Free to Breathe Book

novel - Romance

Free to Breathe

K.L. Shandwick

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Rock star Noah Haxby, broke Maggie Dashwood’s heart, shattered her world and stole her future... and she’d never even met him. She wasn't a fan, but she'd known someone who was. Ask any man if he’d love to be most women’s romantic lust filled fantasy, and he’d likely say yes. Noah himself would say, be careful what you wish for. Sometimes desire can quickly become an infatuation or an obsession, and sometimes, these can prove lethal. Chasing lust over romance can have dire consequences; as Maggie Dashwood found out to her cost. She hates Noah Haxby and his hellraiser public image, is everything she detests. But what if his reputation was built on lies? And what if that same reputation is slowly destroying the man behind it? If so, how can Noah prove he’s not that guy his band management originally wanted the world to see? MATURE CONTENT AND PROFANTY 18+ FREE TO BREATHE is created by K.L. SHANDWICK, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.