1 Kindergarten through adult

You and Colby are running around outside with the kids in your class, you were turning nine today,  Colby will be turning nine tommorow. Yours and Colby's parents just decided to celebrate both your birthdays on the same day every year.

You and Colby were turning 13, his parents were at work they couldn't come, we invited the whole class to our party, but only 5 of the kids came, "five is better than none" you and Colby said and shrugged your shoulders. Your parents called in all of you for some cake and ice cream, then after opening cards and presents the kids went home, Colby was staying the night.

You and Colby were alone at your house on your 18th birthday, " wanna watch a movie" asked Colby, "Yeah! A scary movie" you said, "what kind of scary movie" Colby asked, "idk pick one" you said scooting closer to Colby "what you wanna hug"  Colby asked as he picked a movie, " I wanna cuddle" you said in a pouty voice, "k, come here then" Colby said. You and Colby finished watching the movie, you soon fell asleep.

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