1 Four Blades

Chapter 1 - Prologue

Everything starts in a totally dark room, the only thing that lights up would be your computer monitor and then a boy appears, who would be lying on your bed.

The boy didn't look any good at all, he would have his arm bending his eyes. He would just say one word "how could I do something so horrible? And then suddenly the boy starts crying.

The boy's brother goes to his room and knocks on his door. Without any answer, the brother entered and as soon as he saw his brother crying in bed, the brother then calmly asks why he is crying, but the same did not have any answer.

The older brother begins to make affection in the same, saying that no matter the reason but qure with all certainty all will be fine, and then the young man ended up calming down with time and then explained to the brother, the reason for being like this, the brother reacted in a half scared way asking: "Henry? What do you mean, "Henry?!

The boy who was crying was called Henry and his older brother Tommy. Tommy says to his brother:

- you're telling me a girl got hit by a car because of you?!

Then Henry wiggles his head saying yes but showing that he was totally destroyed by the situation.

Henry ends up saying stuttering:

- I-I tried to help her but I couldn't!

- I failed Tommy!

Tommy ends up getting scared by this whole situation and tells his brother that he didn't understand it.

Tommy looks down and says:

- So this girl was murdered because of you, because you were involved?

Henry looks at Tommy with no answer. Tommy just felt contempt and fear of his brother and ends up saying with a tone of anger:


Scared Henry answers:


- We needed money... And then I'll end up making a deal with one of the murderers...

Tommy looks at his brother with no answer and ends up going to his room.

Henry totally silent lies down and looks up to try to calm down. About 20 minutes went by and Henry ends up hearing a siren noise, he gets up and goes to the window. After seeing the police coming he realizes what happened.

The young man without much time ends up running from his house and goes out the window. After getting far away from his home he started to walk straight on the streets of Brooklyn, it was raining and Henry had nowhere to go was totally aimless.

Henry ended up thinking: "I understand... am I paying for what I did? Is this really it?"

The boy then walked into an alley and sat down, beside him had a cat lying down. As he looked at the cat Henry says:

- Hm, do we look alike?

And then the same completes his own question:

- No... You're just a little animal that would never hurt anyone, unlike me...

- We are not a little alike, but unfortunately we are in the same situation.

And then Henry ends up looking at the totally cloudy sky and says low:

- If I had at least one more chance again, if only...

The same thing ends up leaving the alley and wandering again, looking to the side he noticed that a girl was coming but right behind was a car in high speed behind it.

Henry ends up panicking and does not think about the situation and then he goes to save her and then Henry pushed the girl being caught by the car.

Henry ends up being thrown away and the same keeps looking at the sky just thinking:

- "It's okay, nobody will miss me, if even the only person I had by my side was against me ..."

- "So that's okay, that's the end, isn't it?"

- "Did I do a good thing at least at the end of my life?"

And then the boy closes his eyes and then he ends up dying. Until it melts away...

Chapter 2 - Discovery

Suddenly everything becomes very clear, Henry is without understanding anything and then everything returns, Henry had returned to life or better in another life, Henry was a baby again!

He saw a Man and a Woman, they were his new parents, and the same thinks:

- "So really the universe gave me a chance to make amends for everything I did, that's my promise to fate!"

The woman ends up saying:

- Look how beautiful he is.

She looks pretty tired from childbirth, but that's all right with her.

She picks Henry up on her lap and says the following words:

- His name will be... Kaito... is my baby okay?...

And then Henry thinks calmly:

- "Um, it's okay with me, my name is Kaito now!"

- "but for some reason I'm very tired..."

So Henry who would now be Kaito will begin his journey.

4 years later...

Kaito would now live normally as a child and now who would take care of him would be his new parents who would be Erina his Mother and Achilles his Father, they lived in the country so it used to be very quiet the days there.

Kaito was bored in his room until he remembered that in his house there was an attic and then the same was to see o'that there was so much there, when he got there he saw that there were many boxes with a lot of dust but o'that really caught his attention was an open box which would have some books.

When he cleaned a little the book because of the dust Kaito saw that it was written "learning book of Alchemy" and then Kaito ends up wondering:

- Alchemy? Like, does it definitely exist? This is very strange

So Kaito took the book and took it to his room.

After getting there the boy locked the door and soon sat down on the floor with the book, looking at the book the boy says:

- Well, I have to see this. Even before I knew about this world people spoke another language that I would never know, so it's not hard to see, is it?

The boy was reading for about 8 hours until his mother called him to dinner and then Kaito keeps the book and goes there normally. His mother, worried, asks Kaito why he was locked in his room for so long, and then he answers:

- I found a book in the attic about magic so I wanted to see some of it, that's all.

His father was sitting at the table, after hearing his book's answer he asks Kaito how he would know how to read only when he was 4 years old but Kaito says that he doesn't know either and then everyone wonders Kaito want to know about Alchemy but ignore this fact.

A few weeks go by and Kaito starts to learn some methods of alchemy getting to make his own toys, the boy was basically a prodigy for his age, his parents seeing this, they found incredible. With this they would like to have a serious conversation with their son, because with his advanced mentality they thought he would understand, and then they called Kaito to talk.

After Kaito got there his father, Achilles asks the boy to sit next to him, then the same did what his father had asked, Achilles gives a light sigh and then he says:

- Kaito you are a very intelligent boy, and with that I hope you understand, okay?

The young man ends up getting preoccupied and agrees with his father only with his head, not saying a word.

Then Achilles spoke:

- My son and his mother have been hiding something from you for some time and I want you to know that because you deserve to know that.

- Father? What is going on?

