Found the Underbelly of NoobTube (haitus) Book

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Found the Underbelly of NoobTube (haitus)


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Usually, a 19-year-old man would be in college, working, or training, but when it came to Ezekiel... He took strange pride in being a NEET. His time wasted every week, since 7 years ago, consisted of uploading videos on NoobTube in the hopes of getting fame and fortune. This changed on the 7th day of July, when Ezekiel received a notification from his latest video. (StrangerDanger commented: “You’ve posted 365 videos in 7 years and I’m still your only viewer! It’s a shame if only I can spend 365 days each year cheering you on! I know! Why don’t you join my chat group! Maybe you can convince my friends to watch your videos!!! *****://noob.tube/join/ct-uWu77PMmeXO”) Ezekiel couldn’t ignore his diehard fan nor the chance, so he joined! Any regrets stayed unspoken. WARNING: I am writing on the spot for a CONTEST on Webnovel. Powerstones are appreciated, if you are willing. This is a work of fiction solely for entertainment and in no way condoning, supporting or advocating harm and/or harmful ideas. Political, religious, moral, etc ideologies are meant as content for a story.