From A Princess To A Duchess To An Empress Book

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From A Princess To A Duchess To An Empress


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Blaire was out on a cruise with her family for the first time. However, due to a certain circumstance, the moment she opened her eyes, she arrived in the world of novel as Victoria Nightingale, the Forgotten Princess in the Kristania Empire. In order to go back to her world, she must fulfill the conditions set before her: Win her father's love and make herself as the empress. As a side-character, it is completely impossible to change the flow of the story unless she becomes a villainess who breaks her miserable and cruel fate. Upon meeting the 2nd Male Lead of the novel, an idea crossed her mind. "If you agree to the contract, I will become your temporary wife and together, we will kill the Emperor!" Will Blaire succeed and be able to go back to her world?


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