Achilles ends up putting his hand on Kaito's ear and ends up doing a deformation magic.

Kaito surprised, ends up going back with fear and then he puts his hand in his ear, without understanding he is poked. His ears were no longer round but pointed, Kaito was not a simple human but an Elf!

- His mother and I hadn't realized this in childbirth because we were very happy with his arrival to the world my son, and then I deformed his ear to look like a human?

Chapter 3 - The lie

Kaito with a desperate look ends up looking at his Father, the boy was trembling so he collapsed not ground. He had no more strength to stand up, his shock was so strong that he fainted when he woke up he was in his room, the first thing he noticed was his mother and the lamp light on his side.

- Mommy? Is that you?

said the sleepy and prosperous boy. His mother was holding his hand and looked like she was crying, and then the boy stood up lightly, holding Mother Kaito's hand and seeing all this he says to his mother that everything is fine and nothing will change between them.

The mother is happy to hear this from her son and ends up hugging him and then she left and went to sleep, after that Kaito ends up looking at his hand and whispers very low:

- Then I'm capable more than I thought...

- This... is... incredible and I can be sure of this...

And then he turned around and went to sleep.

The next day Kaito had nothing more to hide in himself, Kaito decided to go with his mother to the village to shop. By surprise the boy never stood out so much as he was that day, everyone said that he could become a great magician with his elven powers and that they couldn't wait to see the same elder.

The boy felt more special than before and so he struggled every day to learn magic. Well the years passed and Kaito finally made the so dreamed 12 years old to be qualified as a warrior.

The boy had everything to pass the test but the big problem was that unfortunately Kaito was unable to do magic, that would be a big problem, so he would be known as "The boy elf without magic powers" with this Kaito ended up developing a problem where his pessimism pursued him.

And then the night came, Kaito looked at the stars outside, that would be the only moment where Kaito felt he could do something that would be "useful" and then his Father sat next to the young man.

The noise of insects and the breeze made that place not seem totally quiet, until Achilles asked if everything was ok with it, after a few seconds the young man answered:

- Ah, I am, that means not totally but yes.

Achilles ends up feeling bad for his son is like this and then the same asks Kaito to tell him what was happening and if he would go to the academy Ardis and then Kaito looked at his father and soon after to the floor:

- It depends, even if I take the test I don't think they will accept me.

- And why not?

Said Achilles.

- Well... a lot of people expect too much from me because I'm just an elf.

- I don't think so. Everyone should be able to do what's really within her reach and no more than that, so you'll be able to move forward, move forward and move forward even further. So don't worry about these things Kaito.

- Your Mother and I believe a lot in your point, that everyone knows but do what you really can. Remember Kaito you started reading when you were 4 years old, you are amazing! And not only that... You are my son!

Kaito keeps staring at the ground while his Father speaks these great words, 1 minute later Kaito starts crying, and then the young man hugs his Father.

- Daddy V-you are amazing!

- This is very good coming from you, I feel that I raised you very well.

Aquile ends up laughing for a few seconds.

Aquile gets up and cleans his pants and then extends his hand to Kaito and then he looks at Aquile, and then the Father says.

- And then he goes in?

Kaito takes his father's hand and then gets up.

- I will, yes you can, but I will still read a little out here on account of the breeze so you can go first, okay?

- Well, that's fine by me.

Then soon Aquile leaves there and goes straight to the room.

Chapter 4 - Journey begins

Kaito keeps looking at the stars, and then he starts to hold on crying, but the young man wipes his tears very fast and he goes straight to his room. Kaito takes his book and a wooden sword from his father, soon after he takes out a piece of paper and takes some ink and soon writes a letter to his parents and then Kaito leaves home and goes towards the famous "forest of Eden" which is just ahead after the village Sankai.

The young man ends up leaving during the night, so nobody will try to stop him but the risk would be bigger, but it didn't matter to Kaito, passing by the village Kaito should be very agile because anybody could see him and deliver him to him.

He was passing in the middle of the village and soon Kaito lets out a light sigh and says "I'm going to miss coming here" whispering very low, Kaito thought that not everyone would notice that he was leaving until...

- Kaito? What are you doing here at this hour? I bet Miss Erina doesn't know that, right?

- Oh?! Liz where did you leave from?!

Liz is a 12 year old girl too and is Kaito's childhood friend. The young man didn't know any little where Liz came from even knowing that Liz's hair is very flashy because it is Red.

- But tell me what you're doing Kaito, I'm very curious, you know?

- Look... Liz I intend to go to the Ardis Academy and spend there, so there wouldn't be a better time for me to run away from home like this. But if you want to stop me all right, I won't hesitate to pass you out, Liz...

- Wait a minute. You're running away from home Kaito?!

The girl was laughing under Kaito for one minute.

- Well, it's like this or something, but let it go and that's it, goodbye Liz, I'll see you a few years ahead.

- Wait a little bit there.

The girl holds Kaito's arm and then pulls it close and then it ends up blushing a little and he asks her what she wanted.

- Hm, I would like to go with you, I'm tired of staying here but that's up to you, would you take me?

- Oh no, I don't believe I'll have to take you along with me, hum. Fine, you come but you'll have to use the sword.

He throws the wooden sword to Liz, the girl is enchanted by the beauty of the sword and soon she is holding it in a swordsman's way.

- Liz, let's go before dawn and everyone ends up stopping us.

And then the two go straight to the forest, the sun was already almost appearing so they would have to take great care possible at this time and then they began to accelerate the step to maybe arrive faster.

