1 #1 Destined births.

The year is 1619. Storms ravage a small village hidden the mountains. This area in modern times is known as the Smokey Mountains. On this night the wife of the medicine man is struggling to give birth to their first child. She is a shape shifter and a clairvoyant. She tells the other women of her clan that her son will come soon and be a special person to the Nation. Baby boy cries in the night soon after as the light in his mother's eyes fades. A beautiful smile upon her face as she takes the first and last look at her child.

Storms rage upon the Ocean as a small Island is gathering it's fishing boats in a hurry to get everyone ashore and ride out the storm. A young fisherman looks down into the water to see a very young woman afloat in the waves clinging to a log. She is not one of their own people, with white hair, golden eyes, and white fluffy ears on her head, he takes her as a celestial goddess of their folklore and promptly fishes her from the swells. Rushing her off to their leaders house as she is barely conscious he realizes that she is also heavily pregnant. Not knowing where she comes from everyone gathers around the leaders home. Labor awakens the girl as she gives birth to a daughter who is like her in every way.

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