1 My life

My name is sahil iam from india i was born on 15 jan 1997 when i was born my mom dad was so happy and slowly slowly i grown up when i was 10 i have a disease and i dont like food at all iam not eating food then my mum consult with the doctor and then doctor gave me some medicine and antibiotics i dont know what is was but with the help of that i start eating food but that medicine gave me side effects also my weight is suddenly start increasing my height is only 5 feet that time and my weight is approximately 62 kg then after some year in my 10th class i was 5.2 and my weight is 92 kgs i like one girl from last 3 years from somehow i express my feelings to her I purpose her but my weight and my body structure is more important than my love she said no to me and said loose some weight you fatty ass . Everyday I bullied in my school seniors came everyday press my chest and said what is inside you boobs tell us we pinch a pin on it i face this thing everyday but i never ever told my mom about this because she loves me alot and I can't see her disappointed . I used to cry everyday in washroom . One day seniors tear of my shirt in my school iam nude in front of my whole class i cant do anything if I complaint the used to beat me after the school . Then o said this is done now first thing i do the next when that same guy came to bully me i slap him so hard and said never ever touch me again and after that i start working out and i loose weight from 105 kg to 55kgs in 1.5 year ❤️

After that i won some competition also i also do weight lifting

Iam also a cpd certified nutritionist

Guys my thought is that there's nothing impossible in this world humans can do anything only you have to be focused and consistent and be patient you get the results for sure