When they finished running they reached the gate of the forest. The gate had several strange writings and drawings, it was covered with tree roots and full of flowers in each place of it. Kaito found it strange because it seemed that nobody opened that door for years but he did not care and soon opened it.

As soon as the boy opened the door the rusting noise in the ground ended up dominating the place, everyone had heard it. Kaito and Liz end up getting nervous about all this but then the mayor of the village arrives and sees the two of them trying to open the door to the great forest of Edem.

Kaito changes his expression quickly and soon looks at the mayor, the mayor who had an angry face ended up smiling and soon he says:

- Haha! So it's you kids, I understand you want to leave this village, right? It's okay to go but go very fast if not you won't get more.

Kaito and Liz are surprised with the mayor's answer and then they both smile. The boy shakes his head to the mayor and soon opened the door and closed it as soon as he walked through it, the mayor stared at the door for a second and soon thinks "yes, children you have potential for everything so live your lives and do not let anyone control it".

Kaito and Liz follow the path of the forest, the forest was very strange, they were giant trees with a dark shade, there were branches and leaves everywhere making the route even more bizzaro.

After a while passing all the way they finally reach the end of the path so they see the great Kingdom of Brasalla. It was all so colorful and so magical, there were several people in it and they had several foods everywhere, seeing this Liz is very anxious to go soon then they go there.

When they arrived at the gate there were two soldiers in the security of the kingdom so they stop the two young people and soon ask names, age and the reason to go there and soon Kaito answers the warriors:

- My name is Kaito Loswell and I'm here to enroll in the great Ardis Academy.

- Hm, and this human girl next to you young Elf?

- Ah her? she is my childhood friend who is accompanying me on this journey but her dream would be to become a great swordsman.

- I understood young Elf, we expect a great journey coming from you young man.

Chapter 5 - Magic learning

After they entered the kingdom it was all magical, people selling different things everywhere, happy people having fun with their parents and children, warriors walking around the kingdom in the form of protection. Kaito arrives in a warrior and asks where is the Ardis Academy and the soldier answered him:

- It's just you follow straight and then go to the right soon you will find it.

Kaito just says thank you and soon he walks again, Liz ends up strangering the behavior of the young man, he was totally different from just now, he looks more "adult" or something like that.

After they walk through the kingdom they finally find the great Ardis Academy, the one responsible for creating one of the greatest heroes that this world ever had and soon Kaito knocks on the door and is attended by a woman and soon she asks:

- Ah a boy? Isn't he young?

- My name is Kaito Loswell and I would like to join the Ardis Academy!

The woman is very surprised with the answer she received and soon she says:

- Hm, an elf? You can have a great capacity, can't you? That would be very interesting after all, young man. But what about that little girl there? Would she like to come in too?

- Ah Liz? Hm, but of course not Liz?

- Um... I don't know... I don't think so...

Liz ends up lowering her head and then Kaito raises her face, the two of them face each other for a few seconds and then Kaito says:

- O'what? She's going to realize her dream of becoming a great swordsman because of what? Come on Liz! Grab your dream at once!

- The young man spoke well, but you know that you will have to go through a trial first, right? We have to really see if you are capable of what you want to conquer so much, you know, this is not for anyone. Especially you young lady, it's not common for a girl to want to be a swordsman so you will have to fight a lot for it.

- But all right young people, my name is Lucy and follow me, let's go inside.

Soon they accompany Lucy inside the Academy, inside the place there was an office right next to the entrance with a huge aisle right in front, the woman enters the desk and soon tells them to sit down, then they do.

- And then she tells me their full young names.

- Mine is just Kaito Loswell, at least that's what my parents put in me.

- And mine is Elizabeth Menetrian miss!

- Are they both the same age?

Both answer yes, and soon Lucy marks o'that the two want to become and soon she completes the file of the two on paper, after that Lucy says that if they follow the corridor they will run into a patio full of people wanting to become heroes, then they follow straight and soon is their rooms.

The young people follow in front of that corridor as they cross it they come to the large courtyard with more than 500 people there, everyone is surprised with the arrival of new people and especially an elf boy, everyone is around Kaito and Liz. After a long time everyone almost introduced themselves and asked many questions to both and soon they managed to go to their rooms.

As soon as Kaito entered his he lay on his bed, tired and totally broken. And soon he keeps asking himself how his parents are, and then he gets up and leaves his room, he goes to Lucy and asked her where he could take a bath, she indicated that he would have a thermal spring right on the left of the courtyard, he followed the way indicated and soon entered the male area.

After entering the hot springs he releases an old sigh and then ends up falling asleep, in his mind he ends up remembering the day in his past life as Henry, he ends up remembering the girl asking for help for the same and she being taken by murderers and melting, the same appears behind the young man saying "you didn't save me that day, you didn't do anything".

Soon after that the boy wakes up desperate, he looks around and is sure that nobody is looking the same, he soon goes out, takes his clothes and goes straight to his room. When he got there he just put the book he read so much at home on the wooden table next to his bed, he lit the lamp and soon lay down and fell asleep.

The young man woke up very early to talk to Lucy it was 5 in the morning, he said that he would like to do his test to become a real magician, she took him to the place and there was his teacher, it seemed that the man was already waiting Kaito to arrive and then Lucy left the place soon after.

The man gets up and then turns around doing this he soon says:

- Are you young Kaito?

- Ah... Yes sir!

- Please don't call me that, but well we should get used to it now, basically we will do it every day at the same time, right?

- That's fine by me sir, but before we start, could you tell me your name?

- The clear boy, my name is ReinHard your Kaito Magic teacher!

- I understand, sir!

