Fragile Shell but Extraordinary Within Book

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Fragile Shell but Extraordinary Within


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"So, you need me 'cause I'm unique?" Nicholas arrogantly looks at William up and down. "Yes, you certainly look *interesting*," and smirks. William glares at him. If it weren't for the fact that this man happens to know his secret, he would've long ignored him. He is able to stay hidden for so long by living out his life like a normal person so how the hell did he attract this pompous person's unwanted attention. "I can help you," Nickolas looks around William's barely furnished apartment and adds, "as a matter of fact, I can even make your life easier if you agree to my request." "Help me how? by sitting pretty and spend money?" "Of course," Nickolas answers smugly. William shakes his head and with false politeness opens the door, "I apologize *good* sir, but your offer is too good for a *humble* person like me. Do try asking someone else," William then gestures to Nickolas to get out. Nickolas then stares at William for a long while then smiles, gets up, and walks towards the door near William. Before he exits, his back facing William, says arrogantly "I'll be back again, because this *good* sir is patient enough to wait for you to agree. And I know you will," he then turns to face William and whispers "*humble* Mr. Shapeshifter" in his ears. William's hands faintly tremble but meets Nickolas's gaze steadily, smiles, and answers "Goodbye." He then slams the door on Nickola's face. Even with the door almost hitting his face, Nickolas bursts out laughing. "You're quite charming, William." He then leaves in a good mood. William's hearing the laughter sighs and walks towards the kitchen trying to ignore what just happen. It wasn't easy getting to the point where he is now. All those years struggling just to survive, all alone. William clenches his fist. "Never again will I let myself suffer. Even if that means being heartless."