1 Signora

It was summer.

The sun was bright but not scorching hot. The weather was pleasant with warm breeze blowing in the air. The sky was so blue. A perfect time for outdoor activity.

An oriental girl was laying on a beach. White sand was covering half of her body. She is not moving, her eyes was closed.

She is not sleeping, and exactly not dead.

"Signora!" a high pitched voice was heard. A tall but skinny boy followed after, coming to her direction.

"Signora Han, there is a call from Signor Kevin." the boy held out the cellphone with his right hand while his left hand clutching his chest. Panting. He was out of breath because running from the villa to the beach.

The girl did not take the phone, but arching one of her eyebrows as if asking 'why he called?'0.

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"I don't know Signora. He only said to pass the phone to you." the boy said politely. He is also amused and have so many questions him self. Signor Kevin last call was about two years ago. And he also feel little unhappy when he called because usually it is something troublesome for his signora.

Last time the man named Kevin asked a favour that resulting for his signora to leave the country.

"What it is Kevin."

The boy smiled to how to the point his signora is. It is just a habit of her to speak a little.


"Likewise. say it."


"Make sure you it has a good arragement. I will fly over to night." with that the call ended.

She rose to her feet and brushed the sand on her body.

Walking ahead from the boy, she exhaled a deep breathe while closing her eyed savoring the smell of the sea. Salty and warm.

It might be her last time to have a leisurely life. This past years her life was very calm. She want something new, something different and a bit challenge in it. She need entertainment.

"Rasya," she called the boy.

"Yes, Signora?" the boy said immediately. He know what his signora would said. Yesterday he accidentally overheard her conversation.

"I decided to come back to B city." she paused before adding in a lazy tone "Tell aunty to pack."

Maybe it was destiny. She has to come back to her hometown. Actually she also has plan to come back. She jus didn't expect to be this soon. Yesterday her grand father just ordered her to attend his 70th birthday. She understand what the meaning behind his word. If she is right one of the clause on her father will stated that she could manage her inheritance in the ege of 23, and she is just turned there two week ago.

Her grandfather won't be so kind to hand her what is her. He must be having some thought to snatch it away. That old fox was so shameless as to size her inheritance, a granddaughter that he didn't recognized as his, more ever her father is just a son in law who married in. A son in law that he despised.

But she is not a stingy person. She will give it to him. Because she was long prepared when her father lawyer read his will. Her grandfather as her guardian was shocked when he acknowledged how rich his son in law is. His greediness immediately took action with sending her to study aboard soon after the read. She clearly know his intentions.

And Kevin call is just right on time, giving her another reason to make her comeback not be so boring.

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