Soon they started and it was like this day after day, until it was 1 year later Kaito was well involved in his magic, being able to defeat even some monsters that appeared through the kingdom, Kaito was already a level C Magician and while Liz was a swordsman who ended up being sent to another academy in another kingdom to continue his dream, then Kaito didn't know much about it.

- All right Kaito, you've accomplished everything from here at the Academy now the only thing you have left is to get involved alone with your amazing spells!

- So know that it was a great year with you here at the Academy Kaito will miss you!

- Hm, thanks Lucy know I say the same, but now my mission is to travel around with my own magic, and tell Mr. ReinHard I will miss him too and goodbye Lucy!

So Kaito leaves the Academy and not even the same looks back, so the same shows to everyone that he has nothing to lose with his path with which he would walk. So Kaito is willing to experience his new journey!

Chapter 6 - Freedom

The boy continued his aimless journey to the world he walked isolated by helping, or even defeating enemies with his magic to earn the money he needed, until he gave a break in a "strange" city she seemed very deserted, when Kaito got there he called someone but did not get any answer. With this Kaito took his staff and soon hit it on the ground, making everybody appear in front of him, people became desperate and then soon the mayor bowed down before the young man.

Kaito didn't understand the reason of all that and then he warned him that it was not a threat and that he was there just for a break from his adventure and soon everyone apologized and soon the mayor invited him to his house where they could talk, the young man just accepted and soon accompanied the mayor. When he got there the mayor asked Kaito to sit down and soon he gave him a cup of tea and soon he sat down too, making Kaito ask him:

- So what's going on here in this village?

The depressed mayor didn't even know what to say so he took a sigh then said the same:

- It's just that we're facing a lot of problems lately, problems I never thought I'd have...

- But what kind of problem are you having to endure, could you tell me?

- Well... Not long ago there was a boy with a hoodie about your age killing animals and even disappearing with children from our village...

- O'what?! HOW?! But does he take anything else or does he use at least something to do all the things?

- Well... maybe he would use a bow and arrow to shoot someone from a distance and not only that... we always find something or other with arrows around the village. And he also ends up stealing some fruit from our harvest here...

- Well... that's definitely strange, that's impossible to deny, but do you know anything else about him? What time or so does he start attacking the village?

- Maybe after 9:00 at night he'd be my young man...

Kaito takes a sigh and then stands up and extends his hand to the mayor, then the mayor takes his hand and then Kaito says to him:

- All right then mayor, I will try to stop him tonight but I will need a few things.

- And what would that be?

- Well maybe a rope and gunpowder, could you give me these two items?

- But of course! But young I need to know one thing, what would be your young elf name?

- Hm, my name is Kaito Loswell the wizard who will save this village sir!

Soon Kaito leaves the mayor's house and then stays by the side of the forest only hidden, waiting then in the meantime he ends up falling asleep. Kaito ended up waking up at 8 pm, right at the time of putting his plan into practice, soon the same went to the mayor who already had the items in hand, Kaito ended up putting some gunpowder more on the side of the plantation, thus interrupting the growth of the fruits and of course planted a trap at the entrance of the village with the rope.

And then the time came, it would be 9 o'clock at night to start everything, definitely a boy with a hood appeared that day and as soon as he got near the entrance he stopped and soon says:

- Are you guys dumb? Do you really think I'm going to fall into this rough trap?

And then he shoots an arrow into the trap and soon it is activated without any effort and then it ends up entering. With nothing in mind Kaito goes to the front of it, thus making the two of you stand face to face.

Then soon the mysterious boy says:

- Um, an elf wizard? Interesting, maybe you do the magic of turning a person into a pet.

Then the hooded boy laughs. With this Kaito takes a leap back and then he turns his staff to the boy and then ends up sending a wind cut, making the boy's hood fall back, thus revealing his face in addition to having caused damage in the middle of it.

The boy with his blonde hair and blue eyes would really be a villain? He seemed to be a prince or even a nobleman. The boy soon says his name then:

- O'what? Do you think a little wind will stop me, elf boy? You're totally wrong, my name is Atreus Mihan, and I'll kill you right here!

Soon he'll have said that Atreus shows that his arm is full of symbols of Alchemy, showing that Atreus is an alchemy user and that he wouldn't need to make any symbols for that, since everyone has the same symbol. And then he beats both hands one to the other and soon to this he points one of them to Kaito, thus making it to be 3 gitantes thorns made of titanium in high speed in Kaito's direction.

Kaito quickly makes a shield around him, thus deviating from the thorns, soon rising on them and thus activating the spiritual cut, which would be several swords piercing his body but would be only the sensation, leaving Atreus with no chance to move. Soon this Kaito is able to get close to Atreus thus hitting his staff on the same causing him to be suddenly thrown up a tree.

As soon as Atreus was thrown to the tree he ended up being so strong that he was able to make a very strong branch pierce his chest making Atreus lose a lot of blood. Kaito goes to Atreus and stares at him and soon says the same:

- And then?

- O-o-o'that q-q- means with a "so what?"

- Do you really think I regret what I did? Do you think I've definitely lost? Which is it? Don't make me laugh Elf HAHAHAH

- Um, Atreus if you continue like this soon will die, so anyway you could tell me what you did with the children you kidnapped, maybe so I at least bury you after death.

Atreus soon looks at Kaito and give a smile doing so spitting blood on Kaito's face and then he says:

- Do not take me wrong, but I entered this life because I knew what would be my end so I do not need anyone to get out of this alone.

- But you are very strong Elf, tell me your name.

- I am Kaito, and know that you could have used your power for good but you decided to use it for evil, you decided to use it to make people suffer.

