1 Unbreakable.

"Surrender your soul, lowly human! You cannot resist your downfall!" A being that resembled something like what we would call a demon, with horns, wings and scales, pointed at the injured Louis, that carried a rusty and bloody sword, which was almost broken.

No words spoken back, the muscular man spit out the blood in his mouth and rushed at the monster fiercely, as if he felt no pain, although being covered on his own blood. As he got closer, the demon laughed, knowing Louis would die right there. The being pointed at him with his sharp claws and went for his defense, but somehow the human he deemed lowly hastily penetrated its chest with the rusty sword.

Although its claws hit the man, he finished the demon with that attack. Louis was now even more injured, and as he felt his back becoming colder, like a survival instinct, he turned his back to defend himself, but... All he could see, through the apocalyptic view of a fallen world and bodies thrown around.

Aside from that, the only view he had was of all living human becoming statues by the mystical power of a superior being, that was big enough to cover the sky he was staring. The scream ceased as an invisible wave passed through everything, turning the remaining of the fierce fighters and survivors into stone.

Fearlessly, he rushed with his sword, being held like a spear to be theown. He knew there was no place to run and that his sword wouldn't even go close to it, and as it his arm was about to release the sword to be thrown, his body felt numb, Louis felt like he... ceased to exist. He became a statue, like all the rest.

Time passed. How much? Louis doesn't know. But he was there, all along, he didn't give up, ready to release that sword into the heavens and tear apart every single of those cursed beings. His strength still flown through his veins. His feelings, his experience, all his thoughts and everything he learned, it didn't leave him. And no one would be able to get it out.

As the eternity passed, and went through a bit more than it, Louis felt. He was there again. He fought even without the knowledge that he existed. A message appeared in his vision as the stone that surrounded his body, and made part of it, crumbled down.

- The Skill [Unbreakable Will] Has Been Temporalily Activated -

Louis fell to his knees, after releasing that sword into the heavens, he couldn't see anything. He didn't go blind, but either, the place he stood wasn't made for him to stand. The air felt like a rain of salt and sand breezing and scratching him, and it entered his lungs. As if something teared his insides, Louis held his throat. He wasn't supposed to be there, he felt a feeling of not belonging.

- The Skill [Unbreakable Will] Is Surpassing Its Limits For You -

As if a lightining struck into his eyes, body and soul, he now could see, breathe and exist without pain. The message that appeared before him could now be read without major problems.

- The Skill [Unbreakable Will] Has Been Deactivated By A Superior Force -

- The [Unbroken System] has been successfully transmited to you -

[Unbroken System]

Unique Quest

- Make a deal with a G̶o̶d̶ Demon.

As Louis tried to recompose himself, he noticed the landscape, it was nonsensical. Like staring at the concept of a paradox, the world didn't connect, the space which he stepped on didn't make sense and time didn't felt like it was flowing. Louis was somewhere beyond possibility and existence.

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Suddenly, a voice came from everywhere, and yet, it didn't sound like it came from somewhere, it was like the being that said it was in nowhere, no sound starting position. "A human... You were supposed to be extinct."

Louis got into a fighting position, looking around, trying to find where the voice was, but it didn't make sense. His mind couldn't tell what was happening there. The last memories he had were the destruction of the place he was fighting in, he could only guess it was the same thing that transformed him into rock. Although, he somehow knew time passed, passed right by him. "Where are they? The humans. They can't be extinct. I am not the only to leave the statue form."

The being stood in silence for an eternity, or just a moment, Louis couldn't tell. "The statues. From the end of time. Someone survived it... No God is left to do a contract with you. The left this realm already. Even if you survived the Final Catastrophe, you are bound to be lost through the entaglement of the Place Beyond Time and Space." The voiced struck onto the human from everywhere, and yet it was as if he never heard it.

Louis looked around, still in a fighting position, he could glance at things that resembled eyes sometimes, but he couldn't focus on it, like a blur, or something moving fast and far away, although he felt like he could grasp it with his hands. "I will do it with a Demon, then." He said, looking around with fierce eyes.

Suddenly, he felt something surround him, a mist, but it was physical too, and moved as if it was a liquid. "I am The Only One Who Remains. A Demon, left to stay after nothing stays. You should not be here. My deal will send you back to the time you began to fight what destroyed you. The story will not remain the same. You will forever be lost here if you refuse."

Louis felt like it was the true, the voice was of something he should've never stared at, nor felt the presence. "Send me back. I'll kill every single one of those bastards." Suddenly, the place he was shifted, in a split second, his vision had only one message.

[Unbreakable System]

Quest Completed. Progress saved. Your Skills will progress with your.

Your Deal with The Only One Who Remains has been fulfilled.

Some Skills may not be shown.


[Unbreakable Will]:

You cannot be broken. You'll stand up and fight. Nothing will stop you, because nothing ever did.

And now, he was in a familiar place. An abandoned alley with a dead end, seconds before hell came down on Earth, while he wore filthy rags he called clothing. His body felt as good as ever, and he was ready..