I jump down' he thought as he got to the top. Suddenly he heard voices coming towards this area, he couldn't think further as he took a gamble and jumped down, his feet didn't have sure footing as he fell down in a horrendous manner

"Damn It" he thought as he fell saw only darkness



He could here people calling his name but his head was dizzy and that was the last thing in his mind

Where am I

He faintly said trying to diagnose the situation at hand but the person calling him was hearing none of it


"Finally, lee you scared me, why the fuck did you jump the bridge, are you mad!"

So, I jumped down the bridge....

"What the hell when did I jump down the bridge, I was clearly jumping down the gate, remembering that scene, his face went white with fear, 'Never Again', he said to himself. He took a look at his new body, clearly the man took care of his body and was fairly attractive, 26 years I think as he guessed his age.

Who are you?

He plainly asked the young man as he withdrew himself from him and looked at him cautiously

"Fuck, Lee what the hell are you saying, you don't recognize your old pal, Dan again"

"Don't tell me this is the legendary amnesia"

"Wait up, where are you going and do you know where you are going to?"

At that point, Lee stopped walking away, 'where the hell am I going, wasn't there supposed to be the joining of souls where he would gain the memories of this body or something'

Fuck those authors tricked me

He said as he looked at the Dan guy again as he was his only hope

Dan right, umm where am I, what year is it, and what's my name

Dan looked at his best friend strangely 'does this guy truly have amnesia or is he fucking with me again, no I doubt that he just jumped the bridge, I don't think he is in the right frame of mind to do it'

"Ok, where to start, well you are in England, Birmingham to be exact and you are 28 years old and just got your FA level 2 certificate and was planning to join Aton Villa as a Trainee Coach for the U-18, until you got the news that your account was cleared by your girlfriend who ran away after clearing your account, with the pressure of bankruptcy, you tried to commit suicide until I your pal saved you but you got amnesia"

"Oh, and its 2009"

Lee took a deep breath, and thought everything through. So far everything was manageable except that it was 2009, He was more than ten years in the past!!, what was he going to do.

Wait you said I have an FA level 2 licence

"Yeah, your dream was to become a manager"

His heart was pounding furiously could he do it, if there's anything he knows, it is football, with knowledge of playing FM from 2007-2020 where he came from, he knew all the future tactics, potential stars, players and was more than sure of everything related to football. He could change arsenal's future, his resolve hardened and he knew what he needed to do.


His voice changed to an excited and serious one as he spoke to Dan for the second time


Dan answered as he was surprised at this change

I don't know about anything else, but if theirs is one thing I'm sure of, is that I'm going to be a manager

He said as his eyes were glowing with passion

Dan looked at him and smiled 'If there is one thing, he was sure of was dan's passion for football, he could feel that his friend had changed, but the passion was still there so nothing else mattered.

"I'm with you buddy"

He answered while looking forward to the coming days

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