- Hm, look Kaito don't make me laugh but this little thing of making people smile for being a Little Hero doesn't work for me, I did it once and you know what happened? Yes, I lost everything. That's just what people say to make other people's heads, but well I hope I die this time and don't go to this shit of life again.

And then soon this Atreus ends up dying for losing too much blood making Kaito winning the battle, but the same is not proud of it, and then soon he goes to the mayor and says he killed the culprit of everything and had already completed everything he promised and then left the village. Thus completing one more mission that appeared on his journey.

Chapter 7 - The mysterious power

Kaito ends up sleeping on a tree right after the village where he had passed. That day it was two years ago that Kaito left his home, and so he remembered the letter he left to his parents that would be written;

"Mom, Dad, I thank you for everything you did for me, for the food, for the water, for the place to sleep, for the education you gave me and the courage that I would never conquer alone, know that I will think about you every day, but don't be worried one day I will come back. Well I don't know when and I don't know if it will take long but I promise that one day I will come back, by the way I will pass by the Ardis Academy, I think it will be worth it for me in my training to become a great person that you can be proud of me one day, okay? Well, I'm going to go for it and Mom, Dad this will be my last good night that I will tell you until we see each other again, Goodbye. Signed: Kaito Loswell"

And then the boy wakes up, the same as the one in the tree and soon says:

- Well, I think I'm ready to visit them again, well let's go there!

Soon Kaito starts walking towards his old house again, so he can see the people he once cared about once more. Kaito was even very excited about everything, because he would review everything that happened.

The young man was already approaching the forest of Edem and soon remembered his escape that everything was thanks to the mayor of the village Kagemori so nothing fairer to thank him for that is not really. Passed by the forest soon Kaito saw the gate, he was the same thing, it seemed like the first time Kaito saw the gate again.

Soon he opened that big gate, making the same rusting noise passing through the ground, so soon everyone in the village went to see what happened. Then they saw Kaito, the boy was taller, clothes totally different from before and of course with a staff.

Suddenly a woman ran to Kaito and soon asked the young man:

- Where is my daughter? Where is Liz?

Soon Kaito answered her:

- Well, we entered Ardis Academy together but over time she was sent to another academy in another village, so I'm sorry I definitely don't know.

- But miss I'm sure Liz is fine, I know how tough she is, I'm sure she's doing her best to make her dream of becoming a great swordsman come true!

As soon as Kaito says that the lady calms down a little more and everyone is surprised by his return, he was totally different for more than those 2 years. He seemed wiser and not only that but now he is a wizard of the kingdom, so of course he wouldn't be anyone to have this position.

- So do you know if my parents still live there in the country?

- Of course, they are still there waiting for your return, Young Kaito.

Says the mayor with a very quiet tone and proud of the young man's conquest.

Kaito ends up getting nervous every step he takes to his parents' house, no matter how much they believed in Kaito, he still felt insecure with all that. Then Kaito was finally in front of the door of his old house, the breeze had gotten a little stronger, everything seemed that time had stopped at that moment and then Kaito soon knocked on the door.

Kaito's waiting was impulsive, the boy was so nervous that he didn't even know how to express it, so somebody suddenly opened the door and soon saw the same thing. It was his mother, it was Erina, without knowing how to express her happiness Erina starts crying and soon ends up falling to the ground, Kaito kneels to hold her and soon the question:

- M-ma are you okay? Are you sick? Do you have anything?

And soon Kaito wipes his mother's tears, and then he lifts her up, his father runs to see what's happening and soon he stops, so he acts without thinking and soon hugs them both. Kaito ends up not being able to speak a word and soon retracts the Father's hug.

Soon his Father invites him to come in, then he soon enters and then he sits down at the table, and soon says:

- And then, how are you?

- Hm, of course my son and you? You've been gone so long. I thought he would not return.

The two of them keep quiet for a while and then Kaito asks:

- Did you read my letter?

- Of course I did, but... I hid it from your mother, she shouldn't have known about it, knowing that your son was imprudent to leave us that night.

Kaito is surprised with the Father's answer, he didn't understand what the Father said and then asked the reason for it:

- Oh, what do you mean? The letter was for both of us, why didn't he give it to his mother?

- When I read that letter I thought, "Damn, then my son made the biggest mistake I ever thought he would" leave us, didn't he, Kaito?

- Why was that? I didn't understand... I needed to do that if I wouldn't ever fulfill my dream! I'd be stuck here forever and ever!

- So your mother and I prevented your dream from being realized? Boy! And what are you going to tell me now Kaito?! Are you going to tell me that you would like to end the violence to achieve peace?! Is that it?

Kaito ends up hitting his staff on the floor, then making a slight tremor in the house, making his Father fall to the ground and then he ended up answering him:

- That night you told me that no matter what I should do, that if my destiny depended on it was to be done and now you are telling me these things?

- Dad... what happened to you? You seem to have forgotten everything you taught me and now you are just contradicting yourself.

Aquile soon starts to laugh and then gets up and then he yells at his son and says:

- If you say you're so incredible Kaito then why did you kill Atreus?

Kaito is surprised at his Father's answer and didn't expect that from his Father at all and ends up feeling a little bad about all that. So without thinking twice he told him:

- Everything is so confusing to me, but... You know about Atreus is even stranger Father... do you have any connection with him? Could you answer me, Father?

Chapter 8 - Memories of the past

- Kaito... you know what? You're a bastard!

Soon Aquile goes to Kaito to punch him and then Kaito deviates from it and then with the tip of the staff he hits his father on the back making him a little breathless for a few seconds. That time was enough for Kaito to immobilize him on the ground without moving.

