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WATER | posted by ekim96

21 November 2021, 6:55 AM

Thanks @sailorbin83 for calling 119 and passing them my details!

I've been in this forest for like 2 days now and I'm freaking starving. I saw some berries or something the other day and I had some (after testing on skin and lips) but it wasn't really a lot of it. Thanks for the advice as well on what I can and can't eat but I couldn't really identify any of these plants. Can someone help?


I've been drinking morning dew type stuff lol I'm so thirsty. Hope I find some water source today, usually that means I can follow that to a village or town or something right?

The animals look a bit weird though. I'm not an outdoors person or anything and I can barely identify a chicken from a pigeon but like.

I don't think birds are supposed to like. Shine or anything right?


Maybe it was a trick of the light or something. I think at times like this I'm supposed to catch the bird and eat it before I die of starvation but idk. The thought of having to kill an animal makes me sad b/c I'm so removed from the whole butchering process.

I miss K-Mart and cup noodles lol.

Anyway, I'm just gonna continue walking. I stayed in one spot like @sailorbin83 advised for a day but I really need to find some water or I'm gonna die of dehydration. It's pretty cooling so it won't be too bad I think, but still.

Seriously like who the **** dropped me off here? I'm a super light sleeper but I didn't even realise until I woke up here. Did they drug me or something? Can I sue them? I should post that in the legal sub-forums, right?

Thanks for the advice again, guys! Lmk what those berries and birds are :))

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