1 Chance


Voife: Choose a world and you have three wishes say them or get nothing as I throw u into any random world.

Spirit: I choose Naruto world. For my first wish I would like a healing ability stronger than Naruto Uzumaki, Hashirama Senju, The Hulk, Wolverine and Kaido combined. For my second wish I want to be able to do the same things as Zetsu. Merge into any surface and completely hide my presence, leave spores of myself, completely copy everything about a person after absorbing their Chakra. Affinity for all elements etc. For my third wish I want my reserves to be limitless. Be it Chakra, stamina, sage Chakra or any form of energy. It should have no limits.

Voice: Age, Village, Background, and era.

Spirit: 10. Hidden Sand, Elder Ebizos Grandson, 1 year before the beginning of the second Shinobi War.

Hidden Sand Village, Year 51

Inside the Ninja Academy at this moment a group of graduates are talking. The students are about to graduate and are expressing their dreams. At this moment a young man with grey shorts, a grey shirt and scarf stood up.

Ryu: I Ryu dont have a dream but a goal. My goal is to become KazeKage and turn our village Into the strongest and richest of them all.

No one laughed or even bothered to say anything. Ryu has said this numerous of times over the last year. However they all knew it was nearly impossible. The KazeKage position belonged to the KazeKage clan exclusively. Even if Ryus grandfather is one of the honorable siblings. This will not change Unless Ryu showed exceptional skills.

Teacher:Ok good. Now everyone go outside in the yard. You'll be choosing your own weapons aswell as be assigned to your teams and Jonin sensei. Class dismissed.

After exiting the classroom Ryu went with the other kids to the yard. However unlike the others he didn't stay after choosing a sword. He wasn't going to have a Jonin sensei. He would train with his grandfather until the war officially started a year later. Although no one else knew when it would happen he did.

After leaving the school he went to shop for a few things. Coming to a larger than most sand house he entered directly. What greeted him was a middle aged man with long eyebrows with a middle aged woman drinking tea.

Ryu: Grandfather, Granny Chiyo I'm back.

Ebizo smiled seeing Ryu walk in with his sand headband on. The woman who is Chiyo also smiled.

Chiyo: I still don't understand why you refuse to be in a genin team though Ryu.

Ryu: Granny I wanna train some self made ninjutsu before going out. I haven't had the time training them while in school and exercising.

Ebizo: Selfmade? What kinda Ninjutsu did u rascal come up with.

Ebizo: Well one is something I came up with after watching Lord KazeKage fight Shukaku during Uncle Bunpakus nap. It's based off the Tailed beast bomb so long as Chakra is enough the size can be as comparable or even larger than a tailed beast bomb. The second one is to help with my ability to merge with any surface. I'm thinking of using lightning Chakra around my hands to deliver quick attacks. I also want to apply it to a sword so I'll have to find one that can take lightning Chakra. Hmm thts about it for now..

Hearing about the two moves caused these two honorable siblings to be astonished. Especially the one comparable to a tailed beast bomb.

Ebizo: How will u train these two moves?

Ryu: I had planned to use water balloons to help but water is to precious. So I plan to use rubber balls and just try my best from there.

Chiyo: I'll help u heal if u have any mistakes

Ryu: Ok I'll get started right now.

Ryu dashed off towards the backyard and began training the rasengan first. He already a good Chakra control. After all walking a sand wall is harder than walking on a tree in his experience. Before exiting he stopped turned and asked

Ryu: Oh Yea where is sasori?

Eight Months Later

In a training ground three sand mounds stood. A boy around 10 and 11 stood with his right hand stretched out in front of him towards the ground. Blue energy slowly covered his hand. The next moment lightning burst from his hand as his eyes remained closed.

The boys breathing became calm. The lightning Chakra on his hand seemed to follow his breathing pattern. As he breathes in the amount recedes and with every breath out it grows. The boys eyes opened completely as the sound of birds echoed from his hand. Raising it towards the sand mounds his vision became obstructed.

This caused him to frown but he didn't stop. The boys Lightning Chakra dimmed slightly before erupting outwards. Although it looked chaotic the various lightning arcs had a certain elegance to it.

Ryu: Chidori Stream!!


Covering his eye's with his other hand to avoid the brightness. When the brightness subsided the sand mounds had the tops shaved off. Nodding in satisfaction he turned his head and looked at the people behind him.

Ryu: Awesome isn't it. Sadly I can't use it or the normal chidori unless it's a true surprise attack. Otherwise it'll block my vision and make things harder for me to react to. As for Chidori Spear I'll have to be in close quarters as I can only control it up to about 3ft. But then again my specialty lies in information gathering, assassination and infiltration.

Chiyo: Indeed little Ryu will be an excellent shinobi.

Ryu: KazeKage!!

He said with determination. Causing smiles to bloom on the two elders faces. However Ebizos smile faded as he said

Ebizo: Even if that's the case you still need to work on your Taijutsu. Although you do some intense exercises actual combat is necessary. Especially if u plan to use a sword.

Ryu hearing his grandfather nodded as he drifted into thought. He was thinking of the swordsman of One Piece World. Sending powerful slashes that can cut meteors casually. Then his mind drifted to Kiri and the seven ninja swords. Those dual lightning swords. He had to get those even if he didn't remember the name.

Ryu: Grandfather are the weights and clothes I asked for ready.

Ebizo: The clothes are ready. As for the weights. They'll take a little more time to get made. The ninja world is getting to be turbulent and war may be on the horizon.


Anbu: Lord Ebizu and Lord Chiyo. Lord KazeKage would like to gather the council for a meeting.

Ebizo: We'll be right behind you.

Ryu: Ooo can I come? After all as the future KazeKage I should participate in such meetings.

Ryu said as if it was a matter of fact. Ebizo and Chiyo smiled unconsciously before they became dignified.

Ebizo: You can come in but don't speak and just watch how things are done

Ryu: Ok

Council Meeting Room

KazeKage: I'm sure you're all wondering why I asked u here. So I'll just tell you. The way things are looking at this moment war is on the verge of erupting. In the previous war we lost too much from both the leaf and stone. I want this time to be different. But first we need information on the other hidden villages. Alot of our spies have gone dark or have been reported dead. Obviously a cleanse is going on in every village. Ours is no different. Our problem is how to not only get back in contact with those spies but plant new one. Any suggestions.

Silence filled the room as the various elders began to think of solutions. Ryo who was behind Ebizo and Chiyo had his eyes shine brightly. This was his chance to make a name for himself. This was also his opportunity to steal a few Ninjutsu. Be it from Iwa or Konoha would greatly help him.

The flying, explosion and especially particle release of Iwa was truly tempting. As for Konoha he could secretly swipe some Sharingan or Byakugan eye's for himself. Especially Sharingan. He didn't believe with his chakra and healing factor that he would succumb to the same situation as the future Kakashi.

Most importantly at this time Mito is still alive. The FuinJutsu of the Uzumaki will be a huge bonus. He already stole Rasengan and Chidori. Might aswell steal minatos advanced version of Flying Thunder God and see if he can use wood style aswell. Yes Konoha is the best place to go. He can also steal the basic jutsu of Konoha as Suna did not have them.

They had variations but not the real thing. He could also finally try clone technique. Take on the appearance of a few loyal anbu or even root along with some regular shinobi. He also thought to steal the yamanakas mind **** jutsu.

Counselor 1: I believe we should try infiltrating Iwa first. They have a large population of people aswell as shinobi. A few people entering either one at this juncture wont matter. Of course these people should be able to know how to adapt and survive a battlefield.

Counselor 2: I disagree its best to infiltrate Konoha.

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