- Hm... Did you know that it's kind of bad to hear that from your own father? You know a lot about Atreus, don't you? So why don't you tell me right away that you have some connection with Atreus. Is he some distant son of yours?

- HAHAH... How do you talk so much shit Kaito? Congratulations for disappointing me as a father... by the way, why were you born?

Kaito soon gets off of him and then goes straight out, he sees his mother next to the harvest, he goes to the harvest and soon says fast as if he had prey to get out of there:

- Mom, I'll be right there, I know my visit was quicker, okay? Bye Mom.

Kaito kisses her forehead and then runs to Kagamori Village and meets Liz's mother and then he talks to her:

- Miss, I promise you that I will bring your daughter back all right? I will go after her right now! See you later and tell everyone in the village that I'm coming!

Kaito opens the gate and soon closes it, so the young man will use the magic of Eolo's tornado to be able to fly with more precision and speed thus going to the Kingdom very fast and without passing the guards, thus making the boy enters much easier and soon runs to the Ardis Academy.

When he gets there he soon enters without knocking on the door, thus meeting Lucy in a totally unexpected way, and then before Lucy said something Kaito soon asked:

- Miss Lucy, could you tell me which academy and village Liz was sent to?

- Ah? wait a minute, after 1 year you come and the first thing you tell me is about Liz? Are you feeling something for her now is Kaito?

- Lucy this is no time to play! Come on and tell me, I need the answer very urgently!

- Okay, okay. Here it is! On this sheet is all the data from where Liz was sent, well then good luck to meet her again, and in case this happens tell her that I miss her.

- All right, thanks Lucy, I owe you something!

With this Kaito soon leaves the Academy and hits his staff on the ground making his tornado appear again and fly faster again, the boy was just following straight, and soon he took the sheet and went to see the dice:

- Hmm, let me see that here hmm. Well this is a bit far, isn't it? All right then, let's go! Next stop: Vila Lanos and Koromi Academy.

Finally Kaito arrives at Vila Lanos, it was basically all new to Kaito, the young man was totally lost in this new place. So he went to a boy who was selling fruits in his tent and soon asked him:

- Excuse me, can you tell me where Koroni Academy is? Because I have to see a friend, you know?

The man looked at Kaito and then lowered his head without saying a word and then he said:

- I'm sorry young... but Koroni Academy doesn't exist anymore... it was destroyed almost one and a half years ago...

Kaito's eyes widened, it was as if his world had collapsed. The boy didn't want to believe it, thinking about it he just said "thank you" and soon he flew away.

When he was outside the village, he was in the forest and soon lay down under a tree, he was looking at some ants passing by for a few seconds and soon his eyes filled with tears and then he says to himself:

- N-no... i-it couldn't have...

After 20 minutes in a pure silence on the spot he soon got up, wiped his tears and soon hit his staff on the floor and said:

- I swear I will go after the person who did it!

Kaito no longer thought about himself, his body and mind just moved to "revenge" for his friend, Kaito just wanted answers to all that, he didn't understand why his Father said those things now he lost his friend Liz... all that didn't make sense to him.

Kaito stayed almost 2 weeks looking for answers about the alleged murderer of the whole Koroni Academy, until he finally got an answer, very strange indeed. A man even said he saw the hooded person leaving Koroni Academy right after his murder and then he met a blond boy full of strange symbols on his arm.

Without debts, Atreus was involved along with the murderer, Kaito already knew where to find him. The young man without thinking went straight to his father and mother's house, arriving there he opened the door without at least calling and soon screamed:


Achilles soon came down the stairs looking directly at Kaito with a look of anger and contempt and of course without understanding why Kaito had returned and then before he asked the young man the question first:

Achilles, do you know anything about Atreus? If you know, you can tell where he could be.

Achilles didn't want to know the reason of all that but he would be with all certainty with closed hands for this kind of question.

- Hm, and why would I say something like that to you? You forgot that you killed him, you don't have to keep asking yourself so much about it Kaito, now let's go. Get out of here, right now!

Kaito ended up getting more angry about all that, his anger was getting continuous every day and every minute and soon answered Achilles:

- You know that Atreus can return to life, thanks to the power of alchemy that is sealed in his arms, no? Then porn doesn't answer me at once. I know you don't consider me important to you and I don't want any love coming from you, I just want that answer now!

Soon Achilles holding back the laughter was saying a "no" but even before completing the word, Kaito went up to him threatening to kill him. Erina didn't know what to do in the situation, the shock was great that she couldn't even move with all that and soon Achilles spoke again:

- Do you see Erina? Do you see what we have created? He is the monster we created! He came from hell to haunt us every night. Without debt Erina, he is the demonic elf that Lana spoke of so much that he would haunt us.

Kaito after hearing this releases Achilles and soon takes a few steps back. And then he says:

- Hm, it's ok if they don't want me around, it's ok if they call me a demon, a monster and several other things, but I won't hate Miss Mother.

- I am sincerely grateful to you for everything, Achilles I hold no grudge against you, because I know that the lessons I take most for my whole life are the ones you told me and of course I still consider you a Father. But now if you want distance, all right I will go and never come back, all right? Then it will be done.

Soon Kaito went out the door and soon flew to the skies with his tornado of wind full of life, but still Kaito would not have the answer from where Atreus was or could be, this would definitely be a big problem but Kaito did not care because he knew he would have the answer sooner or later.

Chapter 9 - A new partner

Kaito didn't know what else to do, as he would find Atreus and the Academy's assassin, these were almost impossible questions to answer. Kaito to get all that out of his mind soon went to a new village he would find, it would be the Horizon Village, Kaito would have entered a village bar to try to calm down a little, with that he met Hoan, a warrior archer who was drinking next to him.

