1 Fragments Of The Heart

"Fine! Push me away but let me tell you that I will never get tired of chasing you over and over. Coz' never will I lose you again this time." His hot breath in my ear tickled my skin.

I stepped back and looked at him in the eyes. The way he intensely stares at me with his icy blue eyes sends shivers down my spine.

Little did I know, he was true to his words.


She woke up without memories of her past. Every person who she interacted with after her accident was a stranger to her, even her own self. But still, she trusts them knowing that they knew her.

Four months passed, but still her memories were blurred and jumbled. Someone introduced as her friend, uncovered some of her secrets in the past that would change her life forever.

She carries a great guilt because once everyone knows it, there will be hell to pay for the actions she didn't know she created from the start.

Then, she met an alluring business magnate Devin Valerio, ruthless owner and CEO of Valerio Empires, surprisingly knew her in a very mysterious way.

How did this intimidating and brooding man know her?

Is she finally ready to hear the whole truth of her past?

Should she listen to her mind or rather what her heart fully desires?

Could she take it all, especially losing herself in the process of falling to the man she has no memories of?

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