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Ribbit Forum HELP ME | posted by ekim96 19 November 2021, 8:43 AM Hi- Can someone please call 119 for me? I'm in the middle of a forest and I don't remember how I got here. I mean, like. It's a nice forest, but I don't wanna be mauled to death by a bear. I think maybe my friends played a prank on me? idk. I think I'm out of network since I can't call 119. I can't even search for anything else online other than Ribbit. I don't have anything else on me. I don't know anything about surviving in a forest. I think one time I took a survival class and they taught us how to build a shelter but I've already forgotten. I know that to test if I'm allergic to anything I can just rub it on my wrist and then my lips before ingesting. So I think food is OK? Maybe? Please DM me for private info. Although I don't know how long this Internet will last, I am still too scared to give out my personal information online. Thanks, guys!


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