Hoan brought up the subject with Kaito and soon they became friends so Hoan asked Kaito:

- So... Do you have any partner Kaito?

Kaito would take a few seconds to answer him because he was drinking a cup of coffee, so he put the cup on the counter and then he looked at Hoan.

- Well, I never thought about something like that, I was always very closed with people so I never had so many friends you know.


Hoan hit his hand on the counter and then pointed to Kaito with a smile on his face.

- I will be your companion on this journey!

Kaito is very surprised with Hoan's answer, and soon gave a sarcastic smile and then with a long sigh answered him:

- Ah, all right, all right. Even if I say a no you will still not?

- But first Kaito how about we make a promise! We will become the greatest heroes this land has ever seen! And we'll call ourselves Nakamaru!

And soon the two of them became great friends, the two of them were traveling on parallel missions to Kaito's point, so they spent one year of the two traveling, so they ended up stopping at a village and soon they started to walk.

- So let's go Hoan, we have a lot to do because my mission is not done yet.

Kaito was just walking in a straight line because he didn't even know where he was going and soon Hoan asked:

- Do you know where you are going by chance? Look, I'm not doubting his ability, and neither anything like that but we are walking in a straight line, right?

- I really don't know where I am going.

Kaito answers with an absolute certainty of what he was talking about, without any hermos or fear. After saying this Kaito ends up laughing and soon says to Hoan:

- Well Hoan, I will tell you my plan, okay?

Hoan gets excited to hear Kaito's idea and soon he says:

- Hoan I'm looking for one of the biggest crooks he has nowadays, Atreus. You know who he is, right?

Hoan ends up getting scared when he hears the name Atreus and soon he takes a step back without understanding Kaito's reason. Hoan says it would be impossible for Kaito to do something like this, but Kaito didn't understand the reason for all that and soon Hoan said:

- I'm sorry but that's impossible Kaito... Atreus is immortal, no matter how many times you kill him, he always comes back...

- And you killed him Hoan? Did you kill him?

- Kaito, you still don't understand what he does? He lets you kill him for you to simply disappear from his front, that would be the best option for him so it's obvious. I killed him but he just came back again.

- But there must be some way that we don't know how, but there must be!

- That I don't know but it really does, we have only one chance Kaito, do you understand?

- But if you are looking for him, I know where to find him just follow me.

Then Hoan goes on turning around and goes directly to the forest and Kaito follows him right behind. Halfway there was silence, none of them said anything, until:

- And then Kaito, why do you want so much to get Atreus? Do you have any debt with him?

- No, o'that I want is not with him but he can give me the key to all this, Atreus was an accomplice so he definitely knows something.

- Hm, that's even kind of interesting, but if it's not Atreus then who would it be? As I remember it was spread that you really killed him for everybody but only I know his truth, so he would kind of be on top of all the bandits worth more gold, no?

- That would be a good offer until Hoan but my mission has no reward in gold and nobody knows right but I will try to explain, ok?

- In Lamos village there was an Academy, Koroni Academy, about 1 year ago this Academy was destroyed, or rather it was a massacre. And unfortunately my best friend was in that academy, so what I want most is to kill the murderer so not only avenging my friend but all the students of that academy.

- I understand Kaito, anyway my feelings for everyone at that academy.

- But well, this is it.

Soon the two of them stopped, it seemed like just a center of the forest but there would be the great place where Hoan, Kaito and Atreus would meet. As it was said, it didn't take long for Atreus to arrive and by coincidence there was the hooded person who would be responsible for the massacre of the Academy.

With all that happening it didn't take long for Atreus to start talking:

- Well, if it isn't the people who have already killed me, hello to all of you but then. What have my young people come here to do? You don't want to die tonight, do you?

Even before the silence took over the place Kaito already started speaking

- This person right behind you, would be responsible for the Koroni Academy massacre?

And soon Atreus laughed and then with no surprise he answered Kaito:

- Look, so the Elf is intelligent, isn't he? Well, that person is. Unfortunately he's not much of a talker, isn't he? Then I will have to finish you myself HAHAHA.

Atreus went directly over the two, Hoan soon pulled his bow pointing to Atreus but then Kaito held him with his staff. Then Atreus soon said:

- This is the last chance I give you to run away, so go quickly!

- You still don't understand Atreus. We are not afraid to continue on this path!

So Kaito kicks Atreus then the same screams going at him:

- I will be known as the hero who killed Atreus, and I give my word!

- How reckless, brat, if you want to get in my way, all right, I'll kill you, brat!

Then soon Atreus makes a wall around Kaito making him get stuck, quickly Atreus tells the hooded person to finish him off inside so he focuses on Hoan. And so it was done the mysterious person jumped there to fight against Kaito.

- At last! You're in front of me damned!

Without at least waiting the mysterious person soon takes his sword and goes to Kaito trying to kill him, Kaito soon fights the sword attack with his kajado, with this he uses the magic "Natural Expansion" throwing the enemy away and soon pointing his staff at him and soon he sends "Disgusting Fluidity" which soon makes the enemy feel an extreme uneasiness.

- You end up here!

Soon his hood ends up falling off, revealing his face, Kaito ends up paralyzed with a constant shock without understanding the reason for all that.

- Let's see Kaito, I am a Honkamaru! Do you really think you can kill me? Only in your mind. Now is the time to decapitate, but all right Kaito I promise to end your pain.

- Why Liz? What have you done?

Soon Kaito leaves that wall that surrounded the two together soon going to Atreus then the same says:

- O'that you did Atreus... o'that you did with my Liz!

- Huh? Are you kidding? Well, he just couldn't stand to see his little friend as a Honkamaru, but it's ok I'll kill you right now!

Atreus soon fights back his hands creating a titanium Dragon. When he was going to throw it against Kaito, Hoan shoots three arrows at Atreus' back so he can't create the Dragon completely.

- Y-your-my-bad!

Soon Kaito takes his conscience again and then the same goes against Atreus, sending the "Repugnant Fluidity" preventing Atreus from healing quickly, Liz comes out of there holding her sword prepared to cut someone right there, as Kaito looks she goes straight to it.

Chapter 10 - The end of your era

Hoan to save his friend the same had to reveal his greatest strength, the young man was shining like a

Lightning comes quickly to Liz's side and then he soon closes his fists by punching the girl making her fall quickly.

- H-hoan?

- I didn't want to show it to you but to save you I had to do it.

And soon Hoan laughs but still prepared to fight even more so begins the fight suddenly of Hoan and Liz, O'that Kaito did not realize was that Liz had cut him on his back but still the same would never give up.

Until Atreus removes the arrows from his back and then gets up and says.

- Damn Hoan! You will die right here!

Then Atreus looks at Kaito and then the same laughs at the moment and then he goes to Kaito and makes him hostage and then the same says.

- Hoan! If you move Kaito dies! And then what are you going to do?

Soon everyone stops and Hoan looks at Kaito the same was several thorns around him made of titanium ready to pierce him, Kaito didn't care about following him anyway and then he says:

- Don't stop Hoan! Finish them at once and don't mind me.

Hoan smiles looking at Kaito and says:

- It was a pleasure to fight beside him Kaito, but I won't be able to fulfill our promise, sorry brother!

Soon Hoan uses his greatest power making him switch places with Kaito looking for the last one he made for his friend, thus coming back to reality and being brutally punctured by thorns, after a few seconds he fell to the ground.

Everybody was looking at Hoan, Kaito was totally paralyzed and then Atreus said:

- Well, what I was expecting happened, look how people get when they have hope in each other but it's ok, let's wait for him to cry Liz.

Kaito goes to where Hoan is, and soon sits next to him looking at the same soon he started shaking and talking stuttering.

- "Let's make a promise, we'll become the greatest heroes this land has ever seen, you told me".

- But why... why did it have to be like this? Why did it happen?

- Why did you die? We promised...

Your eye started to fill with tears and then the same one gets up and goes to your bow and grabs you and then says the same thing:

- I know your soul still lives in your bow! Now I will carry it with me because you are gone, so I have to fulfill this promise for both of us!

- So Atreus and Liz! I will not accept to die until I fulfill this promise!


Kaito runs with his staff over Atreus soon activating the "Possession of Attack" magic on his own staff thus bending him into Atreus. With this the same activates "Repugnant Fluidity of the king of the forest" soon preventing Atreus from regenerating himself.

Liz will try to go over Kaito then he to Liz using the magic "Guardian of the Forest" making her paralyzed while she has tree trunks assuring not to let go so easily. Atreus knowing that he cannot regenerate himself uses the "Titanium Dragon" technique sending him to Kaito.

Kaito takes over Atreus's power with the "Lithraea Posse" magic taking over and sending Atreus's own power to him, Atreus tries to make a wall to prevent the power from reaching him but ends up destroying his wall because of the power of the "Lithraea" that would have one of the strongest woods thus reaching him.

Atreus was already unconscious because he didn't have his regeneration and then Kaito took Hoan's bow and then he shot 5 arrows in Atreus' chest so he would really die and not come back anymore. Kaito wouldn't have the courage to kill someone he once called a friend, so the young man thought and soon told her:

- Either you leave this country and never come back or I will kill you here Liz!

The girl was surprised with everything she saw, and soon she said:

- Now I have no reason to fight with you and I don't want to die, so I'll take the other option, so could you remove me from here?

- Well, it won't be that easy Liz, you killed my friend and of course you have a little bit of guilt in all this then, nothing better than a trade, no?

Kaito takes Liz's sword and then cuts off the girl's right arm to never use the sword again, so she would have to learn with only one arm, then he says:

- Hm, so it will be done. Well let's see how far you go or the determination you carry, right?

Soon the boy releases Liz and then the boy closes the hole that would be open in his right arm.

- Go and never come back!

Kaito then took Liz's arm and then wrapped it in a cloth that he would have removed from Atreus's shirt. Kaito ended up burying Hoan's body under a tree the two of them used to talk about, and then Kaito went to his home village and soon went to Liz's mother. After that the lady asked:

- Kaito? You finally arrived. And then Kaito? Where is my daughter?

Everyone was looking around them and then Kaito answered:

- I found out that Liz was sent to Koroni Academy in Vila Lanos, but unfortunately she was the victim of a massacre and Liz couldn't resist, the only thing I found of her was this, I'm sorry?

Soon Kaito handed her daughter's arm to her mother, everyone would have been amazed by that and then the lady wouldn't have contained her tears and soon she started crying in her arms.

Kaito said that he wouldn't have much time and that he was too busy with other missions and soon he left, he went to the Kingdom of Brasalla and soon said everything he did and showed the bodies. After that the king told the story to everyone in that land and soon Kaito became famous with all this, the boy was known as "The only Nakamaru".

Thus the legacy of Kaito and Hoan was passed on to everyone and books began to arrive and then the story of Kaito came to an end, thus bringing peace to that land for everyone in the Kingdom and for everyone in all the villages.